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Ben Powless

Ben Powless is a Mohawk citizen from Six Nations in Ontario, currently based in Ottawa. He works primarily with the Indigenous Environmental Network. He is an avid photographer and sporadic writer.

Blog - Ben Powless June 9
Ben Powless | On June 3, tragedy struck Guatemala when the Fuego volcano erupted. At least 100 are dead, hundreds more are missing, and many blame the government for failing the people.
Blog - Ben Powless May 29
Ben Powless | In January, her partner was arrested by the Honduran government. Now, Karen Spring is working to free him and other political prisoners targeted by the regime.
Blog - Ben Powless March 27
Ben Powless | Nine years ago, Mariano Abarca was killed for opposing a Canadian mining company. Now his family and supporters continue their fight for justice in Canada.
Blog - Ben Powless February 8
Trump Supporter at Neo-Nazi Rally
Ben Powless | As corporations become more progressive than the GOP, how far will they go to retain their base?
Blog - Ben Powless June 2
Ben Powless | Final presentation and events of the Truth and Reconciliation, in Ottawa, between May 3 and June 3, 2015.
Blog - Ben Powless October 6
Ben Powless | On Friday, October 4, FSIS held their third annual vigil honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Blog - Ben Powless October 1
Ben Powless | Over 200 people joined in a rally held at City Hall today calling for a rejection of the proposed Energy East pipeline.
Blog - Ben Powless July 14
Ben Powless | Residents gather in Ottawa to honour Trayvon Martin. A selection of photos.
Blog - Ben Powless March 19
The original Defenders of the Land gathering, 2008.
Ben Powless | Idle No More's founders and its chapters across the country have issued a call to build mounting pressure to challenge "the Harper government and the corporate agenda."
Blog - Ben Powless September 6
Ben Powless | Seven youth took part in a historic march across the country to raise awareness of Aboriginal issues and challenge Canada to listen to Aboriginal voices.
Blog - Ben Powless July 14
Ben Powless | The Rio+20 Earth Summit has been called too little, too late, but there may be some positive developments from social movements that met during the talks.
Blog - Ben Powless July 11
Ben Powless | Yesterday, a large rally was held in Ottawa, with around 2,000 people showing up to mourn the "Death of Evidence" in Canada. This was my speech to the crowd.
Blog - Ben Powless September 27
Ben Powless | Hundreds of people from across North America gathered on Parliament Hill on September 26, 2011, for a rally followed by a mass civil disobedience sit-in.
Blog - Ben Powless September 19
Ben Powless | A selection of photos documenting the 2011 Women's Housing March in the Downtown Eastside, opposing gentrification and pushing for social housing.
Blog - Ben Powless June 12
Ben Powless | A speech I gave June 10 at the anti-Harper Welcoming Protest in Ottawa, as hundreds rallied against the Conservative Party Convention.
Blog - Ben Powless November 16
Ben Powless | Canada has recently chosen to endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Is it time yet to celebrate?
Blog - Ben Powless April 27
Ben Powless | Part II - Visiting Kichwa Amazonian communities who are resisting a biofuel company, oil interests, and their own governments.
Blog - Ben Powless April 14
Ben Powless | Soon thousands will meet in Cochabamba to talk climate justice. It is the voices of the Amazon we should listen to. A report from the Amazon.
Blog - Ben Powless October 28
Ben Powless | Protesters were kicked out of Parliament on Monday in an action demanding climate justice and Indigenous rights. What followed was a media explosion and obfuscation.
Blog - Ben Powless June 20
Ben Powless | At least 10 civilians and 24 police dead in the Amazon, killed in a protest over a free trade agreement. This much, we knew going in. We would have to go into the Amazon to unearth the real story.
Blog - Ben Powless June 8
Ben Powless | The battle has been set for control of the Amazon. On one side, Indigenous Amazonians, On the other, the Peruvian state and its free trade agreements.
Blog - Ben Powless June 6
Ben Powless | I've just arrived at the head offices of AIDESEP, the Interethnic Association of Peruvian Rainforest Development, the representative body of Amazonian peoples of Peru.
Blog - Ben Powless June 6
Ben Powless | After 50 days, the situation took a turn for the worst. The government sent in police to violently remove Indigenous protesters, who were resisting free trade agreements that threatened the Amazon.
Blog - Ben Powless February 9
Ben Powless | Where I last left off, day one of the World Social Forum, in Belem, Brazil, had just concluded to some confusion, and the beginning of some promising talks.
Blog - Ben Powless January 31
Ben Powless | The opening of the World Social Forum yesterday was replete with all the energy of one of the Amazon's famous storms combined with the energy of tens of thousands of activists from across Brazil.