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Haiti-Canada Blog

The Haiti-Canada Blog on [i]rabble.ca[/i] is published by two activists with the Canada Haiti Action Network, Roger Annis and Travis Ross. It aims to provide an overview of the political and social situation in Haiti, with special analysis of Canada's presence. Haiti's recovery from the disastrous earthquake in January 2010 has been weak and halting. The political intervention of the big powers continues to block and frustrate the aspirations of Haiti's poor majority.

Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog December 9
Katheryne Schulz | Here in the Plaza, Cuban workers are standing up in the crowd spontaneously and speaking eloquently about all of the ways Fidel worked with them to achieve dignity and independence.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 13
Kim Ives | The damage created by Hurricane Matthew as it passed over Haiti on October 4 approaches the scale of the earthquake disaster in 2010, according to reports by observers.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog January 27
Kim Ives | A political crisis over democracy in Haiti whose roots lay in the fraudulent, post-2010 earthquake national election is exploding in the streets today.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog September 25
Roger Annis, Kim Ives | A laudable radio documentary on CBC falls short in identifying why so much of post-earthquake aid to Haiti has failed.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog August 11
Mark Phillips | Op-ed in Toronto Star challenges Canada's past and present anti-democratic and interventionist policies in Haiti.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog June 10
Roger Annis | Two investigations by NPR and ProPublica reveal a record of failure and deception by the American Red Cross in Haiti. What about its Canadian partner?
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog February 11
Fernando Moyano | Uruguay has, by far, the largest per capita participation from Latin America in the UN Security Council military occupation of Haiti. What's going on?
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog February 6
Marjorie Cohen | A new book on Haiti is one of the very best overviews of what has, and has not, taken place in Haiti since the devastating earthquake of 2010.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog January 12
Roger Annis, Travis Ross | Haitians are marking the catatrophic earthquake that struck five years ago. Haiti still suffers from a cruel economic order and foreign occupation. But the people are massively resisting.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog January 9
Canada Haiti Action Network editors | The UN Security Council and its foreign power backers in Haiti are scrambling to save the neo-colonial political apparatus assembled following the 2010 earthquake.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog November 10
Haiti Canada blog | The former ambassador of Canada to the United Nations speaks out on UN accountability for the cholera epidemic in Haiti.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 17
Lorenzo Fiorito | The ongoing military occupation of Haiti by the UN Security Council is into its 11th year and is an affront to Haiti's national sovereignty and its proud history of anti-colonial struggle.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 17
Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti | The Haitian victims of the cholera epidemic brought to the country by UN soldiers are pressing their case for justice in a U.S. court.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 15
Kevin Edmonds and Ajamu Nangwaya | The list of MINUSTAH's crimes in Haiti is a compelling reason for the force to quit the country. The most compelling reason of all is that MINUSTAH is an ongoing violation of Haiti sovereignty.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 8
Roger Annis | The death of 'Baby Doc' Duvalier is small comfort to Haiti as it suffers a never-ending military occupation by the UN Security Council and the disastrous presidency of Michel Martelly.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 7
Amy Wilentz | The tyrant of Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier, is dead at 63. His authoritarian legacy lives on, protected by those who lord over the country.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog February 26
Center for Economic Policy Research | Brazilian diplomat Ricardo Seitenfus made headlines in late 2010 when he slammed the United Nations and the U.S.-Canada-France over their treatment of Haiti. Now he's back with a book.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog February 25
Brian Concannon | A court of appeal in Haiti has reversed an earlier court ruling that threw out criminal charges against former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog January 30
Roger Annis | The following articles and statements are among the best reporting on Haiti four years following the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog November 8
Roger Annis | Canada and Brazil continue their absurd military occupation of Haiti, but spying tensions are straining and recasting their 'cooperation' there.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 14
Roger Annis | Canada's former ambassador to the United Nations speaks in support of the legal action on behalf of Haiti's cholera victims launched on October 9.
Blog - Haiti-Canada Blog October 11
Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti | Historic lawsuit filed in New York City against the United Nations for its role in the cholera epidemic that struck Haiti beginning in 2010 and has killed thousands.