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The Body Politic

Lucia Lorenzi holds a PhD in English literature from The University of British Columbia, where her research focused on representations of sexual violence in Canadian Literature and other media. She is also an anti-violence activist, writer and consultant with a special interest in campus sexual assault. You can follow her on Twitter at [url=https://twitter.com/empathywarrior]@empathywarrior[/url].

Blog - The Body Politic October 27
Image: Flickr/Paul Townsend
Lucia Lorenzi | Survivors, primarily women, have been speaking out about Trump and other sexually aggressive men for decades. Why is it that we don't pay attention until these men speak themselves?
Blog - The Body Politic June 21
Image: Flickr/Valerie Everett
Lucia Lorenzi | B.C. universities are the latest to receive legislation regarding campus sexual assault policies. Here are some reflections on my experience as a survivor helping to create change.
Blog - The Body Politic March 20
Lucia Lorenzi | News of stranger sexual assaults have been making headlines in Metro Vancouver. What do these assaults say about the greater threat of rape culture?
Blog - The Body Politic January 31
Lucia Lorenzi | As the first of Jian Ghomeshi's sexual assault trials begins this week, four tips might help how we and others engage in difficult conversations.
Blog - The Body Politic November 12
Lucia Lorenzi | We know that speaking out about sexual violence not only incurs huge personal and professional costs, but that it also involves forms of generally unpaid labour. How do we make that work visible?
Blog - The Body Politic May 31
Image: Flickr/Niki Ashton
Lucia Lorenzi | The Conservatives' refusal to pass a bill regarding violence against women is a symptom of a system that continues to fail survivors.
Blog - The Body Politic March 20
Lucia Lorenzi | This year's Canada Reads competition was about literature's capacity to break barriers, but literary culture in Canada faces a number of challenges itself.
Blog - The Body Politic February 12
Lucia Lorenzi | When it comes to stories "ripped from the headlines," do crime shows go too far in exploiting the stories of real-life victims?
Blog - The Body Politic January 15
Lucia Lorenzi | News of a lawsuit against the University of Ottawa brings up an important question: what is the cost of sexual violence in our communities, and who is entitled to compensation?
Blog - The Body Politic January 6
Lucia Lorenzi | When sexual harassment or violence occurs in campus communities, it's not only the victims' personal safety that is violated: it's their trust in the whole system.
Blog - The Body Politic December 5
Lucia Lorenzi | 25 years after the December 6 massacre, are educational spaces in Canada safe for women students and scholars? We've still got a long way to go.
Blog - The Body Politic August 27
Lucia Lorenzi | As part of their special FROSH-week edition, the undergraduate student newspaper at Western University, The Western Gazette, included a "satirical" article entitled "So you want to date your TA?"