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Tria Donaldson's blog

Tria Donaldson is a youth activist with roots in the environmental movement, the labour movement, and Indigenous Rights. Tria is a senior Communications Officer at CUPE National, and on the board of [i]rabble.ca.[/i]

Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog April 29
Tom Graham | New labour legislation in Saskatchewan means employers can remove supervisors from their union.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog July 27
A redacted copy of the K-Bro linens contract. All information related to price a
Tria Donaldson, Cheryl Stadnichuk | Everywhere privatization has occurred, public access to the facts and figures around privatization has been a challenge.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog August 22
Tria Donaldson | Over 60 young people from all across Canada met recently to have their voices heard and discuss getting young people involved in the labour movement.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog June 1
Tria Donaldson, Jamie Biggar | All over the country Canadians are standing against the "Black Mark Budget." Join them this Saturday for a day of action!
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog March 31
Tria Donaldson | The federal budget has clear winners and losers. The winners: Harper's friends in the tar sands. The big losers: Canadian youth. Time for young people to get organized.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog February 24
Jens Wieting, Valerie Langer and Eduardo Sousa | The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the last of its kind in the world. But despite promises of saving it, protection for this spectacular place is falling short.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog February 13
Tria Donaldson, Max FineDay | Romeo Saganash's historic bid for leader of the New Democratic Party was a milestone, and touched the lives of many Indigenous people, especially our youth.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog December 8
Youth from the Canadian Youth Delegation turn their back on Environment Minister Peter Kent during his remarks in Durban Climate talks.
Tria Donaldson | Harper is trying to redefine what it means to be Canadian, by defining people who oppose the tar sands as "un-Canadian."
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog November 14
Tria Donaldson | Logging has begun in the publicly owned Nanoose Bay Forest. The rare Coastal Douglas fir forest is one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog October 14
Tria Donaldson | Tria Donaldson was at today's defend Occupy Wall Street action, representing over 6,500 Canadians who took action. Read her report here.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog August 25
Tria Donaldson | As the Cohen inquiry unfolds, the importance of more research is highlighted. But policy shifts make the future of genetics expert Dr. Kristi Miller's work uncertain.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog August 25
Tria Donaldson | A 'muzzled' DFO scientist takes the stand at the Cohen inquiry and describes what may be a virus responsible for the sockeye collapse.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog August 19
Tria Donaldson | There is a veil of secrecy around the operation of fish farms in B.C. But the truth is set to come out. The next two weeks at the Cohen inquiry may be a game changer for the industry.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog June 7
Full House in Union Bay
Tria Donaldson | Right now in B.C., an important battle is underway in the war against climate change. On one side, a proposed mine to extract dirty coal. On the other, concerned residents and environmentalists.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog May 3
Youth rally outside of Harper Rally
Tria Donaldson | With his coveted majority in place, Harper will now have free reign to do as he pleases. What will he do with this new-found power?
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog April 15
Tria Donaldson | Wild salmon are in trouble, and this election, candidates need to commit to taking action on fish farms. Many voters will be going to the polls with the future of wild salmon on their minds.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog April 13
Tria Donaldson | Who wants to sit back and wait to be told what to vote for? Leadnow.ca launches a video calling for people to head to the polls to vote for the Canada they want to see.
Blog - Tria Donaldson's blog April 1
Tria Donaldson | This election one group can make a difference: youth. If youth actually head out to the polls, we would shake up the status quote in Ottawa.