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Aalya Ahmad

Aalya Ahmad likes to blog about feminism, activism, the labour movement and cultural politics. Her sense of social justice is derived from good books and real struggles.

Blog - Aalya Ahmad May 6
Rio performing for her fans
Aalya Ahmad | A thought-provoking new documentary by Kyoto Miyake examines gender, social and cultural issues in Japan's idol phenomenon
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 28
Aalya Ahmad | 'League of Exotique Dancers' follows women who, decades ago, worked as burlesque dancers, and takes the taboo step of depicting aging women as sensual beings.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad February 25
Image: Flickr/Saranv
Aalya Ahmad | Today, February 25, is National Adjunct Day of Action. Calling all sessionals, contract instructors and allies! It's time to put an end to the national disgrace of two-tier teaching in higher ed.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad May 10
Aalya Ahmad | A guest blog from Occupied Ottawa activists Matt Morgan and John Bainbridge with an interview of Squid Murgatroyd, updating the rabble community on what's going on in Ottawa's Occupied movement.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 17
Aalya | In which Aalya describes the movement between dominant and non-dominant identities and how we get "stuck" in various stages of identification
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 15
Aalya | Aalya shares an exercise on projection and personal power
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 14
Aalya | Third video blog instalment from "Building Conscious Use of Power -- The Inner Activist" in which Aalya shares what she's learned about stereotypes, power dynamics in groups and how to change biases.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 14
Aalya | Aalya's first session at The Inner Activist -- stay posted for more!
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 13
Aalya | Join Aalya as she tries out video blogging and activist training at The Inner Activist from April 13 to 17.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad March 8
Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg
Aalya Ahmad | Reflecting on what International Women's Day is really all about and looking ahead to May 1.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad January 27
Aalya Ahmad | Harper at Davos: Booyah! Economic boys gone wild.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad November 26
Aalya Ahmad | 'Tis the season for United Way workplace fundraising campaigns. But in Ottawa, a coalition of concerned people is asking: Is Big Charity getting too big for our communities?
Blog - Aalya Ahmad November 14
Aalya | A month after Occupy Ottawa, Aalya Ahmad and Sharrae Lyon reflect on some of the struggles we have faced.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad October 4
Aalya Ahmad | The Occupy movement isn't a unique and unprecedented struggle. It is part of something much bigger than whichever patches of paved paradise the protesters are on.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad May 8
Aalya | Mother's Day reflection on the importance of telling each other our abortion stories under a majority Conservative government.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad April 8
Aalya Ahmad | Election after election, things keep getting grimmer for feminists.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad October 26
Aalya Ahmad | I attended the BDS conference in Montreal this weekend because I realized that I knew very little about this movement that is gaining such momentum all over the world.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad September 2
Aalya Ahmad | What's up with the cultural obsession with women having massive numbers of children?
Blog - Aalya Ahmad July 3
Aalya Ahmad | It's been daunting to try to take in all that has been already testified, discussed, debated, ranted about, witnessed and reported of the G20 protests.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad June 20
Aalya Ahmad | As one who embraces feminism, it's tough to reflect on fatherhood. There's the traitorous sense of being preoccupied with a politics of gender identity at the expense of real women.
Blog - Aalya Ahmad June 18
Aalya Ahmad | The G8-G20 is not only an appallingly expensive photo-op for our world lead-weights; it is, in fact, a "Big Cop Party."