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Scott Piatkowski's blog

Kitchener-Waterloo resident Scott Stager Piatkowski is Vice-President of the Ontario NDP and a former columnist for rabble.ca. He wrote a weekly column for 13 years that appeared in the [i]Waterloo Chronicle, the Woolwich Observer[/i] and [i]ECHO Weekly.[/i] He has also written for [i]This Magazine, Alternatives Journal, Canadian Forum, Our Times, The Toronto Star[/i] and the [i]Waterloo Region Record.[/i] His opinions are his own...but you are more than welcome to adopt them.

Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog November 14
Newspaper Bundle
Scott Stager Piatkowski | In an era in which circulation figures for most newspapers are falling faster than water over Niagara Falls, the answer isn't simple
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog January 21
Scott Stager Piatkowski | Why it was so hard for his opponents to put a dent in Donald Trump's support.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog September 20
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Scott Stager Piatkowski | The sadly predictable script of the Liberals wears thinner every election.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog August 7
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Scott Piatkowski | The Liberals abolished the federal minimum wage. Now they can't figure out where they stand on bringing it back.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog August 3
Scott Piatkowski | Stephen Harper has called the Quebec NDP caucus the "most inefficient, ineffective group we've ever seen."
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog July 21
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Scott Piatkowski | Like the Liberals, Bob Hepburn accuses NDP Leader Tom Mulcair of "crass pandering" to Quebec sovereigntists in his most recent column.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog September 14
Scott Piatkowski | Last week the NDP found a new reason to love byelections, when Catherine Fife won a victory for the NDP in a provincial byelection in my home riding of Kitchener-Waterloo.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog April 26
Scott Piatkowski | Progressive voters should stop trying to save the Liberal Party from itself. The red door is a trap door.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 19
Scott Piatkowski | Here is my take on the highlights and lowlights of the 2008 Federal Election results.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 7
Scott Piatkowski | The Liberals have been having a great old time blaming the NDP for putting the Martin government out of its misery.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 5
Scott Piatkowski | Post-debate polls show the Liberals holding onto second place by as little as two percentage points over the NDP.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 3
Scott Piatkowski | Everyone else is offering their post-debate analysis, so here's mine.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 1
Scott Piatkowski | Pundits' Guide, a project of Ottawa number cruncher Alice Funke, has rapidly established itself as the go to site for policy wonks and election geeks in search of meaningful information.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog September 24
Scott Piatkowski | Back when I read MAD magazine on a semi-regular basis, one of my favourite features was "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions."