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John Bonnar's

John Bonnar is an independent journalist covering social justice events in and around Toronto through print, photo, audio, video and slideshows.

You can connect with him on Facebook (John Bonnar) or on Twitter at @johnb98 or on YouTube at johnb98.

Blog - John Bonnar's October 15
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from Occupy Toronto Day 1 held on Saturday, October 15.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 25
John Bonnar | On Friday, Don Weitz, co-founder of the Coordinating Committee of the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault, will critique what he calls psychiatry's human rights violations.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 19
John Bonnar | They don't eat properly. They don't have enough money for essential items. They live far below the poverty line. And they live in vermin- and pest-infested buildings.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 17
John Bonnar | On Tuesday, dozens of buses traveled to Queen's Park from across the province for a rally calling on the provincial party leaders to provide guarantees on key health-care issues.
Blog - John Bonnar's September 12
John Bonnar | The Ford administration has made up its mind to make major cuts to core services that will affect thousands of people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods across Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 31
John Bonnar | The United Steelworkers began leafleting Bank of Montreal branches in downtown Toronto Monday as part of a national campaign.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 27
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from the People's Procession for Jack Layton on Saturday in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 24
John Bonnar | They came to honour the memory of the man as well as the politician. For many, it was a chance to express their feelings about someone who embodied their dreams, hopes and aspirations.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 18
John Bonnar | It was an issue that was bound to resurface sooner or later. After all, the two previous mayors attempted to sweep the streets clean of homeless and poor people.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 18
John Bonnar | Many professionals, including doctors and nurses, are afraid to join the Speakers Bureau because they could lose their jobs if they speak out against electroshock.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 6
John Bonnar | Toronto's oldest campus-community radio station will be broadcasting as an Internet radio station by the end of the month in association with the Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 3
John Bonnar | He arrived on a slab of concrete one day at a time over the last few years. Through neglect and abuse with nowhere else to go. No family or friends to turn to for help. Stuck on a slab of concrete.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 29
John Bonnar | If individuals with significant cognitive and mental health impairments were moved from welfare to the Ontario Disability Support Program, the city of Toronto could save over $100 million per year.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 19
John Bonnar | On a sweltering July afternoon over 50 people reunited under the shade of the maple trees on the grounds of the Centre for Addiction and Mental to create awareness about mental health issues.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 29
John Bonnar | Thirty years ago, the Ontario government funded close to 80 per cent of the University of Toronto's revenue stream. But for the first time this year, it will fund less than 50 per cent.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 27
John Bonnar | For many people like Amalia Savva, who go about their daily lives without fear of police violence, it was the first time they were victims of these kinds of unprovoked attacks.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 18
John Bonnar | When Erin George found out she was pregnant the first thing she did was rush to a child-care centre to put her not-yet born daughter on the waiting list. Then she called her husband with the news.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 16
John Bonnar | The John Howard Society of Toronto (JHT) will file a funding application with the City of Toronto to build a transitional housing facility for men who have been recently released from prison.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 3
John Bonnar | Injured workers, politicians and unionists marked the 28th anniversary of Injured Workers' Day on Wednesday by emphasizing that government policies condemn injured workers to a life of poverty.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 1
John Bonnar | The deportation order against award-winning photographer and queer community advocate Alvaro Orozco has been revoked after he won his application for immigration status on Tuesday.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 31
John Bonnar | Both said they received no protection from employment standards violations and faced barriers to government enforcement of their rights to unpaid wages.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 29
John Bonnar | A Canadian boat will set sail in June to demonstrate support for the Palestinians in Gaza and remind the world of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 27
John Bonnar | Patti Encinas has a dream that one day she'll finally land a full-time job. She dreams of being able to afford a proper pair of prescription eyeglasses or going to the dentist on a regular basis.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 19
John Bonnar | Queer community advocate Alvaro Orozco continues to fight for his release from detention and a stay on his deportation proceedings until his Humanitarian and Compassionate application has been heard.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 17
John Bonnar | The financial analysis and decision-making process to contract out Toronto's garbage collection is "seriously flawed and grossly inadequate," according to a new report.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 12
John Bonnar | In the past, Lisa had worked as a hairdresser and was planning to return to that line of work. Instead, the 30-year-old now joins a list of over 600 people who have died of homelessness in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 9
John Bonnar | After Dorothy Washburn Dundas attempted suicide, her parents took her to the Massachusetts General Hospital where she began her "three-year hellish odyssey as a prisoner of the mental health system."
Blog - John Bonnar's April 30
John Bonnar | Sakura Saunders showed up for the Barrick annual shareholders' meeting, but was turned back by police and Barrick's head of security despite the fact that she's a shareholder.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 28
John Bonnar | Watch John Bonnar's slideshow from the rally and march held Wednesday in Toronto against Barrick Gold.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 11
John Bonnar | Watch John Bonnar's slideshow from the Toronto Rally for Respect held on Saturday in Dundas Square.