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Derrick O'Keefe's blog

former [i]rabble.ca[/i] Editor Derrick O'Keefe is a writer and social justice activist in Vancouver, BC. He is the author of the new Verso book, Michael Ignatieff: The Lesser Evil? and the co-writer of Afghan MP Malalai Joya's political memoir, A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice. Derrick also served as rabble.ca's editor from 2007 to 2009. Topics covered on this blog will include the war in Afghanistan and foreign policy, Canadian politics, media analysis, climate justice and ecology. You can follow him at http://twitter.com/derrickokeefe

Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog January 6
Derrick O'Keefe | It's too bad we can't put the commemoration of the War of 1812 under third-party management -- Harper's crew can't be trusted to tell this story.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog December 23
Derrick O'Keefe | In Harper's Canada, there has been precious little official recognition of the history of Christmas truces.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog December 16
Derrick O'Keefe | On behalf of Canada, Environment Minister Peter Kent recently spent several days in Durban at the UN climate talks treating the global community like, well, shit.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog December 9
Derrick O'Keefe | Fight climate change, not wars for oil and resources. As the UN climate talks in Durban conclude, it is way past time for a large-scale redirection of military spending to fighting the climate crisis.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog November 29
Derrick O'Keefe | Personally, the organizational future of the Liberal Party is of little concern. I'm much more anxious that political lessons be learned from Ignatieff's tenure.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog November 15
Derrick O'Keefe | Congratulations for demonstrating, with this cynically timed manoeuvre, that when push comes to shove the police exist to serve and protect your vested interests.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog October 14
Derrick O'Keefe | This Saturday, cities and towns across Canada are joining in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. A global rebellion is long overdue, and October 15 is just a beginning.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog October 6
Derrick O'Keefe | A pre-emptive strike against the no doubt one-sided and superficial media treatment of this week's 10th anniversary.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog September 25
Derrick O'Keefe | A familiar talking point of the current U.S. administation tells us "look forward, not backward" to justify their failure to prosecute Cheney and other criminals from the Bush administration.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog September 11
Derrick O'Keefe | For Harper, this 9/11 anniversary was another chance to play wedge politics, stoke the fires of Islamophobia and justify repressive legislation.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog September 2
Derrick O'Keefe | There's nothing quite like the power of film to shine some light on complex social and political realities.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog August 26
Derrick O'Keefe | What explains this extraordinary week, in which one person's death seems to have become such a significant moment in the life of this country?
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog June 30
Derrick O'Keefe | Today, Pablo Solon completes his term as Ambassador for Bolivia to the UN. He has played a key role in the global fight against climate change.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog June 21
Derrick O'Keefe | Today is the first day of summer, and it's now only a matter of days before the Canadian Boat to Gaza sails towards Gaza from a port in the Meditarranean.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog June 8
Derrick O'Keefe | Foreign bases have nothing to do with Canadian security, and everything to do with the Harper government's desire to be able to participate in future military aggressions.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog May 20
Derrick O'Keefe | Even as we fight back, we should ask ourselves: what would we do with a progressive majority? We need a political project that goes far beyond moderate change and (so-called) pragmatic tweaking.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog May 16
Derrick O'Keefe | A brief Canadian political career has come to an ignominious end. Ignatieff's name will be forever etched in Canadian history as the man who led his party to new lows.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog May 2
Derrick O'Keefe | A billionaire, mass-murdering criminal is dead, but the symbiotic processes of empire and terrorism that breed inequality, war, occupation, torture and dispossession are alive and well.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog April 27
Derrick O'Keefe | This federal election is turning into a quagmire for Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals. His visions of conquest have proven almost as delusional in Canada as they did in Iraq.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog April 7
Derrick O'Keefe | Carson's Afghanistan connection reveals the hypocrisy of the Harper Conservatives' rhetoric of law and order -- both at home and abroad. He was the perfect cheerleader for the war in Afghanistan.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog March 21
Derrick O'Keefe | Despite her travel ban, on Sunday Joya addressed the closing plenary of the Left Forum in New York City via Skype.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog March 17
Derrick O'Keefe | Colleagues of Ms. Joya's report that when she presented herself as scheduled at the U.S. embassy, she was told she was being denied because she was "unemployed" and "lives underground."
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog March 2
Derrick O'Keefe | The Government of Canada has announced that it will send HMCS Charlottetown to Libya to join a US aircraft carrier fleet. The Canadian Peace Alliance is opposed to any military intervention in Libya.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog December 15
Derrick O'Keefe | Richard Holbrooke, the top U.S. Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, died after emergency heart surgery at the age of 69. His last words were: "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog December 7
Derrick O'Keefe | The first ever Vancouver People's Assembly for Climate Justice unites environmentalists, social justice advocates, labour and indigenous communities in a common cause.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog November 8
Derrick O'Keefe | In reality, what MacKay said in Halifax wasn't really news. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff announced the 'training mission' policy back in June.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog October 7
Derrick O'Keefe | The tour comes at an important time, with exhortations coming from a number of fronts to extend Canada's role in the military occupation of Afghanistan beyond 2011.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog September 23
Derrick O'Keefe | If UN representatives vote based on Canada's record of late, Harper's diplomatic campaign will go down in flames.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog September 18
Derrick O'Keefe | There's an "election" in Afghanistan today, but it seems even the New York Times admits it's basically a sham.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog September 10
Derrick O'Keefe | More than 30 Mapuche political prisoners have been on a hunger strike since July 12 against the Chilean state. Foreign Affairs Canada has said nothing, despite growing international media coverage.