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Maude Barlow's blog

Maude Barlow is the National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and chairs the board of Washington-based Food and Water Watch. More information on Maude Barlow can be found at: www.canadians.org/Maude

Blog - Maude Barlow's blog November 1
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Maude Barlow, Emma Lui | People are hungry for real change. But one year later, are Justin Trudeau's actions speaking louder than his words?
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog July 6
Maude Barlow | "This case is about the right to vote -- the cornerstone of democracy."
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog May 28
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Maude Barlow, Meera Karunananthan | Investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms enable corporations to sue governments for hundreds of millions of dollars when policies aimed at protecting the environment threaten corporate profits.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog March 22
Photo: Bert Kaufmann, Flickr Creative Commons, Drought
Maude Barlow | Twenty-two years ago, the UN General Assembly declared March 22 to be World Water Day. In a world facing a severe and growing water crisis without a roadmap, this day is more important than ever.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog February 9
Maude Barlow | German chancellor Angela Merkel will be in Ottawa for a visit on Monday, but she may not be bringing the news Stephen Harper wants to hear when it comes to the CETA.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog January 22
Tsal'alh elders in sacred dress
Maude Barlow | Tsal'alh adopted a resolution with the three criteria needed to become a Blue Community: recognizing of the human right to water, banning bottled water and promoting public water services.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog October 20
Maude Barlow | On October 20, Catarina de Albuquerque, the special rapporteur on the human right to drinking water and sanitation and Leilani Farha, the special rapporteur on housing, visit Detroit.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog September 19
Maude Barlow | Les élections de lundi au Nouveau Brunswick sont une épreuve décisive pour le reste du Canada dans le brûlant dossier du gaz de schiste
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog September 19
Photo: Rick Harris, Flickr Media Commons
Maude Barlow | New Brunswickers head to the polls in what seems to be another PC versus Liberal tête-à-tête this Monday. But this province's election could also be key to determining the future of fracking.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog June 20
Maude Barlow | Maude Barlow received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from York University in Toronto yesterday morning. Here is her inspiring speech to the graduands at the Convocation ceremony.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog May 27
Maude Barlow | Every day, thousands of people in Detroit, in a city that is situated right by a body of water carrying one fifth of the world's water supply, are having their ‎water ruthlessly cut off.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog March 18
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Maude Barlow, Jennifer Moore | Even before Salvador Sánchez Cerén is inaugurated as President of El Salvador, his administration is saddled with a $301-million liability: a lawsuit over the refusal to allow a gold mine to be built.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog November 29
Maude Barlow and Stuart Trew | Every few months, the Canadian public is asked by one polling firm or another how it feels about a CETA. Consistently, between 70 and 80 per cent of respondents say they generally like the idea.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog October 18
Maude Barlow | Prime Minister Harper has just signed the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), and Canadians who care about our freshwater heritage should be concerned for three reasons.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog October 1
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Maude Barlow | The world is running out of accessible clean water. We need a government that places water and its protection at the centre of all policy and practice if the planet and we are to survive.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog August 6
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Maude Barlow, Leticia Adair | Atlantic Canada faces an uneasy future of potential diluted bitumen spills with little reward to show for it if TransCanada's recently announced Energy East pipeline moves ahead.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog July 26
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Maude Barlow | The real responsibility for Lac-Mégantic lies with governments on both sides of the border who have deregulated their transport sectors, gutted enviro protections and promoted growth of fossil fuels.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog March 20
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Maude Barlow | The U.S. and European Union have taken the free trade plunge. President Obama announced in February that he will start talks with the EU on a transatlantic trade, investment, and regulatory pact.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog March 5
Photo: Jose Carlos Norte/Flickr
Maude Barlow and Meera Karunananthan | The United Nations has just named 2013 the year of water co-operation. Those of us who have been fighting privatization deregulation are naturally skeptical.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog February 25
Maude Barlow | Hello from snowy Vienna. We have had a wonderful day. Over 300 people and a lot of media attended this important conference today.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog February 5
Maude Barlow | Stephen Harper has moved Canada’s foreign policy sharply to the right, embracing a more militaristic role for Canada’s armed services, putting trade before human rights.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog February 4
Maude Barlow | No government in Canadian history has so abused the rules of Parliament, or shown such contempt for transparency as the government of Stephen Harper.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog February 1
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Maude Barlow | Can democracy in crisis deal with the global warming crisis? Yes! But only by addressing the crises of democracy and climate together.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog January 29
Maude Barlow | Harper's years in power have been marked by relentless moves to weaken critical human rights infrastructure and aggressive opposition to steps to strengthen human rights protections.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog January 28
Maude Barlow | Stephen Harper is systematically wiping out decades of environmental protections and laws in order to promote unbridled resource extraction.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog January 13
Photo: Brent Patterson
Maude Barlow | A few months ago, I received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and my husband put it in a frame and hung it up. On Friday, we took it down and on Monday I will send it back to Rideau Hall.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog December 14
Maude Barlow | On Thursday, the six Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MPs in the ridings at the centre of the legal cases put forward their arguments for keeping their seats in the face of strong evidence.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog December 14
Maude Barlow | With the first wave of powerful evidence of a widespread and targeted campaign of voter suppression put before the Federal Court on Tuesday, on Day 3 hard numbers were presented to support it.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog December 12
Maude Barlow | "Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote..." This is a fundamental right granted to us in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Blog - Maude Barlow's blog December 12
Election fraud applicants.
Maude Barlow | Day one of what is expected to be a full week of legal proceedings focused on the outstanding preliminary motions brought by Conservative Party lawyers to have the cases dismissed.