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Roger Annis's blog

Roger Annis is a lifetime socialist and union member and activist. He began his political activism with the Young Socialists of the day while at university in Nova Scotia. Since then, he has lived in most regions of Canada, including in Montreal where he became fluent in French. He is a retired aerospace worker living in Vancouver. He writes regularly on topics of social justice, peace, and on issues concerning Haiti. His personal blog can be found at http://www.rogerannis.com/. He is a founding editor in October 2014 of [url=http://newcoldwar.org/]The New Cold War: Ukraine and beyond.[/url] In 2004, he helped to found the Canada Haiti Action Network and continues to co-edit its [url=http://www.canadahaitiaction.ca/]website.[/url]

Blog - Roger Annis's blog December 17
Roger Annis | The 'Russian invasion' theory of the war in eastern Ukraine conveniently overlooks the role of the Ukrainian extreme right in events and its close ties with the government in Kyiv.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog December 11
Roger Annis | U.S. and now Canadian media is full of discussion and analysis of how right wing Donald Trump is. This is the same media that won't recognize or talk about the extreme right in Ukraine.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog December 7
Roger Annis | The legislative election in Venezuela on Dec 6, 2015 was a setback for the left in Latin America. Much reflection is required to reset the course to social justice begun by Hugo Chavez.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog November 30
Roger Annis | The new government in Ottawa is an important occasion to revisit everything about Canada's place in a world of war and climate change upheaval.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog November 29
Roger Annis | The government in Kyiv has formalized a food-tranport blockade and then blowing up of electrical transmission lines initiated by the extreme-right in Ukraine.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog November 25
Roger Annis | Extemists in Ukraine mounted a food transport blockade against Crimea on Sept 20 and now have bombed electricity lines. The Ukraine gov't gives quiet backing. Does Canada's new gov't notic or caring?
Blog - Roger Annis's blog November 23
Image: Flickr/DFATD | MAECD
Roger Annis | For the second year in a row at the United Nations, Canada and the U.S. have voted no and Europe has abstained on a resolution opposing racism and glorification of Nazism. Oh, Ukraine also voted no.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog November 17
Roger Annis | Canadian soldiers are in western Ukraine and Kyiv is failing to implement the Minsk ceasefire agreement. But Justin Trudeau gets off on the wrong foot with 'blame Russia' words.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 22
Roger Annis | CBC Radio One's The Current aired a panel discussion on October 21 that deflates the euphoria surrounding the election of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 21
Roger Annis | Last month, Roger Annis gave a talk on the situation in Ukraine at the inaugural conference of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group at the University of Manitoba.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 21
Roger Annis | Canadians have a new government in Ottawa, but its policies will be similar to the ousted one. The task of winning a progressive government in Ottawa still lies ahead.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 16
Roger Annis | The good news is the meltdown of the appalling Conservative Party election campaign. The bad news is it will be back to the past if polls are accurate in predicting a Liberal Party victory.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 14
Roger Annis | Who knew that 18 months into a civil war, and as a ceasefire is finally and thankfully holding, we would discover that Ukraine's government has for years been neglecting child polio vaccination?
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 13
Roger Annis | "No to death trains!" and "Bye bye Harper!" were among the slogans chanted at October 11 march in Lac-Mégantic demanding rail safety.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 11
Roger Annis | Review of Rehtaeh Parson's suicide death in April 2013 has harsh words for police and other government agencies in Nova Scotia.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog October 6
Image: Flickr/rabble.ca
Roger Annis | The federal parties are more wedded to preserving the capitalist system of endless expansion than they are to speaking the truth about the climate crisis.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 25
Boris Kagarlitsky | Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader of the Labour Party in Britain opens a "new stage in history" argues Russian socologist Boris Kagarlitksy on the event of his four-city speaking tour to Canada.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 20
Roger Annis | Russian author, activist and political analyst will discuss Russia's place in the world today and the political and military offensive by the NATO powers to isolate and weaken the country.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 18
Roger Annis | Kyiv's new censorship measures are the latest in a long line of such moves. President Poroshenko says they are retaliation against those writing or acting sympathetically towards Crimea and Donbas.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 11
Roger Annis | The UN's OHCHR has produced its 13th survey since 2013 of human rights in Ukraine. Alas, it is not comprehensive and it is full of bias against the rebel movement in Donbas, eastern Ukraine.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 5
Roger Annis | Syrian refugee tragedies are the whirlwind of the West's Middle East wars and inhumane asylum and refugee policies.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 4
New Cold War.org | "I believe that our planet is in trouble. I believe that our oceans are dying."
Blog - Roger Annis's blog September 1
Roger Annis | The government which came to power in Ukraine on Feb. 21, 2014 in Ukraine is now reaping the whirlwind of its coup as extreme-right forces riot against timid decentralization proposals.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 21
Roger Annis | The ceasefire agreement signed in Belarus on Feb. 15, 2015 could stop the killing in eastern Ukraine and provide for meaningful talks. Canada's political parties are, instead, cheering for more war.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 17
Roger Annis | The investigation into the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, 2014 has proceeded in secrecy and at a snail's pace. Can a final report, whenever it appears, be trusted?n trust
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 12
Roger Annis | Mass resistance by young Ukrainian men against military conscription is a major impediment to Kyiv continuing a war in eastern Ukraine.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 11
Roger Annis | A brief and vacuous "debate" over Ukraine (and the Middle East) at the August 6 party leaders televised debate shows little accountability or critical thought when it comes to Canada's foreign policy.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog August 5
Roger Annis | Canadian media watchers may be surprised to read what longtime editor Diane Francis has to say about Ukraine's extreme right. She heaps praise on its paramilitary forces waging war in eastern Ukraine.
Blog - Roger Annis's blog July 11
Roger Annis | Presentation by Roger Annis on June 12 in Vancouver: 'The NATO offensive in eastern Europe and the class and the national dynamics of the war in eastern Ukraine.'
Blog - Roger Annis's blog June 2
Roger Annis | Are war crimes happening on an equal scale by the two sides in the civil war in Ukraine? Amnesty International thinks not. Does the gov't have an extra duty to protect rights? Apparently not.