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John Bonnar's

John Bonnar is an independent journalist covering social justice events in and around Toronto through print, photo, audio, video and slideshows.

You can connect with him on Facebook (John Bonnar) or on Twitter at @johnb98 or on YouTube at johnb98.

Blog - John Bonnar's April 5
John Bonnar | Sierra "Chevy" Harris is a proud slut. But that doesn't mean she's dirty. On the contrary, she's proud of her sexuality and believes she should be able to wear whatever she wants without fear.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 3
John Bonnar | It's only the first day of April but already most of the social assistance cheques have been spent on food, rent, transportation or other life necessities.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 29
John Bonnar | Christian Peacemaker Teams want a guarantee from the Colombian government that the families won't be subjected to any use of force by the police and given access to the land that was used for farming.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 22
John Bonnar | The seal hunt generated $1.4 million last year yet taxpayers were forced to foot the $4.3-million bill for the Canadian Coast Guard to protect the area.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 18
John Bonnar | The purpose of the convention is to set up a constitution and policies for the party, said the Ginger Group's Steering Committee.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 14
John Bonnar | Watch John Bonnar's slideshow from the International Women's Day march held in Toronto on Saturday.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 12
John Bonnar | On Thursday, prison reformers launched an attack on the federal government's plan to implement minimum penalties for 'serious drug offences' and increase the maximum penalty for cannabis production.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 28
John Bonnar | Watch John Bonnar's video from the solidarity rally for Libya held Saturday in Toronto at Dundas Square.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 26
John Bonnar | The wait time for public housing is seven to ten years. So the only other option for low income people is to live in a rooming house.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 24
John Bonnar | Several years ago, the city tried unsuccessfully to close down another branch. Then budget chief Tom Jakobek recommended closing down the City Hall library branch.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 15
John Bonnar | U.S. Steel wants its current workers to agree to de-indexing of pensions for 9,000 former employees. United Steelworkers Local 1005 has steadfastly refused to agree to the company's demands.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 14
John Bonnar | The freedom flotilla not only brings desperately needed supplies and food to the region. It emphasizes the Israeli siege on Gaza that needs to be broken, said political activist Jeff Halper.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 7
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos and slideshow from Saturday's rally and march held in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 6
John Bonnar | Watch John Bonnar's video from Saturday's rally and march held in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 2
John Bonnar | Before Alex Hundert uttered a word on Monday, organizer Yogi Acharya made it clear that the press conference was a private event for media only and asked any member of the public to leave the room.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 29
John Bonnar | A few hundred gathered in Dundas Square on Saturday afternoon in Toronto for a rally to support the anti-government uprising in Egypt and Tunisia.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 24
John Bonnar | It was like making a deal with the devil. "That's kind of what happened with all these people joining the military," said Ashlea Brockway, whose husband Jeremy fled to Canada.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 14
John Bonnar | Tenants will be left to fend for themselves if the City of Toronto follows through with its proposed funding cuts to tenant programs and services, said a non-profit tenants' rights group.
Blog - John Bonnar's January 1
John Bonnar | Imagine a community with no soup kitchens, no Out of the Cold programs and no homeless shelters. No support groups, community counseling, legal aid clinics or social assistance satellites.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 26
John Bonnar | "The title was very offensive," said Victor Wong holding up a copy of the Maclean's magazine article at a press conference Wednesday.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 22
John Bonnar | For nine months, Anne Abbott waited for the Toronto Transit Commission to fix the elevator at the Yonge and Bloor subway station in downtown Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 20
John Bonnar | Every December, a few dozen people gather to remember the nine men and one woman who died in the Rupert Hotel fire at the corner of Parliament and Queen on Dec. 23, 1989.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 12
John Bonnar | It's Dec. 6 and Nora Hassaan is speaking at the 21st Memorial Ceremony at Ryerson University for the 14 women who were killed on this day in 1989 at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 10
John Bonnar | "Each summer it is estimated that 1,700 people are killed in Toronto as a result of breathing in the toxic air that hangs over our city," said Gabe Nicolau.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 8
John Bonnar | "It's a sad day to welcome a mayor who hates people living with HIV," said Alex McClelland of AIDS Action Now. "I'm one of those people Rob Ford doesn't give a shit about."
Blog - John Bonnar's December 7
John Bonnar | In his first day in office, mayor Ford cancelled Transit City light rail lines and ordered TTC chief Gary Webster to develop a new transit plan that included subways and more buses.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 5
John Bonnar | OCAP will mobilize quickly and launch a strong counter attack against Ford’s agenda.
Blog - John Bonnar's December 3
John Bonnar | On Wednesday afternoon, Sabrina Gopaul addresses a crowd of 150 anti-Ford allies. It's Ford's first day in office as the newly elected mayor of Toronto, but Gopaul's got little reason to celebrate.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 26
John Bonnar | In 2008, the Shelter|Sanctuary|Status Campaign was launched to prevent immigration enforcement from entering shelters or other anti-violence against women spaces.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 21
John Bonnar | See John Bonnar's photos from Saturday's information picket and leafletting action in Toronto organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.