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Dented Blue Mercedes

Mercedes Allen is a graphic designer and advocate for transsexual and transgender communities in Alberta. She writes on equality, human rights, LGBT and sexual minority issues in Canada, and the cross-border pollination of far-right spin. She blogs at Dented Blue Mercedes and operates a trans information website at http://www.albertatrans.org/

Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes January 2
Mercedes Allen | A recap of how the abortion debate has already been underway, in the U.S. and in Canada.
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes December 22
Mercedes Allen | Canadians accepted Stephen Harper's assurances that the abortion debate would not be reopened. But it has.
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes December 1
Mercedes Allen | It will be tougher to pass a trans human rights bill. It will take more effort, and support of allies is absolutely crucial. But it's not impossible. Here's how.
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes October 29
Mercedes Allen | "Nothing to see here. Nothing to see here." So why are people tenting in downtown Calgary and refusing to leave?
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes October 15
Mercedes Allen | The Occupy movement has either already accomplished many or most of those things, or is poised to do so. Now, it has acquired the power to shape the change that it has called for.
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes October 13
Mercedes Allen | Teach kids to coexist with gay and trans kids? You can't do that. Teach them to march in anti-abortion protests? Sure, why not?
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes October 5
Mercedes Allen | The transphobic ad in the Toronto Sun and National Post occurs amid Canada-wide battles over accommodation of LGBT youth and trans human rights. Here's why it won't be over after the Ontario election.