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Activist Communiqué

Krystalline Kraus is an intrepid journalist and veteran reporter for rabble.ca since its 2001 beginnings. She needs neither a red cape nor safety goggles to fly into her latest political assignment. She often live-tweets from events -- almost exclusively First Nations and environmental issues. You can follow her on Twitter @krystalline_k.

Blog - Activist Communiqué April 20
Photo: David Coombs
Krystalline Kraus | #ItTakesANation is extremely important when it comes to finding solutions as to why so many Indigenous youth are attempting to commit suicide.
Blog - Activist Communiqué April 5
Photo by David Coombs
Krystalline Kraus | The meeting happened after BLMTO activists marched on the Ontario legislature Monday.
Blog - Activist Communiqué April 1
Krystalline Kraus | These series of photos were taken on Monday March 28 and Wednesday March 30, 2016.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 30
Krystalline Kraus | Women can find healing in both the #WeBelieveSurvivors movement and #BlackLivesMatter.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 30
Krystalline Kraus | So many needs, so few volunteers.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 27
Krystalline Kraus | When activists push it too far.
Blog - Activist Communiqué March 18
Image: Flickr/Mark Warner
Krystalline Kraus | Yes, I use Uber. I pray that one day the TTC transit system will actually work for riders with dis/abilities, but until then...
Blog - Activist Communiqué February 28
Krystalline Kraus | Teenager Sammy Yatim was scared when he got on the streetcar with a small-sized knife.
Blog - Activist Communiqué January 29
Krystalline Kraus | Are these your top five? Who would you choose instead?
Blog - Activist Communiqué January 28
Krystalline Kraus | There is no mystery here regarding who shot Sammy Yatim. But the jury's finding of not guilty of attempted murder is confusing.
Blog - Activist Communiqué January 20
Krystalline Kraus | Activists say civilians have died because of a lack of food and medicine in rebel-controlled Madaya, near Damascus (or have died trying to escape).
Blog - Activist Communiqué January 19
Krystalline Kraus | In October 2013, an eight-year-old girl was tasered by the police, the firing hooks gouged into her skin. I felt revolt when I first heard and another anniversary doesn't help heal.
Blog - Activist Communiqué December 30
Krystalline Kraus | rabble.ca has partnered with Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto to launch a campaign to implement the TRC's recommendations that I know people will know is close to my little heart.
Blog - Activist Communiqué December 21
Krystalline Kraus | Sometimes the pain is prolonged by the justice system.
Blog - Activist Communiqué December 21
Krystalline Kraus | The fight continues against Line 9.
Blog - Activist Communiqué December 10
Krystalline Kraus | John Trudell, Indigenous activist, poet and songwriter died of cancer on Tuesday December 8, 2015, at his home in Santa Clara County, California.
Blog - Activist Communiqué December 9
Photo by Joey Montoya for IEN
Krystalline Kraus | On December 7, 2015 at the high-security Paris environmental talks, dozens of kayaks in an all-Indigenous flotilla made their way through Paris' winding rivers and waterways.
Blog - Activist Communiqué November 30
Krystalline Kraus | Buddy Up Toronto is an expanding network of average men and women offering to travel in tandem with people who feel unsafe.
Blog - Activist Communiqué November 30
Krystalline Kraus | A high-end-with-no-shame European fashion label, Kokon To Zai, stole the Inuit design and used it as a pattern for a $900 sweater.
Blog - Activist Communiqué November 26
Krystalline Kraus | Let the grassroots show Justin Trudeau we want action to bring justice for Indigenous women.
Blog - Activist Communiqué November 23
Image: YouTube
Krystalline Kraus | The attackers could never make them fear enough or hate enough that they would retaliate in kind – targeting civilians.
Blog - Activist Communiqué November 12
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Krystalline Kraus | It's a tit-for-tat battle between Tarantino and supporters of the NYPD.
Blog - Activist Communiqué November 11
Krystalline Kraus | It's two sides -- change or resistance
Blog - Activist Communiqué October 29
Krystalline Kraus | Why tazer Sammy Yatim's already dead body?
Blog - Activist Communiqué October 26
Krystalline Kraus | Fighting the out of Ottawa's sight, out of Ottawa's mind.
Blog - Activist Communiqué October 20
Image: Flickr/Ben Powless
Krystalline Kraus | The voter turnout for this election has been the highest we've seen since 1993, with more than 17 million Canadians casting a ballot, hoping to improve their fortunes with a change of power in Ottawa.
Blog - Activist Communiqué October 19
Krystalline Kraus | Ours is a sad history where members of Indigenous communities across Canada weren't even allowed to vote in Canada until the 1960s.
Blog - Activist Communiqué October 13
Krystalline Kraus | The Harperman song is meant to be his farewell song, just like the Canadian tradition of singing a farewell song to the losing opponents of a hockey game.
Blog - Activist Communiqué October 12
Krystalline Kraus | What began as a trophy hunt for Cecil the Lion became a man hunt for Palmer. Now Zimbabwe dropped its extradition request against the U.S. dentist who shot Cecil the Lion.
Blog - Activist Communiqué September 28
Krystalline Kraus | I guess the fewer voters, or at least the fewer undesirable voters, the more likely Stephen Harper will win.