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John Bonnar's

John Bonnar is an independent journalist covering social justice events in and around Toronto through print, photo, audio, video and slideshows.

You can connect with him on Facebook (John Bonnar) or on Twitter at @johnb98 or on YouTube at johnb98.

Blog - John Bonnar's November 13
John Bonnar | On November 22, an event has been planned at noon in Toronto to commemorate National Housing Day and emphasize the fact that Canada is the only G8 country without a national housing strategy.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 2
John Bonnar | A slaughterhouse delivery truck drove around New York filled with 60 stuffed animals, poking their heads out of the slits, along with screams and squeals playing in the background.
Blog - John Bonnar's October 21
John Bonnar | Protesters made sure Canadians got the right message on Saturday. Despite the fact that the National Energy Board cancelled the last day of the Line 9 hearings in Toronto due to "security concerns."
Blog - John Bonnar's October 9
John Bonnar | After 12 years on the streets of Toronto, he’s now living with his girlfriend, attending George Brown College in the Community Worker Program and completing a work placement at Sanctuary Ministries.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 20
John Bonnar | On Sunday, OCAP and their allies will march through the streets of Toronto, demanding City Council seize abandoned properties and restore them as social housing.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 13
John Bonnar | CUPE Local 3697 workers have been without a contract for six months. Their last one called for 0% wage increases over three years.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 12
John Bonnar | On Thursday, OCAP and their allies picketed outside the 519 Church Street Community Centre in Toronto during the Liberal's poverty reduction consultation meeting with various community groups.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 10
John Bonnar | It’s far more likely that a new, bigger homeless memorial board will be constructed before we see any significant new social housing construction.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 9
John Bonnar | On Monday, activists rallied in Toronto in front of the building of Community and Correctional Services MPP Madeleine Meilleur.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 26
John Bonnar | Six sanctuaries participated in Sunday's fundraising walk that started in Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 4
John Bonnar | A former slaughterhouse worker explains why he's now a vegan.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 28
John Bonnar | On Sunday, Toronto Pig Save held a vigil to bear witness to pigs transported to Quality Meat Packers in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 24
John Bonnar | Funeral home workers parked an antique hearse in front of the Toronto Stock Exchange at noon on Wednesday and set up an information picket.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 20
John Bonnar | It’s the first public monument in North America to celebrate the lives of people who died as a direct or indirect result of drug use.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 19
John Bonnar | It's the difference between being housed or being homeless. The difference between having enough money for first and last month's rent. Or enough money to pay rental arrears.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 16
John Bonnar | Seaton House is a 543 bed shelter in downtown Toronto that helps homeless men get their life back on track. But that's all set to change.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 16
John Bonnar | On Tuesday, PETA held a demonstration on the corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets in Toronto, urging residents to relate to who's on their plate and go vegan.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 13
John Bonnar | See photos from Saturday at the 9th Annual Salsa on St. Clair Street Festival in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 10
John Bonnar | She was found in a plastic bag two months ago. Floating in the Toronto harbour. Kasandra Bolduc had been missing since November.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 6
John Bonnar | See photos from Saturday at the 15th Annual Corso Italia Festival in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 5
John Bonnar | Toronto Cow Save held a 30-hour vigil at St. Helen's and Ryding-Regency cow, calf and sheep slaughterhouses where hundreds of animals are killed each day.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 2
John Bonnar | On Tuesday, animal rights activists said they bore witness to all 6,000 baby pigs sent to Quality Meat Packers pig slaughterhouse in downtown Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 1
John Bonnar | As part of the National Stop Harper Campaign, an event was held in Toronto's Dundas Square on Monday afternoon.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 26
John Bonnar | After five days of stopping work on Line 9 at Enbridge's Westover pump station, the Swamp Line 9 camp was served an injunction on Tuesday morning.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 21
Paul Aird | This biocide will flow from our playing fields into the sewers and then into Lake Ontario. It will rise into the air, into our buildings, into our lungs.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 17
John Bonnar | A year later, health-care professionals still can’t fathom the senseless cuts the Conservative government made to refugee health-care.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 11
John Bonnar | This year alone sixteen names have been added to the Homeless Memorial Board. At that pace, the number of new names will exceed last year’s total, a significant increase over the prior three years.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 10
John Bonnar | On a rainy Monday morning, the United Steelworkers and their allies held a rally to protest the Conservative government’s low-wage, anti-worker agenda.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 8
John Bonnar | Bill 71, The Protecting Child Performers ACT, was introduced by NDP MPP Paul Miller, passed First Reading on May 15 and has now been referred to the Standing Committee on General Government.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 4
John Bonnar | All residential units built after 1991 are exempt from the Rent Increase Guideline and can increase rents as much as they like every 12 months, provided they give tenants 90 days notice in writing.