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Roger Annis's blog

Roger Annis is a lifetime socialist and union member and activist. He began his political activism with the Young Socialists of the day while at university in Nova Scotia. Since then, he has lived in most regions of Canada, including in Montreal where he became fluent in French. He is a retired aerospace worker living in Vancouver. He writes regularly on topics of social justice, peace, and on issues concerning Haiti. His personal blog can be found at http://www.rogerannis.com/. He is a founding editor in October 2014 of [url=http://newcoldwar.org/]The New Cold War: Ukraine and beyond.[/url] In 2004, he helped to found the Canada Haiti Action Network and continues to co-edit its [url=http://www.canadahaitiaction.ca/]website.[/url]

Blog - Roger Annis's blog March 3
Roger Annis | Once known as neutral and peace-promoting, Sweden under its current, soft-left government is all-in the new cold war against Russia.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 5
Roger Annis | The ceasefire in Syria and voices favouring peace in Ukraine offer a few glimpses of hope as the year 2017 opens.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog November 10
Image: Twitter/@MikeSington
Roger Annis | Polls in the U.S. show privileged whites, male and female, were the main backers of Trump, not the claimed "working-class whites."
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 14
Roger Annis | The Leap Manifesto is a very important initiative. Radical environmentalists have an important role to play in building on that vision.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 13
Roger Annis, Renfrey Clarke | Some Canadian media seems to think that sabotaging co-operation between countries in the Arctic region a climate-warming world is a legitimate weapon in the ongoing propaganda war against Russia.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 15
Dawn in the Anthropocene
Roger Annis | Capitalism has run so amok, producing so much waste and life-destroying pollution, that scientists now say that Earth has entered an entirely new epoch: the Anthropocene.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 3
Roger Annis | If Western media reported the truth about the conflict in Ukraine, the killing there could more easily be stopped. And the world could become safer all around.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 26
Roger Annis | For the past year, Turkey has been waging a brutal internal war against its Kurdish population. Now it has carried that war into Syria.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 18
Roger Annis | A sabotage operation against Crimea by Ukrainian ultranationalist extremists is another uncomfortable moment for Ukraine's Western sponsors. Western media's solution is to change the subject.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 6
Roger Annis | The release by Wikileaks of some 20,000 emails from DNC officials has mainstream media charging that Russian gov't agencies are behind it all.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog July 15
Roger Annis | Nuclear-capable NATO forces are in Ukraine and now crowd right up to Russia's western border in the Baltic region. Canada's participation in the folly is seamless from Harper to Trudeau.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog May 4
Image: Facebook/Christine St-Onge
Roger Annis | Unseasonably dry and hot weather in Fort McMurray, Alberta has inflicted disaster on the city.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog April 22
Roger Annis | Canada needs a new party of the left to fight against war, militarism, austerity and ecological destruction. Part of its work is co-operative approaches with the NDP and unions on these issues.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog April 1
President Barak Obama walks the streets of Havana upon arrival in Cuba March 20,
Roger Annis | A new chapter in the long war of the United States to subvert Cuban sovereignty opened on March 20, 2016 when President Barak Obama arrived in Cuba for a three-day, official visit.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog March 24
John Pilger | At present, it is a war of propaganda, of lies and distraction, but this can change instantaneously with the first mistaken order, the first missile.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog March 18
Roger Annis and Renfrey Clarke | March 16 marked the two-year referendum of the Crimean people to secede from Ukraine. The vote was overwhelmingly 'yes', but Western powers don't care; sanctions continue.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog March 8
Roger Annis | Naysayers on the right and on the left have it wrong. The world should welcome a ceasefire in Syria and oppose the miliitarism of the imperialist powers.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog February 28
Roger Annis | Canadian editors and politicians sniff at the ceasefire in Syria while redoubling their anti-Russia propaganda barrage.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog February 25
Roger Annis, Bill Burgess, Felipe Stuart | Wariness is a good political trait, but it can cripple. Why do so many left-wing people have trouble recognizing and welcoming the blows to U.S. diktat in Syria?
Blog - Roger Annis's blog February 11
Roger Annis | CBC's The Current does a rare report on Crimea and totally botches it.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog February 9
Roger Annis, Renfrey Clarke | Political phrasing on the left and on the right labels today's Russia an "imperialist" country. Is this accurate? Does it matter having an accurate appraisal of Russia's social and economic formation?
Blog - Roger Annis's blog February 1
Roger Annis | Following the U.S lead, Canada says it will now dialogue with Russia. Watch Washington, not Ottawa, for where this is headed.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 30
Roger Annis | Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion faced haranguing in Parliament on January 27 for saying dialogue with Russia needed.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 26
Roger Annis | Western media is making another run at Russian President Vladimir Putin, this time that 'maybe' he had something to do with the 2006 killing in London of a former Russian police investigator.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 22
Roger Annis | Washington's snub of Ottawa over the Liberal election promise to withdraw fighter aircraft from Iraq is calculated to incite pro-war agitation in Canada.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 18
Roger Annis | The climate change summit in Paris in December 2015 was an historic recognition that the world is facing a ecological emergency. But corporate Canada still has its head in the (tar) sand.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 15
Roger Annis | Bias over Russia reigns supreme in the Toronto Star as 2016 opens, whereas readers deserve informed news and analysis. Meanwhile, why is mainstream media silent over human rights outrages in Turkey?
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 6
Roger Annis | Canada's record of accepting refugees over the decades is the subject of much analysis in mainstream media in light of the crisis in Syria. Much of the analysis is inaccurate and self-serving.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 2
Roger Annis | Barely two months into its mandate, the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has broken a key election promise of pension improvements.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog January 2
Roger Annis | A monster winter storm over the North Atlantic in late December added to Britain's rainfall flooding woes and brought temperatures at the North Pole above zero Celsius.