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Linda Leon's Blog

Yukon is full of artists, thinkers, eccentrics and rabble-rousing political trouble makers. From the windows of her [i]Acting Out Studio,[/i] Linda Leon observes the view from North. Every good artist knows that you have to stand far away to get a full perspective.

Blog - Linda Leon's Blog December 18
Image: Qwqchris~commonswiki/Wikimedia Commons
Linda Leon | In modern times, citizens' assemblies have been used to make decisions where the political system is unable to move forward due to deadlocked party politics and electoral fears.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 13
A natural gas well in Louisiana. Image: Daniel Foster/Flickr
Linda Leon | Of all of the political parties running in this election, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) was the first to release its election platform.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 9
Image: Laurel L. Russwurm/Flickr
Linda Leon | Could the Green plan meet its goals of "addressing the climate emergency" and "transitioning to a green economy"?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 17
Jagmeet Singh at the second National Bike Summit. Image: Yvonne Bambrick/Wikimedia Commons
Linda Leon | "Power to Change: A New Deal for Climate Action" is a dense 6,042-word document divided into eight parts. How does it stack up?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 20
Prime Minister Trudeau announces that the Government of Canada will ban harmful single-use plastics. Image: Adam Scotti/PMO
Linda Leon | The Liberal electoral platform isn't out yet. But the "Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change" is worthy of assessment. Is it good enough?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog July 3
Job killing carbon tax. Image: Linda Leon
Linda Leon | How does the Conservative Party plan to meet our Paris Accord targets? They don't actually say. This is a plan to "protect our environment" and not a sincere plan to reduce our emissions.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog December 17
Image: Alisdaire Hickson/Flickr
Linda Leon | No country is immune from the plague of ultra-right movements. But countries with fairer electoral systems do have some resistance. First-past-the-post offers no resistance at all.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 29
Linda Leon | The Yukon Government now has a survey up asking Yukoners to state their electoral preferences. Here's how a "Made-in-Yukon" electoral system would work.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 26
Voting location sign from Elections. BC Photo: Dennis Sylvester Hurd/Flickr
Linda Leon | Much rides on the continuation of an unfair electoral system like first past the post. Many influencers see real democracy as a barrier to their aspirations.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 14
Linda Leon | This as-yet untested system is one of three options British Columbians will be asked to consider in this fall’s referendum on electoral reform. Could it work in the Yukon?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 13
Linda Leon | Now would be a good time for Yukoners to write their MLA and Premier to tell them how important electoral reform is for a fair and democratic electoral system.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 16
Linda Leon | The Preferential Ridings Proportional system is a type of Mixed Member Proportional Representation. While complex, it might be the best bet for electoral reform in the Yukon.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog May 13
Whitehorse, Yukon
Linda Leon | There are some challenges with MMP as an electoral system, which is a combination of First Past the Post and Proportional Representation.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog April 9
Voting. Image: justgrimes/Flickr
Linda Leon | Party List Proportional Representation (PLPR) is one of the more commonly used electoral systems in the world. Could it work for the Yukon?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 18
Image: Flickr/teambates
Linda Leon | As part of her series on electoral reform in the Yukon, Linda Leon looks at Alternative Voting.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog February 24
The Yukon legislative building
Linda Leon | Linda Leon examines two-round voting as part of a series on electoral reform in the Yukon
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog January 30
Yukon Premier Sandy Silver. Image: Bw14/Wikimedia Commons
Linda Leon | The Yukon government is forming a non-partisan commission to study electoral reform in the Yukon. In response to that welcome initiative, I am writing a series existing electoral systems worldwide.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 13
Image: Flickr/Obert Madondo​
Linda Leon | In spite of narrow one-sided papers posing as objective scholarly studies and ad hominem criticism of sitting politicians, the Fraser Institute has had charitable status since 1974.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 2
Linda Leon | Open Letter to Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog February 2
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore
Linda Leon | How to stop cross-border hate.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog November 15
Linda Leon | PM Trudeau: Your father once observed that Canada's relationship with the United States was like that of a mouse sleeping with an elephant. With the election of Trump, it's even more perilous.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 29
Image: Flickr/Chris Campbell
Linda Leon | First Past the Post is a broken system. But a referendum can't fix it. Deep public consultations, surveys and full disclosure by the special committee are a better way.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 25
Linda Leon | Linda Leon returns to her blog, with an open letter to Rona Ambrose on the subject of negative politicking.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 8
Linda Leon | "Ryan Leef? He's just too scary."
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 28
Linda Leon | I don't hate you Ryan. But I don't think you have the skill, wisdom or strength of character to be a good leader. This is my last letter to you.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 14
Canada's Better Angel is slandered
Linda Leon | Negative campaigning doesn't just ruin reputations unjustly or cynically exploit uninformed voters. It is a form of voter suppression.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog July 21
Linda Leon | Adopting a German-style MMPR electoral system, along with Germany's safeguards against fascism, could serve Canadians very well indeed.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 18
Linda Leon | If Bill C-59 passes unamended, future sitting governments and public institutions will be able to avoid scrutiny and possible criminal prosecution.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog May 14
Tiny Toxic joins the Littlelest Libeller for evening study sessions in the PMO
Linda Leon | Many of the Conservative caucus are natural or well-trained trolls. But they don't have to be.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog April 17
Linda Leon | Linda Leon asks Yukon MP what, exactly, constitutes political corruption. Because it sure looks like there's an awful lot of it going around in the Conservative Party right now.