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Mel Watkins's blog

Mel Watkins is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Political Science at the University of Toronto. He is Editor Emeritus of [i]This Magazine[/i] and a frequent contributor to [i]Peace[/i] magazine. He is a member of Pugwash Canada and former President of Science for Peace. Watkins is recipient of the 2008 inaugural Galbraith Prize in Economics and Social Justice awarded by the [url=http://www.progressive-economics.ca/author/mel-watkins/]Progressive Economics Forum.[/url]

Blog - Mel Watkins's blog October 10
NAFTA Initialing Ceremony, October 1992. Photo: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum/Wikimedia Commons
Mel Watkins | With one trade agreement having failed us, some are arguing that we should diversify our trade beyond the U.S. market by signing on to more trade deals. But is that the wrong lesson?
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog October 3
Aerial photo of natural gas extraction in La Plata, New Mexico. Photo: Anita Gould/Flickr
Mel Watkins | A new 800-page book, titled "Extraction Empire" and edited by Pierre Belanger, triggers ruminations on staples and extraction.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog December 2
Mel Watkins | How about a wall to keep the bearers of bad ideas out?
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog November 1
 (University of Toronto/Mark Neil Balson)
Mel Watkins | Mel Watkins pays tribute to a mammoth figure in the study of technology, Urusula Franklin, who passed away earlier this year.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog August 25
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Mel Watkins | It's hard for a non-American to make any criticism of America that hasn't been made by an American.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog August 11
Image: Flickr/Gage Skidmore
Mel Watkins | NAFTA was a disaster foretold, economically and politically. Both Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien promised to oppose it and then signed on anyway. Now those chickens have come home to Trump.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog July 13
Image: Flickr/Philippe Rouzet
Mel Watkins | Canadian "experts" should take note of the powerful message those most negatively affected by austerity politics just sent to their "betters" in Britain.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog May 19
Image: Flickr/Dave Courneyer
Mel Watkins | Alberta was stuck in a 'staple trap': an economic monoculture where a single, profitable resource dominates the economy at the expense of diversification. The NDP can finally bust out of it.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog May 5
Mel Watkins | Abe Rotstein was known for his constant challenge to conventional wisdom, his beautiful writing and his devilish puns.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog May 1
Mel Watkins | In her new book, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin studies the development of investigative journalism and progressive politics in the U.S., faciliated by the availability of cheap paper from Canada.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog February 28
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Mel Watkins | There can be no greater threat to democracy, Mel Watkins argues, than the devastating atomic bomb. Don't stop worrying: take a moment to speak out for their abolition.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog February 3
Image: wikimedia commons.
Mel Watkins | The time has come to do an impact assessment of the impact assessment of the Keystone pipeline.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog January 17
Mel Watkins | Thinking about how the media affect us and the world around us has been something of a Canadian specialty. Clive Thompson talks about the positive effects of new communications technology.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog October 8
Image: Fernwood Publishing
Mel Watkins | The much respected progressive economist, and my long-time friend and intellectual soulmate, Kari Polanyi-Levitt, having just turned 90, has published a book of no less than 16 scholarly articles.