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John Bonnar's

John Bonnar is an independent journalist covering social justice events in and around Toronto through print, photo, audio, video and slideshows.

You can connect with him on Facebook (John Bonnar) or on Twitter at @johnb98 or on YouTube at johnb98.

Blog - John Bonnar's June 1
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from the rally held Saturday across the street from the US Consulate in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 1
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from the rally held Saturday in Toronto at City Hall, demanding Mayor Rob Ford resign.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 1
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from the 4th Annual Veggie Pride Parade held Saturday in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 1
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from Injured Workers' Day held Saturday at Queen's Park.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 18
John Bonnar | One way of dealing with the problem is by going into schools and talking with students about bullying and homophobia.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 3
Photo by Krystalline Kraus, rabbleca/flickr
John Bonnar | On Wednesday people gathered in front of City Hall, celebrating their victories while pledging to continue the struggle to build a city accountable to people everywhere.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 30
John Bonnar | On Tuesday afternoon, Keep the Back Campus Green campaign organized a day where students, faculty and the community-at-large could show their “love for the field and desire to keep it green.”
Blog - John Bonnar's April 28
John Bonnar | Larry Sefton Park was cordoned off using crime-scene tape. The words ‘Police Line Do Not Cross’ had been replaced with hundreds of x-ray photos of broken hands, shoulders, arms, ribs and legs.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 20
John Bonnar | At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, five University of Toronto students in conjunction with the Ontario Health Coalition released their report on the future of public medicare in Canada.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 16
John Bonnar | Olga Krywyj has been living outdoors since she arrived in Toronto a year ago. She can’t stay in a women’s shelter or find housing that will accommodate her needs.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 14
John Bonnar | Almost 200 people gathered in Toronto at the end of March to discuss the establishment and protection of labour laws in Canada and internationally and why unions matter in today’s global economy.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 11
John Bonnar | The staff at Perram House, that included registered nurses, registered practical nurses, a personal support worker and support staff, provided end-of-life care at the eight-bed hospice.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 3
John Bonnar | Last November, University College faculty and students first learned of a plan to replace the open green space behind the College with two fenced-in field hockey pitches at a cost of $9.5 million.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 1
John Bonnar | Until recently, time-strapped parents were forced to balance their social justice activism with raising their children. That changed a year ago when child auction sites started popping up online.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 22
John Bonnar | The Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage took their fight to the steps of the Ministry of Labour on Thursday, calling for an immediate 37 per cent increase to Ontario’s minimum wage.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 17
John Bonnar | After a four week strike, Local 540 workers negotiated a new collective agreement late Friday and returned to work on Sunday.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 12
John Bonnar | A selective survey of 15 shelters performed by Social Planning Toronto revealed that all of them had to turn people away some of the time because they were full.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 8
John Bonnar | Overcrowded shelters often lead to abnormally high levels of stress and episodes of violent behaviour, forcing many to abandon the shelter system and take their chances on the streets.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 7
John Bonnar | On Wednesday, Orla Hegarty and a team of volunteers were busy putting together seed packages, including a blurb about the Toronto Seed Library, to hand out to passersby.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 3
John Bonnar | Overcrowded hospitals. More bed closures. Increased privatization. Longer wait times. If the last provincial budget was any indication, things aren’t likely to get better any time soon in Ontario.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 25
John Bonnar | Canadian doctors and lawyers are banding together to challenge the legality of the Federal government health cuts to refugee claimants.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 18
John Bonnar | Street Health, a community-based agency that works with homeless people, has heard numerous stories of clients waiting outside in lineups for hours in all kinds of weather trying to get shelter beds.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 16
John Bonnar | On Thursday, marches and rallies took place across the country not only to honour and remember the women but to demand an end to the poverty, abuse and violence Indigenous women face on a daily basis.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 13
John Bonnar | Chronic underfunding has led to several shelter closings in the downtown core. The loss of shelter beds has forced many homeless people to survive on the streets.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 1
John Bonnar | On Friday morning, more than 60 people marched from the University of Toronto to the steps of the Ontario legislature to send a clear message to the new leader of the Liberal party.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 30
John Bonnar | Ontario nurses released a new report on Wednesday at Queen’s Park urging the leaders of all parties to work together and refocus the health-care system on disease prevention and health promotion.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 29
Photo: Jamie Spence
John Bonnar | The gathering on Parliament Hill was one of over 30 Idle No More actions held Monday across Canada and around the world.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 27
John Bonnar | More than 25,000 people from over 100 community groups and labour unions came together in Allan Gardens to protest cuts to social programs and the assault on workers' rights.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 23
John Bonnar | Health for All has gathered over 1,000 signatures on a petition that denounces the cuts and wants the province to step up and deliver the necessary financing to restore full benefits to all refugees.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 9
John Bonnar | Shelter beds are full, leaving people with no other option than to sleep outside.