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Chelsea Vowel is a Métis from the Plains Cree speaking community of Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. She is the mother of two energetic girls and holds a BEd and an LLB from the University of Alberta. She moved to Montreal a few years ago, fell in love with Roller Derby and decided to stay permanently. Her passions are the Cree language, strapping on roller skates and smashing into other women, and attacking the shroud of ignorance surrounding indigenous issues in Canada. She blogs at apihtawikosisan.com. Follow her on Twitter [url=https://twitter.com/apihtawikosisan]@apihtawikosisan[/url].

Blog - apihtawikosisan March 11
Image: wikimedia commons
Âpihtawikosisân | In a grotesque new way of erasing Indigenous nationhood and identity, some Canadian and Quebecois settlers are claiming "Métissage" just because it feels right.
Blog - apihtawikosisan October 7
Âpihtawikosisân | "Red Man Laughing" podcaster Ryan McMahon got tired of seeing media that doesn't represent Aboriginal experiences. So he just went ahead and made his own.
Blog - apihtawikosisan September 18
Âpihtawikosisân | The most comprehensive answer to "How can I help?" is complex and involves a lot of learning and effort to make change, but the answer can also be simple and immediate.
Blog - apihtawikosisan August 22
Image: flickr/Howl Art Collective
Âpihtawikosisân | Who would oppose an inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women? The reality is much more complicated than either/or.
Blog - apihtawikosisan July 24
"Be a Good Girl" - Tania Willard
Âpihtawikosisân, Tania Willard | Indigenous women and two-spirited peoples work not to attain gender equality, but rather to restore Indigenous nationhood, which includes gender equality and respect for gender fluidity.
Blog - apihtawikosisan July 10
Image: Tsilhqot'in Nation
Âpihtawikosisân | To hear some people talk, the Tsilhqot'in decision spells the end of "modern democracy." Chelsea Vowel tackles this fear-mongering and the western liberal myth of a "level playing field."
Blog - apihtawikosisan July 2
Âpihtawikosisân | In Âpihtawikosisân's new video game, you play the character sâkowêw, a Cree girl who is sent by her Elders to gather land defenders in the city to stop a pipeline project from evil Enkoch industries!
Blog - apihtawikosisan June 9
Âpihtawikosisân | Jeff Barnaby's Rhymes for Young Ghouls offers a glimpse into social dysfunction that is directly linked to the way in which every aspect of life on reserve is in some way governed by the Indian Act.
Blog - apihtawikosisan June 5
Âpihtawikosisân | Feeling like trying on a headdress even though you're not Aboriginal? Âpihtawikosisân provides some helpful resources so you can learn why this is not a good idea.
Blog - apihtawikosisan January 2
Âpihtawikosisân | Despite the plethora of informative articles about the ongoing struggle at Elispogtog First Nation, and the RCMP raid there on October 17, most mainstream media have missed important elements.
Blog - apihtawikosisan December 4
Image: wikimedia commons
Âpihtawikosisân | Indigenous people have apparently been experiencing the slowest apocalypse in human history. Because over 500 years after Contact, millions of First Peoples continue to exist all over the Americas.
Blog - apihtawikosisan November 25
Image: wikipedia commons
Âpihtawikosisân | The smallest actions of resurgence and resistance threaten colonial domination and undo the suppression of Indigenous nationhood. Let's celebrate them!
Blog - apihtawikosisan October 23
Âpihtawikosisân | Chelsea Vowel provides some excellent resources on the RCMP's raid on a peaceful blockade by members of the Elsipogtog Mi'kmaq First Nation (ignoring the many colonialist voices in the media).
Blog - apihtawikosisan October 16
Image: flickr/bcgovphotos
Âpihtawikosisân | Âpihtawikosisân proposes a series of "sovereignty summer schools," akin to "Freedom Schools" during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, to protect the land, children and education of Aboriginal peoples.
Blog - apihtawikosisan October 10
Âpihtawikosisân | University can be an overwhelming and intimidating place. Sometimes, all it takes is a pint of beer to realize you're not the only one at sea.
Blog - apihtawikosisan October 8
Âpihtawikosisân | The Canadian education system is failing indigenous peoples. This is not a matter of debate. Regardless of personal opinions, bigotry and stereotypes, the grim statistics paint a very clear picture.
Blog - apihtawikosisan October 3
Âpihtawikosisân | Effective Indigenous language development still faces many of the same recurring roadblocks. What suggestions do you have for overcoming them?
Blog - apihtawikosisan September 24
Image: trc.ca
Âpihtawikosisân | Just one day after tens of thousands people took to the streets of Vancouver in support of reconciliation, the Nanaimo Daily News once again published a racist rant against Aboriginal peoples.
Blog - apihtawikosisan August 23
Âpihtawikosisân | 2013 has seen some very telling public opinions depicting indigenous peoples in a less than flattering light. If First Nations peoples are to make any progress, we need to flip the national narrative.
Blog - apihtawikosisan December 26
Âpihtawikosisân | People are asking Idle No More participants, "What next?" Here is the answer, in detail.
Blog - apihtawikosisan December 17
Chief Spence on Victoria Island.
Âpihtawikosisân | We are not going away. These issues are not going to go away. Canada, it's time. We have to fix this relationship in our generation.
Blog - apihtawikosisan December 12
Poster by Dwayne Bird, a New Media Designer based in Winnipeg.
Âpihtawikosisân | This is not just about Bill C-45. Canada has not committed itself to addressing the colonial relationship it still has with indigenous peoples. Canada is in denial about that relationship.
Blog - apihtawikosisan August 23
Âpihtawikosisân | Western liberal notions of 'equality' and 'freedom' apparently continue to mean 'assimilation' for First Nations, just as they did back in 1969 when the infamous White Paper was tabled.
Blog - apihtawikosisan August 3
Âpihtawikosisân | On Wednesday, the Federal Court's judicial review stated that the federal government was not justified in appointing a third-party manager in Attawapiskat.
Blog - apihtawikosisan April 10
Âpihtawikosisân | Jacques Marion, the third-party manager in Attawapiskat, has just lost his job, yet no one seems to care!
Blog - apihtawikosisan March 3
Âpihtawikosisân | The recent lawsuit launched by the Navajo Nation against Urban Outfitters is an example of one way in which indigenous peoples are protecting our collective rights.
Blog - apihtawikosisan February 22
Âpihtawikosisân | Many stories labelled "Native American" did not originate within our cultures at all. Do you know how to spot the fakes?
Blog - apihtawikosisan February 20
Âpihtawikosisân | Another avoidable crisis looms in First Nations and Inuit communities as Health Canada precipitates a catastrophe.