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Making Waves

Analysis of Canadian water politics by the Council of Canadians' national water campaigner.

Blog - Making Waves January 11
Emma Lui | The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is poised to decide whether to begin issuing permits for hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" within the state of New York.
Blog - Making Waves December 30
Emma Lui | As of tomorrow, December 31, 2011, the Welland Canal is officially closed to all vessels, preventing Bruce Power from proceeding with nuclear waste shipments until the spring.
Blog - Making Waves December 22
Meera Karunananthan | The Canadian Embassy in El Salvador refused yesterday to meet with civil society groups to hear concerns about the Canada-El Salvador Trade deal currently being negotiated.
Blog - Making Waves December 12
Meera Karunananthan | Ajax, Ontario has embraced the right to water and rejected the commodification of water. Find out how your community can too!
Blog - Making Waves December 10
Meera Karunananthan | The housing crisis in Attawapiskat is not an accident or an isolated incident. Attawapiskat is a natural outcome of Canada's violent colonial past and racist present.
Blog - Making Waves December 2
Emma Lui | The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario's 2010/11 annual report entitled "Engaging Solutions" includes Great Lakes and fracking issues.
Blog - Making Waves December 2
Meera Karunananthan | To drive home the message that water-related impacts are key to how climate change is experienced by communities around the world, South African NGOs hosted a "reality tour."
Blog - Making Waves November 25
Emma Lui | The Canadian arm of the Red Cross, an international aid organization, announced on Wednesday that they would step in and provide short-term help to the First Nation community of Attawapiskat.
Blog - Making Waves November 18
Emma Lui | The Council of Canadians encourages Abbotsford to vote "no" to water privatization in your community and set an example for the whole country.
Blog - Making Waves November 18
Emma Lui | There is a new threat coming to our Great Lakes, North America's most precious water source: toxic wastewater from fracking.
Blog - Making Waves November 18
Emma Lui | Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) First Nation has launched a new website to advocate for their lands and environment issues. Please visit and take action at: KILands.org.
Blog - Making Waves November 14
Meera Karunananthan | For decades, the industries that thrive on destroying the planet have co-opted environmental discourse. A corporate water conference in Amsterdam provides insights into what to expect at Rio+20.
Blog - Making Waves October 28
Meera Karunananthan | It is not enough for the UN General Assembly to recognize water as a human right, we need to make sure that it is implemented to serve the interests of the 99 per cent.
Blog - Making Waves October 28
Emma Lui | On Nov. 19, citizens of Abbotsford, British Columbia will go to the polls to vote on whether Abbotsford will privatize its water system.
Blog - Making Waves October 28
Emma Lui | On Oct. 31, Niagara-on-the-Lake Councillor Jamie King will introduce a resolution calling for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and the treatment of fracking wastewater in the Great Lakes.
Blog - Making Waves October 19
Meera Karunananthan | In what Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs President, Grand Chief Stuart Phillips, refers to as a state of "deja-vu," chiefs from the Tsilhqot'in National Government are back in Ottawa.
Blog - Making Waves October 13
Emma Lui | I spent the day at the International Joint Commission's Biennial Meeting in Detroit, Michigan.
Blog - Making Waves September 28
Meera Karunananthan | The Council of Canadians is calling on teachers in Ontario to support the struggles to protect public water in Chile.
Blog - Making Waves September 23
Emma Lui | With less than two weeks before the Ontario election, only two of the four main parties have outlined specific policies on the Great Lakes.
Blog - Making Waves September 23
Emma Lui | The Niagara Falls Water Board is moving forward with plans to treat "fracking fluid" at its wastewater treatment plant following a feasibility study performed by an outside firm.
Blog - Making Waves September 20
Meera Karunananthan | Members of the Wakefield community marched this weekend calling on the government of Quebec to apply the principles of sustainability it adopted in the Quebec Sustainability Act of 2005.
Blog - Making Waves September 2
Meera Karunananthan | A founding member of the Our Water Is Not For Sale network, the Council of Canadians is working to prevent the Alberta government from expanding a market-based water allocation system.
Blog - Making Waves August 5
Emma Lui | An overview of the impacts of fracking on our water, water allocation permits and federal responsibility in relation to fracking.
Blog - Making Waves August 4
Emma Lui | Waterlife, an important award-winning documentary about the perils facing the Great Lakes, will air on History Television on August 15, 2011.
Blog - Making Waves August 4
Emma Lui | July 28 was the one-year anniversary of the UN General Assembly (GA) resolution on the human right to water and sanitation.
Blog - Making Waves August 2
Meera Karunananthan | Convened by Global Exchange, a meeting in San Francisco brought together representatives from organizations working to advance the rights of nature in communities around the world.
Blog - Making Waves July 30
Emma Lui | Council of Canadians is in New York City this week to participate in events commemorating the one-year anniversary of the UN General Assembly resolution on the human right to water and sanitation.
Blog - Making Waves July 21
Emma Lui | Honouring the Waters Indigenous Water Forum is being held in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario from July 18 to 21, 2011.
Blog - Making Waves July 6
Emma Lui | Yesterday nearly 50 civil society organizations sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper decrying the cuts to Environment Canada and the impacts the cuts will have on water in Canada.
Blog - Making Waves June 18
Emma Lui | In order to become a Blue Community, a municipality must pass a resolution banning the sale of bottled water in public facilities and at municipal events, recognizing water as a human right.