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Brent Patterson

Brent Patterson is a political activist and writer. He has worked in solidarity with revolutionary Nicaragua, advocated for the rights of prisoners in jails and federal prisons, taken part in civil disobedience actions in Toronto's financial district and at the Ontario legislature, and participated in street protests at the Battle of Seattle and at UN climate summits. He supported cross-country activism at The Council of Canadians for almost 20 years. Brent has a BA in political science from the University of Saskatchewan and an MA in international relations from York University. He lives in Ottawa on the traditional, unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Algonquin Nation.

Blog - Brent Patterson March 22
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Podemos MEP Tania González Peñas brought together three women activists who have fought for justice, fair wages and safer working conditions in coal mines.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 22
Twitter photo by La Minuta/ Educa Oaxaca
Brent Patterson | Tailings spills from Canadian mines in Zapotec territory in Mexico and Xat'sull territory in Canada show that laws are falling short of protecting Indigenous peoples and the environment.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 20
Photo by Department of National Defence.
Brent Patterson | Sixteen years ago, the U.S., the U.K. and other countries launched an illegal war on Iraq. The costs of this war continue to mount.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 20
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Isidro Baldenegro Lóperz, Juan Ontiveros Ramos, and Julián Carrillo Martínes died defending their ancestral territories from extractavist industries.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 19
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Mexican Ambassador Juan Jose Gomez Camacho promises reform in the mining sector, but significant changes are needed in both Canada and Mexico to respect Indigenous rights and protect the environment.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 10
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government is being called on to take action after a March 2017 fire swept through a locked classroom at the state-run group home on the outskirts of Guatemala City.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 7
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | A church group faces threats, surveillance and wiretapping for working with those impacted by war and displacement in Colombia.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 5
Twitter photo by Tim McSorley.
Brent Patterson | We need to move from war to renewables to avoid climate breakdown. The upcoming CANSEC arms trade show in Ottawa takes us in the wrong direction.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 5
Image: Educa Oaxaca
Brent Patterson | More than six years after a controversial dam was officially cancelled in Mexico, community activists who opposed the megaproject face continued criminalization.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 4
Facebook photo via the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.
Brent Patterson | Twelve activists who set up the "Camp in Defence of Water and Life" after a mine began to pollute the Guapinol River are now facing decades in prison in Honduras.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 25
Tar sands in Alberta. Image: Extinction Rebellion Canada/Facebook
Brent Patterson | The Extinction Rebellion movement was launched 18 weeks ago, and now counts over 200 outposts around the world. As chapters gear up for a global week of direct action, how is the movement faring?
Blog - Brent Patterson February 25
Image: gnbca/Flickr
Brent Patterson | March 18 is the deadline to comment on Bird Brook and Napadogan Brook becoming "tailings impoundment areas" for mine waste from the proposed Northcliff Resources Ltd Sisson mine.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 24
Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government has yet to deliver on its January 2018 announcement to establish a Canadian Ombudsperson for the Responsible Enterprise, but news could be coming soon.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 23
Brent Patterson | Samir Flores Soberanes opposed a gas pipeline and thermoelectric plant that could contaminate the water on his territory. Now he is dead.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 21
Brent Patterson | The development of a Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights will be discussed by the United Nations in October.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 15
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Last year Peace Brigades International-Canada hosted two human rights defenders opposed to Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 15
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | A human rights defender and union activists were the subject of an assassination plot for opposing the privatization of a water, telecommunications and electricity utility.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 12
Brent Patterson | Days before the release of a National Energy Board report, a rebranded Yellow Vest convoy of up to 400 trucks from across Canada is expected to arrive in Ottawa for a pro-pipeline rally.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 11
Twitter photo by @SHEOrganisation.
Brent Patterson | The K'iche' People's Council in Guatemala face criminalization and attacks for their defence against logging and Canadian mining companies.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 9
Brent Patterson | Human rights defenders are critical in the struggle to stop climate breakdown, but increasingly they are paying with their lives in this fight.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 5
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Meza requires protective accompaniment to report on human rights violations under a government Canada recognizes despite widespread allegations of electoral fraud in 2017.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 4
Photo from Unist'ot'en Camp video posted on Facebook.
Brent Patterson | Corporations, the state and security forces must be held accountable for their human rights violations across Turtle Island.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 2
Brent Patterson | Will the provincial Special Investigations Unit consider colonialism and systemic racism as contributing factors in the shooting death of Greg Ritchie by Ottawa Police?
Blog - Brent Patterson January 29
Brent Patterson | Trudeau willing to sell weapons to the autocratic monarchy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but draws the line with Chavezista socialists in Venezuela.
Blog - Brent Patterson January 26
Brent Patterson | Forest defenders face risks as deforestation driven by agri-business, logging and drug trafficking worsens climate breakdown and intensifies harm to Indigenous cultures.
Blog - Brent Patterson January 24
Photo of the Palenque Palace Aqueduct in Chiapas by Ricraider/Wikimedia Commons.
Brent Patterson | A proposed multi-billion-dollar tourist train through tropical forests opposed by Indigenous peoples and the Zapatistas draws the interest of Canadian investors.
Blog - Brent Patterson January 23
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | The migrant justice groups that support the caravans and individuals crossing Mexico into the United States also need protection and support.
Blog - Brent Patterson January 23
Brent Patterson | TZK'AT links extractivism, dispossession, and the criminalization of land defenders to patriarchy, violence against Indigenous women and emphasizes the need for spiritual recovery.
Blog - Brent Patterson January 22
Facebook photo by Peace Brigades International - Honduras.
Brent Patterson | A community forum of more than 2,000 people has said no to the mines that endanger their rivers and drinking water.
Blog - Brent Patterson January 22
Facebook photo by PBI-Guatemala Project.
Brent Patterson | The Resistencia Pacifica de Cahabón (Peaceful Resistance Cahabón) opposes the OXEC I and II hydroelectric dams that lack free, prior and informed consent.