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Policyfix is a blog of the [url=http://policyfix.ca/]CCPA Manitoba office[/url], providing thoughtful analysis of current issues and viable alternatives to government policy.

Blog - Policyfix October 1
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Elizabeth Comack, Cara Fabre, Shanise Burgher | Frontline workers are reporting that a tough-on-crime strategy has not made our communities safer. In fact, the Harper government has moved the country in the opposite direction.
Blog - Policyfix September 30
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Susan Prentice | In 1970, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women recommended a national child-care program. Fast-forward to 2015, and parents are more desperate than ever for affordable, quality child care.
Blog - Policyfix September 29
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Pete Hudson | The debate around the private financing of Canada's health-care system has recently been revived as one of a series of video shorts on human rights in Winnipeg's Canadian Museum of Human Rights.
Blog - Policyfix September 24
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Tim Sale | This election, ask your candidates what they will do to make affordable, safe housing available to all our citizens, not only those who can buy a house or condo.
Blog - Policyfix September 16
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Robert Chernomas, Ian Hudson | The Harper government strategy is to ignore violations of the Canada Health Act while underfunding medicare. Where then will the Canadian public be able to receive needed medical care?
Blog - Policyfix August 19
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Mihiri Witharana, Joyce Slater | While having adequate income is the best solution to food insecurity, community-based educational programs that increase life skills, including food skills, can be part of an overall solution.
Blog - Policyfix July 14
Kirsten Bernas | Thanks to community advocacy mobilized by Make Poverty History Manitoba, low-income Manitobans will have more money to help pay their rent.
Blog - Policyfix June 19
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Ray Silviius, Terra Pool | For refugees to achieve a "home," increased support for housing, publicly supported community-based organizations, and progressive public sentiments of inclusiveness are necessary.
Blog - Policyfix June 17
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Molly McCracken | Social service schemes announced this week by the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives to encourage private child care and introduce Social Impact Bonds soften the ground towards privatization.
Blog - Policyfix June 10
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Toby Sanger | At a time when the Ontario Liberal government is planning to privatize Hydro One, it's instructive to look back and see what the impact of earlier privatizations has been.
Blog - Policyfix May 14
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Dominique Arbez | On Wednesday May 13, child-care advocates from across Canada joined together to call for a universally accessible, quality and comprehensive child-care system.
Blog - Policyfix May 13
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Jim Silver, Carolyn Young | We don't have to have homelessness in Winnipeg or anywhere else in Canada. We can solve this problem, and the Lord Selkirk Park housing complex in Winnipeg's North End shows how.
Blog - Policyfix May 6
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Lynne Fernandez | No government should shy away from running responsible deficits when strategic investment will lead to improved physical and social infrastructure that will allow our economy to grow.
Blog - Policyfix April 27
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Lynne Fernandez | Rather than showing their fiscal responsibility by creating good jobs and investing in citizens, the Harper government has secured the position of Canada's richest.
Blog - Policyfix April 24
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Jovan Lottis | We still have a long way to go in addressing the affordable housing crisis, but as Winnipeg embarks on a difficult journey, we can feel hopeful when we look to other jurisdictions like Toronto.
Blog - Policyfix April 14
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Shauna MacKinnon, Kirsten Bernas | Action is needed to ensure that Aboriginal people are supported in their efforts to find and keep good jobs -- those that pay well, include benefits, and provide opportunity for advancement.
Blog - Policyfix April 7
Alicia and Rachelle Dunsford with their AAA Junior Varsity Championship banner.
Jamil Mahmood | The success of Winnipeg student athletes who grew up playing basketball at the Spence Neighbourhood Association is an example of what happens when we invest in inner-city youth.
Blog - Policyfix April 3
Photo: Tania Liu/flickr
Sarah Zell, Diwa Marcelino | The Harper government's new four-and-four rule does little to address inherent problems with the TFWP and may in fact exacerbate the vulnerabilities of an already vulnerable workforce.
Blog - Policyfix March 6
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Jess Klassen | Although progress has been made regarding women's rights and equality, the basic right to a safe and affordable home will be out of reach for too many women across the globe and here in Manitoba.
Blog - Policyfix March 2
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Paul Moist | Manitoba has seen the importance of our various pension plans to a middle-class life, the prospects of which are increasingly under attack in Canada.
Blog - Policyfix February 18
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Policy Fix | The growing popularity of small-scale food and farmers' markets is a sign that the public wants more. What will governments do to advance the small-scale, local food sector?
Blog - Policyfix February 10
Photo: Ben Rogers/flickr
Jim Silver | Are we prepared to invest significant sums, consistently over a generation or more, in anti-poverty solutions that have been proved to work well? This is the real challenge of racism in Winnipeg.
Blog - Policyfix February 9
Kirsten Bernas | To address persistent poverty in this province, community groups have outlined a plan to provide Manitobans with the tools they need for a life of dignity and opportunity.
Blog - Policyfix January 23
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Lynne Fernandez, Harry Paine | Imagine what kind of a public transit system we could have if we increased the resources going to transit. Now imagine how that sort of public transit system could transform Winnipeg.
Blog - Policyfix January 5
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Molly McCracken | Complex problems, like the kind of poverty that exists and persists here in Winnipeg, require multi-faceted responses. We need to build on what's working in Manitoba if we are to solve these problems.
Blog - Policyfix December 19
Molly McCracken | The State of the Inner City Report is an annual research collaboration between the CCPA Manitoba and community organizations based in the inner city of Winnipeg. This year marks its 10th anniversary.
Blog - Policyfix December 12
Josh Brandon | Winnipeg is home to Canada's largest Aboriginal population. Aboriginal people, however, are among the most likely to experience homelessness and are over-represented in housing that is unaffordable.
Blog - Policyfix December 5
Image: Flickr/Scribbletaylor
Matt Stock, Evelyn Peters | The evidence in favour of a "Housing First" approach to address homelessness is very strong. However, researchers have raised some caution about challenges in implementation.
Blog - Policyfix November 21
Photo: Ben Rogers/flickr
Sarah Cooper | Manitoba is losing subsidized rental housing units -- a delayed result of the federal government's withdrawal from funding social housing in the 1990s.
Blog - Policyfix November 21
Source: Manitoba Housing and Community Development
Josh Brandon | Despite high demand for housing in Winnipeg, some new non-profit housing projects are having difficulties filling some of their suites. Frontline housing advocates are rightly concerned.