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Campus Notes

Some of the most exciting thinking and doing in Canada is taking place at the country's colleges and universities, where young people of different backgrounds, interests and politics come together to debate and learn about our world. Campus Notes examines issues confronting higher education through our students, teachers, workers and graduates.

Blog - Campus Notes October 13
University of New Brunswick Crest. Image: JamesMcGrath2011/flickr
Lucas Crawford, Carmen Ellison, Sabine Lebel | Three hundred staff and faculty at the University of New Brunswick pen a letter rejecting white supremacy on the university campus and urging students to disrupt white supremacist activities.
Blog - Campus Notes April 21
Michael Bueckert | Regressive, centre-right student unions across Ontario have adopted a brand new tactic to pursue their agenda on university campuses: hire dubious audit firms staffed by friends.
Blog - Campus Notes March 23
various | Free Justin Brake now.
Blog - Campus Notes March 20
Image: Copyright-free from Pexels
Alana Cattapan | Job-seeking academics have come to think that the elusive tenure-track position is worth any amount of sacrifice. And institutions are exploiting this desire to the hilt.
Blog - Campus Notes January 19
Adam Gaudry, Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta
Emily Blake | Post-secondary institutions have been working to support the Truth and Reconciliation Commission -- but some are concerned if colonial institutions can ever achieve that end.
Blog - Campus Notes January 13
Image: brocku.ca
Luke Kalfleish | The book is by Robert C. Dickeson and it's become a favourite of university administrators. Here's how to fight it.
Blog - Campus Notes December 6
Image: Sarah Meghan Mah
Sophia Reuss | Student activists and survivors of sexual violence have led the fight for policy development on Canadian campuses for decades. They've won important victories, but the fight continues.
Blog - Campus Notes December 1
Image: Kyle Curlew
Abigail Curlew | National controversy flared up after the revelation of pictures from a party held near Queen's University campus where students dressed in racist costumes. But the problem is much deeper.
Blog - Campus Notes November 30
Image: Facebook
Kevin Hurren | Attempts to shrug off the racist party at Queen's denies the real prejudice facing students and graduates of colour every day.
Blog - Campus Notes November 22
Emma Jackson | A generation of climate change student activists find they must navigate an increasingly corporate governance structure that relies on managerial buzzwords, stonewalling and secrecy.
Blog - Campus Notes November 16
Zoe Todd | A letter signed by CanLit Who's Who has called for an investigation of how UBC handled investigation into allegations about the former chair of its creative writing program, Steven Galloway.
Blog - Campus Notes November 15
Image: Ira Aldridge/Wikimedia Commons
Evelyna Ekoko-Kay | Even after cancelling the production, to defend its choice the directors referenced theatre's history of blackface and a 2011 Berlin production that starred a white, female Othello in a gorilla suit.
Blog - Campus Notes November 3
Image: Flickr/dvs
Adam van der Zwan | A new report reveals that out of over 4,000 students surveyed from five universities across Canada, a surprising 39 per cent are food insecure.
Blog - Campus Notes October 21
CFS Chair Bilan Arte
Bilan Arte | Post-secondary education must be strengthened and defended, like all public services, to grow our economy and invest in Canada's future.
Blog - Campus Notes October 20
Image: Facebook/U of Toronto
Julia-Simone Rutgers | A lack of commitment to prioritizing marginalized voices on campus means racialized students still struggle to find and build community at Canada's universities.
Blog - Campus Notes October 12
Image: Instagram
Kevin Hurren | If you ask universities themselves, Canadian campuses are fertile settings for diversity and marginalized people. The problem is the students don't agree.
Blog - Campus Notes September 9
Image: Vimeo
Shawn Garbutt | Safe spaces are havens from oppression for those who have suffered institutional harms. They don't inhibit free speech -- they make it possible.
Blog - Campus Notes September 2
Emily Blake | As the first day of school looms students are worrying about campus rape culture, WAVAW plans on putting the responsibility back on administration with feminist frosh week.
Blog - Campus Notes August 30
rabble staff | rabble.ca and the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) are teaming up to find Canada's next progressive student journalists.
Blog - Campus Notes August 4
Student at DEBT Student Masquerade Solidarité Protest, 2012
Stephanie Langton | Ontario's student loan system is restrictive and discriminatory to the very people it is designed to help.
Blog - Campus Notes July 20
Sruthi Tadepalli | UBC's Alma Mater Society was found guilty of unfair labour practices after evidence a manager tried to convince a member to vote no to unionization. The AMS says it's normal communication.
Blog - Campus Notes July 7
Ryan Moore | Graduate assistantships at York University are at risk, leading to concerns about benefits including health coverage.
Blog - Campus Notes July 1
Jaydene Lavallie | Jaydene Lavallie took the opportunity at her graduation from Wilfrid Laurier university to share a message about reconciliation and divestment from fossil fuels.
Blog - Campus Notes June 23
Emily Blake | UBC has recently released the draft of their stand-alone sexual assault policy but there are questions over whether it can adequately address complaints.
Blog - Campus Notes June 22
Image: Flickr/Megan Skelly
Abby Karos | "Quietly, in the background, teens are dropping like flies."
Blog - Campus Notes June 13
Emily Blake | The CAUT has released a territorial acknowledgement guide but some argue it is not inclusive enough.
Blog - Campus Notes June 2
McGill University
Albert Van Santvoort | McGill University has promised to create a sexual assault policy by the end of the year but a student working group says they have failed to include student input.
Blog - Campus Notes May 26
Chris Cheung | Simon Fraser University offers field course in linguistics to preserve the Haida language.
Blog - Campus Notes May 26
Bilan Arte | Trudeau promised to invest $50 million per year in a federal fund that supports Indigenous post-secondary students. Instead, the Liberals invested no new funding.
Blog - Campus Notes May 10
Image: Facebook/Brian Pallister
Zach Fleisher | As the dust settles on Manitoba's April 19 election, there are signs Premier Brian Pallister's new cabinet will take a different direction than the previous NDP government.