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Common Frontiers

Common Frontiers is a multi-sectoral working group that organizes research, educational campaigns and political action on issues related to hemispheric economic social and climate justice.

Blog - Common Frontiers March 10
Nicolás Maduro. Photo: OEA - OAS/flickr
Raul Burbano | We urge the United States and Canadian governments to immediately remove their illegal sanctions against Venezuela and to support efforts at mediation.
Blog - Common Frontiers December 7
Pemex gas station. Image: Matthew Rutledge/flickr
Raul Burbano, Gordon Laxer, Anna Zalik | The proportionality rule was folded into NAFTA. It obliges Canada to make available to the U.S. over half of our natural gas output, 74 per cent of our oil, and 11 per cent of our electricity.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 30
Photo: Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle
Raul Burbano | On Sunday November 26, 2017, Honduras held elections for president, the National Assembly, and mayors. Leading up to the elections, Honduras experienced escalating militarization and intimidation.
Blog - Common Frontiers October 23
Demonstrators outside Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland's office in Toronto. Image: Jay Collin
Raul Burbano | By unconditionally supporting the opposition, the Canadian government is adding fuel to the politicization in Venezuela that contributes to the conflict.
Blog - Common Frontiers October 20
Demonstrators outside Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s constituency office in Toronto. Image: José Luis Granados Ceja​
José Luis Granados Ceja | In the span of only few months, the Canadian government has issued at least 14 statements aimed at undermining the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.
Blog - Common Frontiers May 13
Pictures form protests in Caracas, Venezuela. February 2014.
Jim Hodgson, Steve Stewart | The government of Canada should make clear its support for constitutional government, electoral democracy, and the rule of law in Venezuela.
Blog - Common Frontiers January 17
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza
Common Frontiers | Revision to NAFTA's terms must have at its core the objective establishment of fair trade, not free trade, and economic relations based on social justice, sovereignty and sustainable development.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 5
Common Frontiers | On November 4th, Brazilian military and civilian police used violent force to storm the Landless Workers Movement's Florestan Fernandes National School in Guararema.
Blog - Common Frontiers March 14
Fernando Arce | Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the constituent office of the Ministry of International Trade in Toronto to condemn Canada's commercial involvement with Honduras.
Blog - Common Frontiers March 7
Raul Burbano | Condemn the assassination of Berta Cáceres, general coordinator and co-founder of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras.
Blog - Common Frontiers December 9
Fernando Arce | If there was ever a need to stand in solidarity with the working-class masses and protagonists of the various progressive movements that have swept Latin America in this new century, it is now.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 18
Common Frontiers | Trade and investment agreements increase corporate power, erode state sovereignty, weaken democratic authority and are central to the neoliberal framework of privatization and deregulation.
Blog - Common Frontiers February 14
Raul Burbano | Common Frontiers condemns the attempted coup plot orchestrated by anti-government forces.
Blog - Common Frontiers May 22
Raul Burbano | The annual human rights impact assessment on the Canada-Colombia FTA does little to meet its obligation to analyze the effects of Canadian investment on human rights in Colombia.
Blog - Common Frontiers February 13
Common Frontiers | We call on the Canadian parliament to refrain from passing legislation to implement the Canada-Honduras FTA.
Blog - Common Frontiers January 24
Image: Flickr/justin berger
Mark Taliano | Reckless exploitation of resources by Goldcorp mine does not benefit Honduras or its population. It amounts to a sellout of valuable resources to the detriment of Canadian values and economy.
Blog - Common Frontiers December 13
Mark Taliano | Honduran sweatshop workers are basically slaves and their status will likely remain unchanged... Or get worse
Blog - Common Frontiers November 28
Mark Taliano | Canada, too, is enabling repression and persecution by recognizing the Honduran governance and by negotiating the corporate-empowering Canada-Honduras “free trade” agreement
Blog - Common Frontiers November 25
Common Frontiers | After careful consideration of our own observations of the electoral process in Honduras we find the presidential elections to be inconsistent with democratic principles and rife with fraud.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 19
Common Frontiers | An international network of human rights organizations will be sending 180 official election observers to Honduras from November 17-27 to observe the upcoming general election.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 18
Mark Taliano & Raul Burbano | Hondurans have experienced increased levels of violence since the coup and unprecedented levels of murder and criminalization of politicians, human rights advocates, labor activists and journalists
Blog - Common Frontiers November 5
Raul Burbano, Stacey Gomez | As Canadian-based civil society organizations working for social and environmental justice as well as human and labour rights, we strongly oppose the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement.
Blog - Common Frontiers October 22
Common Frontiers | As the Canadian government prepares to sign the Honduras Free Trade Agreement this fall, a delegation from Canada is preparing to visit Honduras to engage with civil society groups.
Blog - Common Frontiers September 20
John Barber | The Conservative system is one in which victims of rights violations at the hands of Canadian corporations like Pacific Rubiales are prohibited from seeking redress and justice.
Blog - Common Frontiers September 16
Raul Burbano | Dozens of organizations question the Harbourfront's Pan American Food festival and their assocation with Pacific Rubiales Energy.
Blog - Common Frontiers September 7
Raul Burbano | Nationwide Agrarian Strike Against the 'Free Trade Agenda Rocks Colombia
Blog - Common Frontiers September 7
Raul Burbano | A delegation from Canadian will be heading to Honduras to support the electoral process and to witness first hand how Canadian investment and trade impacts local communities and human rights.