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A change is gonna come

Sam Cooke's song, "A Change Is Gonna Come," offered hope during the Civil Rights Movement. Today, it reminds me that it's a long, slow, sometimes tiring walk to freedom and I need to remain focused on the goal -- an equitable world.

Blog - A change is gonna come April 12
Person presses hands against glass. Image credit: KLEITON Santos/Pixabay
Doreen Nicoll | Spousal abuse, also known as intimate partner violence, has nothing to do with love but everything to do with power and control.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 29
Person sits in shadow. Image credit: Ashley Byrd/Unsplash
Doreen Nicoll | A sexual assault survivor was charged and fined after her convicted rapist told police she shared unredacted court transcripts with her circle of family and friends.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 22
Person pours water from tap into bottle. Image credit: Bluewater Globe/Unsplash
Doreen Nicoll | Young people are uploading videos of themselves drinking tap water. It's a simple action that makes a powerful statement about keeping water in the public common and available to all.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 17
Plastic water bottle on the ground. Image credit: Brian Yurasits/Unsplash
Doreen Nicoll | The world's largest food and beverage corporation is seeking a payout by selling its North American bottled water brands in a $4-billion deal.
Blog - A change is gonna come February 22
Nestlé water bottle. Image credit: Nestlé/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Ontario's Wellington County will be hard hit by Nestlé's plans to sell its North American bulk bottled-water business to a private equity firm.
Blog - A change is gonna come January 26
Bridge over Avon River, Stratford, Ontario. Image credit: Ken Lund/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Stratford city council hit pause on Xinyi Canada Glass Limited's proposed $400-million glass plant in Stratford, Ontario. But the respite only lasts as long as the current pandemic lockdown.
Blog - A change is gonna come January 25
Image credit: National Film Board
Doreen Nicoll | When Daniel Schubert read that one-fifth of Canadian youth don't know what the Holocaust is, he documented his grandmother's incredible journey from Auschwitz to Winnipeg.
Blog - A change is gonna come December 20
Doreen Nicoll | Residents are feeling left out of the process after the province invoked a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) in July.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 24
Director Cheryl Foggo and rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware. Image: Shaun Robinson, used with permission
Doreen Nicoll | Cheryl Foggo's documentary, "John Ware Reclaimed," shatters incorrect notions of who Black people are and were historically.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 22
Ryerson student Phyllis McKenna, who is one of the head dancers participating in this year's virtual Ryerson pow wow. Image: Nendujan Ratnarajah
Doreen Nicoll | Jessica Sherk and her team have taken their Indigenous education week and pow wow online to create a safe space for sharing between Indigenous and non-Indigenous nations.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 11
Image: Denise Jans/Unsplash
Doreen Nicoll | Filmmaker Michelle Latimer is premiering her provocative documentary, "Inconvenient Indian," and her new CBC series, "Trickster," at TIFF, giving a voice to those whom colonialism tries to silence.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 28
Food prepared at Camp Samac. Image: Kelly O'Brien
Doreen Nicoll | "Instead of instituting rent caps in a city where the average one-bedroom costs over $1,000 they're relying on private companies to build shelters," says DIRE executive director Christeen Thornton.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 21
Image: Jake Nackos/Unsplash
Doreen Nicoll | As part of the economic recovery from COVID, the federal Liberal government will likely rely on the Canada Infrastructure Bank and its mandate to form P3 agreements to minimize municipal debt.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 10
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image: PMO
Doreen Nicoll | Four million people will transition to an EI system that is not up to the task. The feds need to keep $500 per week flowing to workers impacted by COVID until a universal livable income is in place.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 4
Image: Black Creek Community Farm/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | Black food security doesn't benefit from capitalism. Land, seed, resources and opportunity equal power. Black food sovereignty is power that benefits everyone.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 27
Cheyenne Sundance on the farm. Image: Submitted
Doreen Nicoll | Cheyenne Sundance has overcome barriers to land and learning as well as gender norms to become a very successful Black femme farmer. Now she's sharing her knowledge and skills to empower BIPOC folk.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 23
Image: Lloyd Dirks/Unsplash
Doreen Nicoll | What The Fest?! is Hamilton's online version of its annual fringe festival. Virtual plays can be wonderful, but only when there's good material.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 13
Image: KMR Photography/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Compared with the $71 billion that CERB will cost for just 24 weeks of payments, GLI could be a more fiscally responsible means of providing Canadians with financial security.
Blog - A change is gonna come June 30
At the Kwekwexnewtxw Watch House and the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. August 25, 2018. Image: Sally T. Buck/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | This July 1, take time to reflect on how Canada can create an inclusive, caring country that incorporates all voices into its post-COVID-19 recovery.
Blog - A change is gonna come June 17
Image: Province of British Columbia/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | The COVID-19 pandemic has placed front and centre the need for meaningful structural and financial reforms across employment sectors dominated by women and migrant workers.
Blog - A change is gonna come April 12
Image: Still from Biggest Little Farm
Doreen Nicoll | If online learning is not working for your child, here are some ways to get them hooked into self-directed home learning.
Blog - A change is gonna come April 9
Image: PhotoMIX-Company/Pixabay
Doreen Nicoll | The Ontario government promises there will be no new evictions during the pandemic, but landlords can still make life even more uncertain and uncomfortable as tenants try to shelter in place.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 26
Image: Campaign 2000/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | Campaign 2000 believes it's time to think beyond standard fiscal fixes and bank bailouts. Instead, they are calling for social solidarity, government leadership, and non-partisan co-operation.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 20
Image: NIAID/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | The federal government's New Emergency Care Benefit sounds promising, but will be a disaster if workers only get 55 per cent of minimum wage.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 11
Image: Sovereign Soil
Doreen Nicoll | "Sovereign Soil" looks at life and death, seasonal cycles, notions of time and how people are living in relative equilibrium with nature.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 7
Image: Still from episode 2 of Gatherings.
Doreen Nicoll | Filmmaker Moïse Marcoux-Chabot has lovingly crafted a six-part documentary series that captures the essence of the neo-rural movement in Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 3
Image: Mirjam Leuze/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | "What if self-awareness, compassion and thinking were not exclusively human affairs?" asks Mirjam Leuze, director of "The Whale and The Raven."
Blog - A change is gonna come February 15
The Cyborg Circus Project. Image: Stanley Omar/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | Show brings together choreographers, dancers and patrons to experience powerful performances and discussions.
Blog - A change is gonna come February 3
Jonathan LeFresne stands outside Doug Ford's constituency office. Image: Submitted
Doreen Nicoll | If not one teacher will lose their jobs under Ford's education cuts, then why are so many teachers not in classrooms?
Blog - A change is gonna come January 30
Cast of Les Invisibles. Image: Art Gallery of Hamilton/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | If you didn't make it to the most recent screening at the beautiful Westdale Theatre in Hamilton, you can still see some great films over the coming months.