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Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May is the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and one of our country’s most respected environmentalists. She is a prominent lawyer, an author, an Officer of the Order of Canada, and a loving mother and grandmother.

Blog - Elizabeth May October 19
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Elizabeth May | When Patrick McLaren presented his findings to the DFO, he thought they would be interested. Instead, they were hostile. His findings were inconvenient.
Blog - Elizabeth May March 23
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Elizabeth May | At a minimum, British Columbians would assume that the industry will be stringently regulated for the safety of all our citizens. That doesn't appear to be the case.
Blog - Elizabeth May February 26
Peter Mackay, in happier times as Minister of Defence
Elizabeth May | When you next hear one of these claims from the fossilized hit parade, don't confuse them with facts.
Blog - Elizabeth May December 1
Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May blogs from the UN Climate Negotiations in Paris.
Blog - Elizabeth May November 2
Elizabeth May | The first to-do list focussed on changes to policy and legislation brought in under the Harper administration. But the damage was not confined to omnibus laws and brutal ideologically motivated cuts.
Blog - Elizabeth May October 29
Elizabeth May | Some of what the Harper administration broke will be easy to fix; much will be very hard indeed. But we must insist the damage be reversed.
Blog - Elizabeth May August 13
Elizabeth May | There is a fight for the heart and soul of Canada. It will be resolved October 19 when we get our country back.
Blog - Elizabeth May June 26
Elizabeth May | The Vatican is now more aware of the science of climate change than Stephen Harper. Galileo would be amazed.
Blog - Elizabeth May March 11
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Elizabeth May | In a beautiful IWD dream, male MPs decided they had made a mess of things, political parties dissolved and Parliament reconvened with Elizabeth May as PM. Here's what happened next.
Blog - Elizabeth May February 24
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Elizabeth May | Bill C-51 is currently being rushed through the House with only the Green Party and the NDP opposing it. Yet its consequences for Canadians are as vast and far-reaching as they are dire.
Blog - Elizabeth May February 17
Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May issued a statement yesterday decrying Prime Minister Harper's move to legislate striking CP labourers back to work.
Blog - Elizabeth May December 8
Elizabeth May | Heavy lifting must be done in Lima to reach a strong international climate treaty in 2015.
Blog - Elizabeth May December 5
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Elizabeth May | We need to be paying more attention to the Harper Conservatives' effort to undermine the integrity of our national park system.
Blog - Elizabeth May October 23
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Elizabeth May | After yesterday's unprovoked killing of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the War Memorial in Ottawa, we must ensure that this appalling act of violence is not used to justify a disproportionate response.
Blog - Elizabeth May October 15
Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May thought that the debate on sending a military mission into Iraq would allow her to make a 10-minute speech. Due to the motion for closure, she never had that chance. Here is that speech.
Blog - Elizabeth May October 6
Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May delivered this speech in the Canadian House of Commons on October 3, opposing military intervention in Iraq and Syria.
Blog - Elizabeth May October 3
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Elizabeth May | Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May will be supporting the NDP's motion for a $15 per hour minimum wage. But she hopes the fight doesn't stop there.
Blog - Elizabeth May August 11
Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May is a Canadian federal MP and the leader of her party. Why would a politician who already has a strong public march choose to march in a rally for climate justice?
Blog - Elizabeth May August 7
Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May defends her party against charges of 'moral relativism' from the National Post on issues of Libya and Gaza.
Blog - Elizabeth May July 14
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Elizabeth May | By conflating prostitution and human trafficking, we end up with the idea that we can protect people from the latter by criminalizing the former.
Blog - Elizabeth May July 4
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Elizabeth May | Those of us who wish to protect our climate, our coast lines, our whales and our salmon and respect First Nations, recognizing that we live on their territories -- we will prevail.
Blog - Elizabeth May April 17
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Elizabeth May | As Via Rail faces financial and ridership targets, the cutbacks inevitably cause a drop in passenger miles. It's time to address the crisis facing national rail travel.
Blog - Elizabeth May April 2
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Elizabeth May | When it comes to Canada's youth, the question isn't whether our kids are apathetic and disengaged; it's how did the boomers get so apathetic that we do not fight for our children.
Blog - Elizabeth May March 28
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Elizabeth May | The Fraser Institute's Kenneth Green set out to make Elizabeth May look uninformed based on her submission to the U.S. State Department on the proposed Keystone pipeline. He didn't do such a good job.
Blog - Elizabeth May March 25
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Elizabeth May | Canada needs a domestic energy strategy and a real climate plan that makes sense. That plan shouldn't include the Keystone XL pipeline.
Blog - Elizabeth May March 10
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Elizabeth May | There are a lot of traditional Prime Ministerial places and events where Stephen Harper is a "no show." Elizabeth May catalogues all his departures from tradition.
Blog - Elizabeth May February 4
Elizabeth May | Just as ownership of raw resources is globalized, so too is labour unhinged from local. What if we paid Canadian kids and trained them to take the jobs we're shipping overseas?
Blog - Elizabeth May January 16
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Elizabeth May | Elizabeth May reviews the environmental highs and lows of 2013 -- without mentioning the mayor of Toronto.
Blog - Elizabeth May December 16
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Elizabeth May | The problem is not that governments are not doing enough to fight global warming. It's that governments, particularly the Harper administration, are actually in the way.
Blog - Elizabeth May November 29
Elizabeth May | The stakes for COP20 couldn't be higher.