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Policyfix is a blog of the [url=http://policyfix.ca/]CCPA Manitoba office[/url], providing thoughtful analysis of current issues and viable alternatives to government policy.

Blog - Policyfix September 5
 Apartments on Winnipeg's Broadway Ave. Image: Loozrboy/Flickr
Kirsten Bernas, Sarah Cooper | The Manitoba election is an opportunity to hold the province to account, and to demand that low-cost housing be given the support it needs.
Blog - Policyfix March 27
Black Lives Matter. Image: Ella/Flickr
Robyn Maynard | Machuar Madut's death was not inevitable, and it is both possible and necessary to demand that he deserved -- and that we all deserve -- better.
Blog - Policyfix March 7
Molly McCracken | Buckle up, Manitoba. School trustees are consulting with parents and stakeholders for this upcoming year's school budgets as they face austerity and attacks by the provincial government.
Blog - Policyfix February 25
Hannah Muhajarine | The idea of a Green New Deal is championed by grassroots movements on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Much of the policy framework has already been outlined. All we need is political will.
Blog - Policyfix July 11
U.S. Supreme Court building. Photo: Supermac1961/Flickr
Lynne Fernandez | A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision will wipe millions of dollars from public sector unions' balance sheets, adding to the long list of growing challenges unions are facing in the U.S.
Blog - Policyfix June 22
Caravan of Love walk in support of immigrants and refugees. Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr
Karen Hamilton, Krista Johnston | Winnipeg has an important leadership role to play by making our city a truly welcoming community for all residents, regardless of immigration status.
Blog - Policyfix June 20
Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge in Winnipeg. Photo: Travel Manitoba/Flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Can the Alternative Municipal Budget capture the imagination of Winnipeggers? As climate change, our infrastructure deficit and inequality escalate, our collective future depends on it.
Blog - Policyfix June 15
Vegetables at a market. Photo: IFPRI -IMAGES/Flickr
Marina Puzyreva | In spite of its devastating effect, food insecurity in the northern First Nations communities in Manitoba remains a largely overlooked problem.
Blog - Policyfix May 17
Pasture in Manitoba. Photo: Richard Turenne/Flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Climate change and species extinction represent the greatest crises facing us today. Hopefully Manitoba's government will show leadership and protect community pastures for future generations.
Blog - Policyfix March 20
Manitoba premier Brian Pallister. Photo: 2017 Canada Summer Games/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Manitoba premier Brian Pallister's Trump-esque statement that budget 2018 was going to be the "best budget ever" has fallen a bit flat.
Blog - Policyfix July 24
Neon "Wage Hike or Strike" sign above traffic. Image: Flickr/Joe Brusky
Lynne Fernandez | The living wage is one of the most powerful tools available to address this troubling state of poverty amid plenty in Manitoba. It ensures that families who are working hard get what they deserve.
Blog - Policyfix June 27
 Image: North Point Douglas Women's Centre
Shauna MacKinnon | Premier Pallister rode his bike to Peguis First Nation to honour 200 years of the Selkirk Treaty as "a gesture of reconciliation." This gesture will remain hollow when stacked next to funding cuts.
Blog - Policyfix January 5
Photo: Patrick/flickr
Susan Prentice | Manitoba's child-care system is staggering to meet the needs of parents and children, and recent signs give little confidence the new provincial government will respond effectively.
Blog - Policyfix December 7
Photo: Valerie/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Governments need to move away from throwing public money at private corporations that do not have a meaningful commitment to the North's people and land.
Blog - Policyfix December 1
Photo: IRCOM staff and participants via Policyfix
Jill Bucklaschuk | The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) stands out as an exemplary model in the fight to seek sustainable and healthy housing solutions as it builds inclusive communities.
Blog - Policyfix November 17
Photo: Government of Alberta/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | SAFE Workers of Tomorrow (SWOT) has grown into a respected organization that is educating young workers and employers how to work safe.
Blog - Policyfix November 15
Photo: Daryl Sawatzky/flickr
Molly McCracken | Addressing poverty requires more revenue directed at reducing poverty, not less. This is why reducing tax revenue through the Basic Personal Exemption in the name of poverty is particularly insidious.
Blog - Policyfix November 2
Photo: VancouverBC FoodBank/flickr
Lynda Trono | Eight faith traditions have formed Hunger Free Manitoba to bring attention to the difficulties facing Manitoba's most vulnerable citizens.
Blog - Policyfix October 13
Photo: Leif Hinrichsen/flickr
Ray Silvius, Hani Al-Ubeady, Emily Halldorson | As the Syrian refugee crisis continues, so do Canada's obligations toward refugee resettlement. With a reported 900 Syrians to arrive in Manitoba before the end of this year, what have we learned?
Blog - Policyfix October 12
Photo: Kevin M Klerks/flickr
Sudhir Sandhu | What was seen as bad legislation for Canada, is now being presented as good policy for Manitoba in Bill 7.
Blog - Policyfix October 5
Photo: Mike Perkins/flickr
Jim Silver | Carlo Fanelli's book Megacity Malaise makes the case for civic unions as front-line defenders against continued neoliberal attacks directed at those who are not at all the cause of our urban problems.
Blog - Policyfix September 29
Screenshot from Culture and Oppression video via YouTube
Jim Silver, Elizabeth Comack | The death of Larry Morrissette is a major loss, not only to his family and friends but also to the many people he worked with to re-build Winnipeg's inner city and revitalize Indigenous cultures.
Blog - Policyfix September 20
Photo: Dano/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | This fall Winnipeg City Council will determine the future of waste collection. While garbage is generally not a "sexy" topic, there are many reasons why the public should be paying attention.
Blog - Policyfix August 30
Photo: Policyfix
Lynne Fernandez | Manitoba Government and General Employees Union members at Macdonald Youth Services (Local 221), who provide crisis intervention services to youth in Winnipeg, walked off the job on August 2.
Blog - Policyfix August 10
Photo: Pleuntje/flickr
David Camfield | CUPW's collective bargaining with Canada Post is a rare case of a public sector union not only trying to defend its past gains but also to change the nature of the work its members do.
Blog - Policyfix August 3
Photo: Bob Jagendorf/flickr
Lynne Fernandez, Nicole Smith | The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program's 50th anniversary is evidence that this temporary Band-Aid for Canada's agricultural industry has become a permanent element in maintaining the industry.
Blog - Policyfix July 21
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
Molly McCracken | Unless immediate action is taken, 2016 will be the first time in a generation that minimum wage workers will see their wages stagnate, resulting in fewer earnings for basics like food and shelter.
Blog - Policyfix June 16
Photo: Chris-Håvard Berge/flickr
Josh Brandon, Molly McCracken | Social enterprises fill an important gap in Manitoba's economy for those struggling to enter the workforce.
Blog - Policyfix May 19
Photo: voyagevixen2/flickr
Cora Morgan | A new study out Tuesday finds that Manitoba has the highest number of on-reserve First Nations children in poverty in the country. This number is rising and the situation is getting worse.
Blog - Policyfix May 4
Photo: Loozrboy/flickr
Molly McCracken | The recently elected Progressive Conservative (PC) party in Manitoba ran on a call for change. While there are many policy areas to monitor, here are four to watch as they begin their mandate.