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David Bush's blog

David Bush is a community and labour activist based primarily on the East Coast. Currently he is finishing his Master's in Labour Studies at McMaster University. His blog will be exploring the theoretical and strategic debates facing left-wing activists who are trying to build a better world.

Blog - David Bush's blog January 6
David Bush | Kathleen Wynne has been defending workers' rights during the recent backlash against minimum wage increases. By contrast, Andrea Horwath's NDP have only meekly supported the issue.
Blog - David Bush's blog July 25
David Bush | Recent proclamations that a $15 minimum wage will leave the Ontario economy in shambles are nothing new.
Blog - David Bush's blog March 15
Image: Flickr/Steve Rainwater
David Bush | The Trump protests were significant because they highlighted what is so very true in this election: the masses are the real force shaping American politics.
Blog - David Bush's blog February 19
David Bush | What is a petition and what is its role in organizing for people aiming to make radical political and economic change?
Blog - David Bush's blog July 22
Doug Nesbitt, David Bush | The left, unions, and social movements should keep pushing their agenda even if the NDP is elected. An electoral party should serve the people and movements that elect it, not the other way around.
Blog - David Bush's blog July 8
David Bush | A year ago today Israel commenced Operation Protective Edge. The response from Canada's political parties was a swift and unflinching support for Israel.
Blog - David Bush's blog October 14
David Bush | Simply faulting the NDP without doing the work that will create the conditions for an organized left that can express a real alternative is an abdication of our responsibility.
Blog - David Bush's blog August 6
David Bush | Those who seek to reduce the Palestinian struggle in Gaza to the desires of Hamas make the same basic mistake of those who try to separate the good Palestinian civilians from the Hamas terrorists.
Blog - David Bush's blog August 1
photo credit: Mohammed Saber/EPA
David Bush | Those of us who are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people shouldn't shirk the responsibility of defending the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation.
Blog - David Bush's blog July 9
David Bush | We need to build the organizational instruments to lay the groundwork for a political left organization in this country that is greater than the sum of its parts.
Blog - David Bush's blog May 20
David Bush | It is impossible to say with certainty what the electoral outcome of Ontario's election will be. However, the political outcome is far easier to discern: after the election there will be shift right.
Blog - David Bush's blog April 25
David Bush | After careful consideration of election platforms, RankandFile.ca is endorsing Hassan Husseini for president of the Canadian Labour Congress.
Blog - David Bush's blog March 6
David Bush | The ONDP's drift rightward isn’t an aberration. The NDP everywhere is offering up micro policy differences as big ideas.
Blog - David Bush's blog January 30
David Bush | So our task is to begin to translate the already existing support for home mail delivery into action. How can we do this? Here are a couple of ideas.
Blog - David Bush's blog December 12
David Bush | It is true that Canada Post does need a change; it is just that this change needs to start at the top.
Blog - David Bush's blog October 18
David Bush | The question the left should be asking itself is why this happened and more importantly, what are the lessons we should be learning from this defeat?
Blog - David Bush's blog August 6
David Bush | As the Canadian labour movement stumbles from defeat to defeat in this crisis period it is worth asking why this is the case.
Blog - David Bush's blog May 24
David Bush | How should the left understand the NDP in Nova Scotia? David Bush offers five possible approaches.
Blog - David Bush's blog May 3
Image: Solidarity Halifax
Kaley Kennedy, David Bush | Introducing Solidarity Halifax, a project taking the crisis of austerity seriously by attempting to strengthen the collective power of the anti-capitalist left in Halifax.
Blog - David Bush's blog April 22
David Bush | What is actually missing from the austerity debate is not a critical take on the technical outcomes of austerity as a policy, but a political understanding of social policy itself.
Blog - David Bush's blog April 3
David Bush | On March 27 of this year, two workers were fired from a local Halifax café. They were actively trying to organize a union in their workplace.
Blog - David Bush's blog January 23
David Bush | How can we help beat back the anti-labour agenda and push forward the interests of working people in Ontario?
Blog - David Bush's blog December 7
David Bush | The psychological blow of Michigan, a union stronghold, passing right-to-work will have on the U.S. labour movement can’t be overstated.
Blog - David Bush's blog November 14
David Bush | The European strike is precisely the type of action and co-ordination that the Canadian left must engage in to defeat Harper’s austerity. We need a national day of action against austerity of our own.
Blog - David Bush's blog October 5
David Bush | Omar Khadr is not innocent, because declaring so means that there was even a possibility he could have ever been guilty.
Blog - David Bush's blog October 3
David Bush | It is austerity Canadian style, death by a thousand wage freezes. But the real question is how has labour and the left ceded the crisis narrative?
Blog - David Bush's blog September 6
David Bush | in regards to the labour movement, what can people do to fight back against the social injustices in our society? How can people effectively implement change?
Blog - David Bush's blog August 27
David Bush | These days it feels like the federal government is pulling out of the Maritimes.
Blog - David Bush's blog August 8
David Bush | The merger has opened up a space to actually talk about the big ideas and questions facing labour.
Blog - David Bush's blog July 12
David Bush | For the past three Wednesdays, I have listened to one of CBC's new summer programs, The Invisible Hand, with maddening frustration.