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Policyfix is a blog of the [url=http://policyfix.ca/]CCPA Manitoba office[/url], providing thoughtful analysis of current issues and viable alternatives to government policy.

Blog - Policyfix March 28
Photo: Ryan Brook
Eric Reder | Omnitrax, the company that owns the rail line to Churchill as well as the seaport, says it is pushing forward with the oil-by-rail plan in Manitoba's north, despite widespread community opposition.
Blog - Policyfix March 26
Photo: Mstyslav Chernov/Wikimedia Commons
Ray Silvius | The crisis in Ukraine runs much deeper than violence and "human rights." It is at its root an economic crisis. Better yet, it is a crisis born of neoliberalism.
Blog - Policyfix March 19
Regina by a cold winter day. Photo: Daniel Paquet/flickr
Curt Hull | As the climate changes due to human-induced global warming, it does affect the weather. Scientists are still learning details about what those effects will be.
Blog - Policyfix March 13
Source: Statistics Canada. Table  026-0013 -  Residential values, by type of inv
Josh Brandon | Manitoba cities inched towards higher density with more apartments and fewer single-family homes built in 2013.
Blog - Policyfix March 12
Photo: Youth Researcher, CCPA
Molly McCracken, Lynne Fernandez | In its 2014 budget, Manitoba is taking action to provide marginalized people with the assistance they need to overcome barriers to education and employment.
Blog - Policyfix March 6
Women textile workers on strike in 1912, Lawrence, Mass. Credit: workers.org
Lynne Fernandez | Every March around the world, women organize International Women's Day events to celebrate the accomplishments of women's struggles and to remind society that much change is still required.
Blog - Policyfix March 3
Photo: Vianney (Sam) Carriere/flickr
Shaun Loney | In many ways, our society has institutionalized poverty. In order to break with this harmful pattern, we need to consider more beneficial policies.
Blog - Policyfix February 20
Photo: Herb Neufeld/flickr
Molly McCracken | Manitoba's homegrown approach to community development is being studied by other cities looking for ways to deal with the complex challenges of poverty and social exclusion.
Blog - Policyfix February 18
Photo: Jeremy Shields/flickr
Molly McCracken | Manitoba's provincial government has finally heard the community cries to increase the Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) shelter allowance rate to 75 per cent of the median market rent.
Blog - Policyfix February 12
Image: 401(K) 2013/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Observers were not expecting anything more than a middle-of-the-road federal budget for 2014, but even so the Finance Minister managed to disappoint.
Blog - Policyfix February 6
Lynne Fernandez | Living wage campaigns across Canada are not calling for legislative enforcement of a living wage. The idea is to adopt a wage policy that considers a combination of wages and benefits.
Blog - Policyfix January 30
Photo: Tim Welch/flickr
Jim Silver | Much critical commentary has been directed at Aboriginal students and others who disrupted a recent talk by Phil Fontaine. I think we also need to ask: who is being heard, and who is not?
Blog - Policyfix January 24
Photo: Leighton Janis/flickr
Policy Fix | Across Canada, housing prices slowed down in 2013, but in Manitoba, there are no signs of the housing crunch abating. Last month, the average house price in Winnipeg surpassed $300,000.
Blog - Policyfix January 23
Photo: michael_swan/flickr
Molly McCracken | The new Canada Jobs Grant program will take money away from successful programs that are helping unemployed people get the training they require to move into the labour force.
Blog - Policyfix January 6
Photo: Bob Linsdell/flickr
Molly McCracken | A new year brings hope and the possibility for a healthier, happier and more just province for all Manitobans. Here are four actions to make change for the better.
Blog - Policyfix December 20
Photo: kris krüg/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Canada Post is a public corporation with unionized workers. Both these concepts are anathemas to a federal government bent on privatizing public institutions and breaking unions.
Blog - Policyfix December 16
Photo: Premier Alison Redford/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | At the same time that her government pushed Bill 45 through the Alberta Legislature, Premier Alison Redford was paying tribute to Nelson Mandela.
Blog - Policyfix December 11
Photo: AJ Batac/flickr
Lynne Fernandez, Christina Maes Nino | The City of Winnipeg has released its proposed operational and capital budgets for 2014. As in previous years, it is hard to see the vision in this budget or the direction it is taking.
Blog - Policyfix November 28
Photo: Social Alterations/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | Whether it be throughout the U.S., Canada or the U.K., the inadequacy of the minimum wage to meet basic needs is well documented.
Blog - Policyfix October 31
Photo: US Embassy Canada/flickr
Molly McCracken | Organized by social enterpreneurs Mark and Craig Kielburger, "We Day" raised $15 million in Canada last year. But where does this leave Manitoba, with our shamefully high child poverty rates?
Blog - Policyfix October 28
Photo: AJ Batac/flickr
Pete Hudson | There is widespread recognition that the Employment and Income Assistance Program remains a program that maintains people in most cases deeply below the poverty line.
Blog - Policyfix October 25
Image: Ruth Tsang/flickr
Josh Brandon | The ability of municipalities to regulate, permit or prohibit certain types of development activities within their boundaries is one of the most powerful tools of local government.
Blog - Policyfix October 24
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | The new Canada Jobs Grant (CJG) program proposed in the recent federal throne speech represents a fundamental shift in funding for employment training in Canada.
Blog - Policyfix October 11
Photo: Craig Bennett/flickr
Jean-Guy Bourgeois, Kevin Rebeck | The recent passage of Bill 31, the Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act, through the Manitoba legislature shows workplace health and safety has not yet reached the status of a mainstream issue.
Blog - Policyfix October 2
Photo: Frederic Poirot/flickr
Susan Prentice | In a public system, child-care facilities would receive direct funding, meaning parent fees would stop being the primary source of income. This would make care affordable to everyone.
Blog - Policyfix September 30
Photo: Dimitri dF/flickr
Colin Anderson | Policy towards local food in Manitoba reflects a deeper problem -- the marriage of government to industrial agriculture to the detriment of family farmers.
Blog - Policyfix September 18
Photo: wikipedia commons
Josh Brandon | Last week, Statistics Canada released the final instalment of its 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). For many families, finding an affordable home in good repair still remains a far off goal.