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Lewis Rifkind's blog

Lewis Rifkind is a Whitehorse-based part-time environmentalist. His work centres on Yukon mining issues. When he is not skiing, hiking or mountain biking, he collects stamps and spoils cats. He can usually be found most mornings holding court in the trendier downtown Whitehorse coffee shops.

Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog November 12
Yukon Chamber of Mines promoting wall building material to US president-elect
Lewis Rifkind | Along with the surprising result of the American election this week, the Liberal party's sweep to power in the Yukon also defied optimists on the left.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog November 5
Yukon newspapers and election headlines
Lewis Rifkind | A progressive vision is what the Yukon needs. That is why I voted for the Yukon New Democrats.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog November 1
Elections Yukon press release regarding ongoing enquiries
Lewis Rifkind | Two polls have been released in the Yukon about the territorial election. They are probably not comparable, but they are the only game in town. Let us analyze them.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 30
Yukon NDP Website Meets A Word Cloud Generator
Lewis Rifkind | Yukon advertising is doing well in the 2016 territorial election day, and it is not just the political parties who are doing it.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 26
Yukon Greens Campaign Vehicle (before the snow)
Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon Green Party is running five candidates, although it is highly unlikely any of them will get elected. Pity, because they have some good ideas.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 20
I'm Voting For The Peel - door hanger
Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon 2016 territorial election is well underway. Voting day is Nov. 7, but first there is an almost endless series of debates, forums and discussions.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 14
Unofficial House Banners of the 2016 Yukon Election
Lewis Rifkind | The dukes and barons of the territory of Yukon joust, as they do every five years, to see who will become the ruling lord; but the wire to the south is in peril!
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 12
Screen Shot of a Yukon Government Oil and Gas Request for Posting web page that
Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon Premier popped into a local supermarket, called a territorial election, denounced carbon taxes and kept very quiet on future fossil fuel development.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 12
Image: Facebook/Melissa Atkinson
Lewis Rifkind | One reason I am voting NDP is because their candidate is not a middle-aged white male, like me.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 4
Lewis Rifkind | The Conservatives have treated Yukon First Nations with scorn, contempt and slight regard. Election day, October 19, will be payback time.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog September 21
Lewis Rifkind | A lot of debates and forums coming up for the candidates who want to be the next Yukon MP, but will the Conservative candidate attend?
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog September 14
Lewis Rifkind | No Yukoner wants the federal cash flow to end, but we do want the money spent wisely.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog September 10
Lewis Rifkind | Given the Federal Government's current abysmal record of admitting refugees the Yukon municipalities have a life and death issue to discuss.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog September 2
Image: Facebook/Ryan Leef
Lewis Rifkind | Ryan Leef, the incumbent Conservative Party MP for the Yukon, performed a citizen's arrest on a Yukoner who was vandalizing his re-election signs.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog August 31
Lewis Rifkind | The Prime Minister is coming to Whitehorse on Friday and he will not be meeting the non-Party electorate.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog August 30
Image: Flickr/Graham Lees
Lewis Rifkind | For the 2015 federal election will Yukoners consider the implications of vote splitting? They didn't back in 2011.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog August 19
Image: Flickr/Amanda Graham
Lewis Rifkind | The battle of the 2015 federal election candidates lawn signs has commenced in the Yukon Territory’s capital city of Whitehorse.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog August 16
Photo: flickr/ Roland Tanglao
Lewis Rifkind | In the Yukon for the 2011 federal election, 39 per cent of males and 42 per cent of females aged 18 to 24 voted. But this time around these figures might be going up.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog August 4
Lewis Rifkind | Yukon senator says he will make a decision on stepping down that is "in the best interests of the Yukon."
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog July 26
Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon Federal NDP have a candidate in place, as do all the other main parties. Let the politicking commence.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog October 13
Lewis Rifkind | The conservative Yukon Party has swept to a third majority government in the Yukon Territory this week. As if to confirm this grim news, the sun did not come out yesterday morning in Whitehorse.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog September 22
Lewis Rifkind | If the Liberals, New Democrats, Greens, First Nation Party and Independents are all nibbling at the middle to left-of-centre vote, the right wingers could win in a number of key ridings in the Yukon.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog May 4
Lewis Rifkind | Results from North of Sixty for the federal election were bad, then good, then bad again. Looking at the big media election maps, the North was coloured blue, orange and then blue.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog April 25
Lewis Rifkind | Recent visitors to the Yukon and Northwest Territories have stirred the political waters.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog April 18
Lewis Rifkind | Political parties of all stripes must put forward alternate ways for the North to develop as the southern industrial model will be a catastrophe.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog April 11
Lewis Rifkind | The election issues in Nunavut include social issues, mining impacts, food prices and exporting polar bear hides.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog April 4
Lewis Rifkind | The Northwest Territories seat in the House of Commons is called the riding of Western Arctic. There are four, possibly five, candidates running in the Northwest Territories.
Blog - Lewis Rifkind's blog March 30
Lewis Rifkind | A look at most of the Yukon Territory candidates in the 2011 federal election and the issues they might face.