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Making Waves

Analysis of Canadian water politics by the Council of Canadians' national water campaigner.

Blog - Making Waves June 14
Emma Lui | The AG report highlights the stark contrast between conditions of First Nation reserves and other communities, and the government's repeated failures to address adequately the deplorable conditions.
Blog - Making Waves May 28
Emma Lui | 'Leaky Exports: A portrait of the virtual water trade' reveals alarming facts about the virtual water trade including the fact that Canada is the second net virtual water exporter.
Blog - Making Waves May 21
Emma Lui | I joined the water walkers this afternoon in Cumberland which was an amazing experience.
Blog - Making Waves May 20
Emma Lui | Speakers at the today included Mishomis William Commanda, National Assembly of First Nations chief Shawn A-in-Chut Atleo, Grandmother Melvina Flamand, Lead walker, NWAC and Coucil of Canadians.
Blog - Making Waves May 17
Emma Lui | Mother Earth Water Walk 2011 is a group of Anishinabe women and men who are walking hundreds of thousands of miles for water.
Blog - Making Waves May 15
Emma Lui | There were many committed organizations, activists and residents... excited to move forward together in implementing commons and public trust principles to their Great Lakes communities.
Blog - Making Waves April 20
Emma Lui | European civil society is extremely concerned about the threat this shipment (and future shipments) pose to European waters.
Blog - Making Waves April 20
Emma Lui | I just returned from a weekend at the FAME (Forum Alternatif Mondial de L'eau) preparatory meeting in Brussels.
Blog - Making Waves April 6
Emma Lui | The Liberal Party launched their platform this past Sunday. The following are highlights from their platform on water issues.
Blog - Making Waves March 31
Emma Lui | The Public Health Agency of Canada's report noted that "The incidence of waterborne diseases is several times higher in First Nation reserves."
Blog - Making Waves March 25
Emma Lui | Mark Calzavara, Regional Organizer for the Council of Canadians, and I traveled to Kincardine and Owen Sound to explore the area and meet with locals concerning the radioactive steam generators.
Blog - Making Waves March 24
Emma Lui | The budget has not allocated any new funding for First Nations drinking water and there is no mention of funding for municipal water infrastructure.
Blog - Making Waves March 24
Emma Lui | The proposed Highlands Quarry will be the second biggest quarry in North America.
Blog - Making Waves March 21
Emma Lui | The Toronto Chapter of the Council of Canadians held their Second Annual Water Forum called Healthy Water Healthy Cities. It was a day filled with engaging speakers and lively discussions.
Blog - Making Waves March 10
Emma Lui | We invite you and your friends, family and colleagues to join communities across Canada and the world to take action to ban the bottle and reclaim public water on March 10, 2011!
Blog - Making Waves March 2
Emma Lui | Nestlé Waters Canada has requested an unprecedented 10-year extension on its current permit of up to 3.6 million litres per day.
Blog - Making Waves February 24
Emma Lui | London City Council will vote on reversing its 2008 bottled water ban on Monday, Feb. 28, 2011.
Blog - Making Waves February 15
Emma Lui | On February 4, 2011, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approved Bruce Power's plan to ship 16 bus-size radioactive steam generators from Owen Sound to Nykoping, Sweden.
Blog - Making Waves February 15
Emma Lui | Nestle is trying to reverse London's ban on the sale of bottled water on city property. They have written a letter to Mayor Joe Fontana requesting a reversal of the ban.
Blog - Making Waves February 1
Emma Lui | Liberal MP John McKay, Jamie Keen from Mining Watch and Professor David Welch presented at the Political Economy of Mining and Resource Extraction conference at Carleton University.
Blog - Making Waves January 27
Emma Lui | On February 27, the Botswana Court of Appeal upheld the Kalahari Bushmen's right to water by quashing a 2010 decision that denied the Bushmen access to a borehole on their ancestral lands.
Blog - Making Waves January 21
Emma Lui | The call for a global referendum and popular “consultas” (consultations) on climate change emerged from the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights in Cochabamba, Bolivia i
Blog - Making Waves January 20
Emma Lui | As part of their Perspectives on Water series, the Friends of the Tay Watershed, with the Canadian Federation of University Women, are pleased to present the film Water on the Table.
Blog - Making Waves January 20
Emma Lui | Despite opposition from Algonquins of Ontario, citizens and organizations, KNL (Urbandale) will begin clear cutting 26 hectares of forest in Kanata just west of Ottawa this week.
Blog - Making Waves December 7
Emma Lui | I spent the day at Foro International de la Justicia Climatico de los Pueblos (the International Forum of Climate Justice -- Dialogue of the Communities) and heard many interesting presentations.
Blog - Making Waves December 5
Emma Lui | Brent, Leticia and I attended the opening ceremony for 'Foro Global Por La Vida La Justicia Ambiental Y Social' (Global Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice) today.
Blog - Making Waves December 3
Emma Lui | Canada, along with a small number of powerful countries, is taking active steps to render the Kyoto Protocol meaningless and to ensure that it is not extended beyond 2012.
Blog - Making Waves December 1
Emma Lui | The Council of Canadians holds a press conference on climate justice, participates in a water meeting with Mexican NGOs and marches for climate justice.
Blog - Making Waves November 29
Emma Lui | Bruce Power has applied for a licence at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to ship 16 radioactive steam generators through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway to Sweden.
Blog - Making Waves November 12
Emma Lui | Civil society response to the defeat of Bill C-300