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FLOSS blog

Bob Chandler has been a labour and social justice activist his entire adult life and then some! He's also a geek with a capital “G”! FLOSS blog focuses on the world of Free Libre and Open Source Software...with an emphasis on the “Free Libre”!

Blog - FLOSS blog February 8
Bob Chandler | Recently rabble.ca outsourced web comments to the Disqus web commenting service. Here's why that's a big problem for your privacy and for Rabble
Blog - FLOSS blog December 21
Image: Flickr/Joe Haupt
Bob Chandler | Sony has a long history of sloppy Internet security and of abusing customers. Sony hopes we've all forgotten this.
Blog - FLOSS blog December 18
Crypto Santa logo
Bob Chandler | Here's a fun way to learn about how Internet anonymity tools like the Tor Project work!
Blog - FLOSS blog April 5
Keep Calm and Install GNU Linux
Bob Chandler | On April 8 Microsoft ends support for Windows XP. It's time to move to GNU/Linux and software freedom!
Blog - FLOSS blog August 27
Watching the Watchers
Bob Chandler | A recent rabble staff blog asked if rabble.ca should ban anonymous comments. My answer is no! Here's why!
Blog - FLOSS blog May 2
Stop the Hollyweb!
Bob Chandler | Microsoft, Google, Netflix and the BBC have teamed up in an attempt to build Digital Restrictions Management into core web standards. This move is a serious threat to the free and open web.
Blog - FLOSS blog August 23
drm-free logo
Bob Chandler | DRM is the toxic sludge of digital media. The Free Software Foundation has recently launched a new logo to promote the purchase of DRM-free digital media.
Blog - FLOSS blog June 10
Bob Chandler | Why are so many popular smartphone apps spying on your phone calls? Time to uninstall them and let them know why!
Blog - FLOSS blog February 1
Bob Chandler | With its iBook Author ebook software, Apple is seeking total control over the content that you create.
Blog - FLOSS blog January 27
Raspberry Pi
Bob Chandler | Can a $25 computer teach kids to write computer software instead of just learning how to use Microsoft Office? That's what the Raspberry Pi Foundation is hoping.
Blog - FLOSS blog October 12
Bob Chandler | Like Jack Layton, Steve Jobs passed away early in his life. However, Steve Jobs was no Jack Layton.
Blog - FLOSS blog September 28
Bob Chandler | Diaspora*, the privacy-aware, user-controlled, free software social networking service is now up and running!
Blog - FLOSS blog August 27
End Software Patents
Bob Chandler | Corporations and patent lawyers are scooping up thousands of software patents on ideas they have no intention of developing. This is why you should care.
Blog - FLOSS blog August 18
Freedom Box
Bob Chandler | One simple truth is unfolding. Governments are going to be spying on your electronic communications.
Blog - FLOSS blog February 17
Bob Chandler | Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs recently launched "The Daily," a new digital "newspaper" only available for the iPad. What does this mean for the future of mainstream media?
Blog - FLOSS blog January 22
Bob Chandler | Apple is blocking your ability to open the case on your iDevice ... with new screws!
Blog - FLOSS blog December 11
Bob Chandler | Tired of Twitter? Frustrated with Facebook? Help may be on the way!