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Linda Leon's Blog

Yukon is full of artists, thinkers, eccentrics and rabble-rousing political trouble makers. From the windows of her [i]Acting Out Studio,[/i] Linda Leon observes the view from North. Every good artist knows that you have to stand far away to get a full perspective.

Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 28
Linda Leon | On his recent visit to the North, Mr. Harper's message to Yukoners who didn’t vote Conservative was "you don't count."
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 27
Linda Leon | The subject of the 15th letter is Bill C-38, the ominous budget bill and Ryan's response to critics of the bill.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 5
Linda Leon | Ryan, it is time to walk the walk. Will you please vote against the omnibus budget bill C-38?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog May 18
Linda Leon | How the Harper government's changes to the Fisheries Act will harm water quality and ecosystems in Canada and the Yukon.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog April 24
Linda Leon | How dangerous overconfidence has led the Conservative Government to cripple environmental research relating to climate change.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 13
Linda Leon | The Conservative Party is, at the very least, guilty of creating a culture so contemptuous of democratic principles that the public now thinks it plausible that Conservatives committed this crime.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog February 14
Linda Leon | Electoral reform would make unscrupulous tactics counter-productive. If we used preferential vote, it would affect not only election results but political culture, making it more civil.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog January 9
Linda Leon | A great big, blue-sky-dreaming, New Year's wish list for 2012: a better prime minister.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog December 15
Linda Leon | An agreement struck in Durban commits countries to make a climate action plan by 2015 to be implemented by 2020. This was followed by news that Canada has formally withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog November 24
Linda Leon | Thank you for your well-written and thought-provoking letter. I won't be able to address all of your comments this time. But I will reply to some key points in this, my seventh letter.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 23
Linda Leon | The Conservative government has given unconditional support for Israel. This policy does nothing to promote justice for Palestinians or security for Israelis.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 20
Linda Leon | Brand new electoral systems, the omnibus crime bill and public trust! Oh my!
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 22
Linda Leon | Around the world there are many electoral systems. Canada's first-past-the-post system is the least representative of them all. No wonder we have such poor voter turn-out.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog July 14
Linda Leon | Many Canadians have posted their opinions on the CRTC site over the future licensing of the CBC. Let's talk about those concerns and criticisms.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 21
Linda Leon | The end of Per Vote Subsidy is an end to a fair way of funding political parties. Linda Leon writes to encourage her MP to vote in favour of retaining it.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 1
Linda Leon | Letters to Ryan Leef is a series of open letters discussing politics, government policy and the nature of democracy with the new Conservative Member of Parliament for Yukon.