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Christopher Majka

Christopher Majka studied at Mount Alison and Dalhousie Universities, the Pushkin Institute in Moscow and was a guest researcher at the Edward Gray Institute at Oxford University. He has written extensively for many national and international publications. His scientific work includes over 150 scientific papers and contributions to nine books. He is a review editor for two international publications, a collaborator of the Kaltenbach Lab and director of Democracy: Vox Populi. Majka was a recipient of the Tom Brydges Award from the Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network, and was included as one of Canadian Geographic's Environmental Scientists of the Year in 2010.

Blog - Christopher Majka February 22
Christopher Majka | Climate change denial is alive in Canada. Despite massive evidence to the contrary, fossil-fuel interests and compliant media try to obscure and obfuscate. Here's how it's done and what's at stake.
Blog - Christopher Majka February 6
Christopher Majka | How can honouring an oft-repeated and unambiguous promise to implement electoral reform, widely supported by Canadians, be irresponsible? How can keeping your political word "harm Canadian stability"?
Blog - Christopher Majka January 31
Nova Scotians grieve the Ste-Foy massacre
Christopher Majka | In grief, solidarity, sympathy and a conviction to oppose hatred and violence, Nova Scotians came together. The message was clear. This is not what our country is. This must not be what it becomes.
Blog - Christopher Majka December 20
Christopher Majka | Should Canadians be concerned that Bombardier has paid $2.46 billion to a shell company in Belize with no office or employees? Deregulated corporate capitalism breeds graft. There are alternatives.
Blog - Christopher Majka December 9
One Government Place
Christopher Majka | In a panic, Nova Scotia government summoned the legislature to impose a contract on teachers working to rule. Ten minutes later it adjourned. What? I talked to my source, a fly on the wall.
Blog - Christopher Majka November 28
Mary Poppins and friends
Christopher Majka | The Fraser Institute's Jonathan Fortier alleges that "Mary Poppins" is rife with "latent socialist ideas," an ideology that has "created more human suffering than any other." Can this be true?
Blog - Christopher Majka September 30
Bank of Canada
Christopher Majka | Re-asserting public control over our money supply is a critical democratic and economic issue. Paul Hellyer has spent decades advocating for monetary reform and at age 93 is not slowing down.
Blog - Christopher Majka September 1
NDP MLA-elect, Lisa Roberts
Christopher Majka | With the byelection victory of Lisa Roberts, Nova Scotia's NDP has the wind in its sails and brings onboard a stellar community leader committed to a vibrant, progressive, social-democratic vision.
Blog - Christopher Majka April 26
The Leap Manifesto
Christopher Majka | The Leap Manifesto presents a transformative political vision to address the defining social, economic, political and environmental issues of our times. Why have some critics failed to understand it?
Blog - Christopher Majka April 15
Alberta & The Leap Manifesto
Christopher Majka | The Leap Manifesto jumped into the political spotlight when it was adopted by the federal NDP and rejected by the Alberta NDP. Can middle ground be found?
Blog - Christopher Majka April 8
Christopher Majka | Are "Broken political promises" anything more than pivoting according to changed circumstances? Are we being excessively pedantic in trying to hold governments to inflexible codes of conduct?
Blog - Christopher Majka March 28
Sexual Assault
Christopher Majka | The Jian Ghomeshi trial has sparked a national conversation about sexual assault and the principles of justice. What can be done to build a just world while also adhering to the principles of justice?
Blog - Christopher Majka February 28
Nova Scotia NDP leader Gary Burrill
Christopher Majka | Nova Scotia New Democrats have turned decisively to the left, electing Gary Burrill as the new leader of the NDP, a full-bore social democrat committed to social, economic and environmental justice.
Blog - Christopher Majka February 27
Green Party leader Elizabeth May
Christopher Majka | For a candid perspective on Parliament Hill there is no one better to speak with than Green Party leader Elizabeth May. We talk climate change, electoral, political, and monetary reform and much more.
Blog - Christopher Majka February 12
Pamela Palmater
Christopher Majka | Pam Palmater's eloquent advocacy for rights of Indigenous people combines fierce intelligence and knowledge of native law and tradition with the warmth and generosity of Idle No More. Hear her voice.
Blog - Christopher Majka January 16
Gary Burrill
Christopher Majka | Politician, publisher and preacher: Gary Burrill is all this and much more. A keen analyst of social and economic development in the Maritimes, Burrill is vying for leadership of Nova Scotia's NDP.
Blog - Christopher Majka January 11
Lenore Zann
Christopher Majka | It may be dark days at present for the NDP in Nova Scotia but with a leadership convention next month three candidates have thrown their hat into the ring. Actor and MLA Lenore Zann is one of them.
Blog - Christopher Majka January 6
Rafal Rohozinski
Christopher Majka | SecDev co-founder and cyberspace visionary Rafal Rhozinski believes the Internet has generated the greatest leap in enlightenment and empowerment in history. Join him in conversation to find out why.
Blog - Christopher Majka December 29
Ilya Ponomarev
Christopher Majka | Two principles guide Vladimir Putin's Russia: political dominance of post-Soviet space and the economic supremacy of the kleptocratic state. How, then, should the West deal with the Russian bear?
Blog - Christopher Majka December 14
Vladimir Milov
Christopher Majka | Former Russian Deputy Energy Minister Vladimir Milov knows the corrosive power of the kleptocratic state and what political and economic ideas make Vladimir Putin tick. Peer within the crocodile mind.
Blog - Christopher Majka December 7
Ilya Ponomarev
Christopher Majka | Democrat, socialist and technology savant, Ilya Ponomarev is Vladimir Putin's foremost parliamentary adversary. Now exiled and threatened by arrest, Ponomarev surveys the Russian political landscape.
Blog - Christopher Majka November 29
Alaa Murabit
Christopher Majka | Alaa Murabit is a Canadian-born doctor and founder of The Voice of Libyan Women. Amidst strife and civil war she has achieved remarkable success in the empowerment and political engagement of women.
Blog - Christopher Majka November 15
Photo: Don Jacobson
Christopher Majka | We must grieve for those slaughtered, but act as well, demanding of our leaders that they stop the quarrel with the foe. The way to peace is peace. The merchants of death trade in the coin of tragedy.
Blog - Christopher Majka October 30
Christopher Majka | The key to electoral success in 2015 was voter engagement. Had turnout not increased, Stephen Harper's voter suppression strategy would have triumphed yet again. 2015 marks a victory for democracy.
Blog - Christopher Majka October 26
The breaking wave
Christopher Majka | Although all the seats in Atlantic Canada in the 2015 election were won by the Liberal Party, on closer examination a number of fascinating electoral trends are apparent. What lessons do they provide?
Blog - Christopher Majka October 22
Crushed Orange
Christopher Majka | Conservatives and Liberals have presented two sides of the same coin. The NDP needs to discard the two-bits and mint a new political currency. The alternatives have failed. The time has come to leap.
Blog - Christopher Majka October 18
The Crystal Ball
Christopher Majka | Although the results of the 2015 Canadian election are not in, there are a few things that can be predicted with the political crystal ball. We're certainly going to be in for a wild political ride.
Blog - Christopher Majka October 16
Elizabeth May
Christopher Majka | Green Party leader Elizabeth May is an environmental dynamo on a mission to shake up Canadian politics. I talk with her about climate change, political reform, foreign trade, deficits and democracy.
Blog - Christopher Majka October 13
Image: Flickr/eeas
Christopher Majka | NDP Environment Critic, Halifax MP Megan Leslie is a feminist, environmentalist parliamentarian with a clear vision of how tackling climate change addresses social, economic and environmental justice.
Blog - Christopher Majka October 9
Change in Ottawa
Christopher Majka | Interest in electoral reform has risen dramatically: 38-fold since 2002 with a huge surge this year. With two-thirds of Canadians seeking change in Ottawa, will 2015 bring proportional representation?