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Enter Up Left

Tips and reflections for those who do/teach/enjoy the performing arts.

Blog - Enter Up Left May 7
On the road again
Holly Adams | When are our collaborations at their best and how can we nourish them? What if we haven't met any of the other participants? What roles do/can the stakeholders fill?
Blog - Enter Up Left January 29
Holly Adams | Your teen wants to pursue a career in the arts -- here's why you should embrace that goal.
Blog - Enter Up Left January 18
Living art by Bonnie Gale
Holly Adams | Living Art projects bring together people and ideas not only for the moment, but for years to come, as they become places to study, play, and dream... and continue to shape as art.
Blog - Enter Up Left December 3
Holly Adams | Too much to do and then the rug gets yanked from under you -- while you are trying to have holiday cheer. ACK!!! How to turn these times into business bonuses without decking someone in the halls.
Blog - Enter Up Left October 31
Holly Adams | Girls are not just pawns in other peoples lives.
Blog - Enter Up Left October 5
Holly Adams | Making masks with the BEST MATERIALS EVER. And don't try to substitute card-stock.. it is NOT the same!
Blog - Enter Up Left September 28
Holly Adams | Argh! It's that time of year when rigidity in education and playtime is trotted out as a Great Idea, and holly goes nuts over it.
Blog - Enter Up Left September 9
Holly Adams | Learning about loss: resources for educators, artists and community leaders/activists to explore extinction (and branch out from there!)
Blog - Enter Up Left August 18
Holly Adams | Stage combat or fight conferences are held across cities throughout the year. If you have any interest in performing with weapons or staging fights, you would love them.
Blog - Enter Up Left July 20
Holly Adams | Theatre education is critical to the development of happier, healthy, successful students. Here's why.
Blog - Enter Up Left June 22
Holly Adams | Writing tips, inspirations and the whys of things.
Blog - Enter Up Left June 11
Holly and Manila folder mask
Holly Adams | Mask-making is art, but also a means of expression, feelings exploration, an anchor for social studies and language arts comprehension, and so much more!
Blog - Enter Up Left June 1
Boys playing soccer in the road
Holly Adams | On being part of an effort to provide girls in Afghanistan with education, arts education, and a public voice.
Blog - Enter Up Left May 21
Holly Adams | Arts Education is a part of personal and community peace, growth, change... you name it. Celebrate it this week and learn some more!
Blog - Enter Up Left May 5
Kids from A Class Act with Magic Paintbrush Project
Holly Adams | Children with challenges or disabilities of any kind can find joy and success in a theatrical project, even (especially!) kids for whom social interaction is the hardest thing of all.
Blog - Enter Up Left April 27
Arts Biz opportunities
Holly Adams | Too often we act as though reaching for an opportunity starts with that application and ends with that success or rejection. Here's some reminders and best practices for the moments before and after.
Blog - Enter Up Left April 17
First Crocuses
Holly Adams | Lessons on creativity from a frozen woodpile and the smell of spring.
Blog - Enter Up Left March 2
Holly Adams | Three brief glimpses of wonderful arts work happening on grassroots levels -- art that pushes back ignorance and intolerance.
Blog - Enter Up Left February 6
Holly Adams | A look at the arts-cut legacy of the Vancouver Olympics.
Blog - Enter Up Left December 30
Holly Adams | Some tips on giving yourself a helpful year-end performance review for all those projects where you are both the boss and the employee!
Blog - Enter Up Left December 24
Holly Adams | Family fun for Christmas and other Holidays of Light!
Blog - Enter Up Left December 17
Holly Adams | Arts and Ed, fourth graders, and unbelievable bravery and magic.
Blog - Enter Up Left November 29
Holly Adams | My latest project with children with widely variant and pretty intense challenges reminds me how to go with the flow.
Blog - Enter Up Left November 16
Holly Adams | Three creative project ideas for connecting with community or family during holidays that are fun, can be done long-distance, and can cost nothing but time.
Blog - Enter Up Left November 9
Holly Adams | Guest Blogger Mikel Moss shares with us his thoughts on community, support, and compassion, especially at it pertains to professionals in fields of human service and care.
Blog - Enter Up Left October 28
Holly Adams | Celebrating Hallowe'en in non-commercial ways with cool projects you maybe didn't know about.
Blog - Enter Up Left October 17
MMCC Girls juggle gloriously
Holly Adams | Although back in the U.S., my heart is still with the MMCC (Mobile Mini Children's Circus) and the amazing work they do throughout Afghanistan. This blog is about them.
Blog - Enter Up Left October 9
Holly Adams | Women's theatre troupes in Afghanistan help women know their rights, speak out and vote.
Blog - Enter Up Left October 2
Holly Adams | Two middle-school students 'fall upon' the exacting mathematical formulas for funny.
Blog - Enter Up Left September 18
Holly Adams | When that thing you have to do is just a giant roadblock.