Blog - The Media Consortium Blog April 8
The Media Consortium | <p>This week the Democrats moved a little closer to passing healthcare reform when the House passed the 2010 budget with reconciliation language last Thursday.</p>
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog April 7
The Media Consortium | <p>As the recession gets rougher, a host of progressive journalists are concerned that the economic stimulus legislation will not be enough to turn the economic tide.</p>
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog April 6
Corvin Russell | <p>This is an economic crisis precipitated by a banking crisis. Free market ideology has lost its shine, but there is no crisis of capitalism unless someone makes it a crisis of capitalism.</p>
Blog - James Laxer's Blog April 6
James Laxer | <p>The Bush administration's invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to do with human rights, the rights of women in the family and in the workplace, and the right of girls to attend schools.</p>
Blog - James Laxer's Blog April 6
James Laxer | <p>It may seem a preposterous proposition but the political perils in the path of Barack Obama are remarkably similar to the hazards that Bob Rae confronted during his years as premier of Ontario.</p>
Blog -'s staff blog April 4
Kim Elliott | <p>Psssst: we're launching an activist toolkit! Here's a chance for a sneak preview, and get involved in the process. Become a beta tester!</p>
Blog -'s staff blog April 4
rabble staff | <p>We're hosting events in Toronto and Vancouver to celebrate's 8th birthday! Please join us!</p>
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! April 3
Matthew Adams | <p>I wouldn't swivel in my chair to see the Queen, but even I'm a bit surprised that it is news that someone who actually has worked for her position and power touches the Queen.</p>
Blog -'s staff blog April 2
Derrick O'Keefe | After more than seven years of giving scant coverage to the ongoing oppression of Afghan women, the Canadian media have finally had to admit that all is not as they have been telling us it is.
Blog - Trish Hennessy's Blog April 2
Trish Hennessy | <p>I'm expecting Harper to replace the blue sweater from the last election with a plaid polyester suit and a t-shirt that says "I've got great swampland in Florida for you."</p>
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog April 2
The Media Consortium | <p>Under increased militarization, drug production actually goes up, as does the body count, but the seizure of drugs decreases.</p>
Blog -'s staff blog April 1
rabble staff | is putting a special focus on the environment for the whole month of April, and we want our ideas and analysis on the pressing ecological issues of the day.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog April 1
The Media Consortium | This week the chairs of five key Congressional committees arrived at a blueprint for healthcare reform that includes a public option--government administered health insurance for everyone who wants it
Blog - Bound but not gagged April 1
Allendria Brunjes | In less than a month, Michael Ignatieff’s new book, True Patriot Love, will be out on the shelves. Meanwhile, mystery swirls around the progress of Stephen Harper’s tome on the history of hockey.
Blog -'s staff blog March 31
rabble staff | The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War and made history yesterday by broadcasting the banned British MP to thousands. Get your tickets now to events in Mississauga, Ottawa and Montreal.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog March 31
Afghanistan before the drawing of the 1893 Durand Line
Nima Maleki | Military intervention into Pakistan, and war as police action for global peace and order.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog March 31
The Media Consortium | In this week's Audit, we move the focus away from Wall Street to highlight stories about workers and economic solutions that involve bolstering the circumstances of ordinary citizens.
Blog -'s staff blog March 30
rabble staff | A Federal Court judge has denied George Galloway's request for an injunction that would have allowed him into the country on a speaking tour.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog March 28
Nima Maleki | Saeb Erakat, a chief Palestinian negotiator, responds to Benjamin Netanyahu's prime ministerial plans for Israel to change focus from a two-state solution to an 'economic peace' plan.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog March 28
James Laxer | The conundrum of Canadians and Australians is that of prosperous peoples with plenty of capital of their own in a world that is entering a new age.
Blog -'s staff blog March 27
Kim Elliott | On the occasion of our 8th birthday, presents the first in a series of cross-Canada event
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! March 27
Matthew Adams | McGuinty's policies and budget hurts public hospitals. Dalton, listen to the sage advice of Joni Mitchell!
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog March 27
Nima Maleki | US plans in the so called Afpak war taking shape, a look at Israel's use of drones in attacks on Gaza, and Iran's role in Afghanistan and Iraq in the face of presidential elections.
Blog -'s staff blog March 26
Derrick O'Keefe | NDP candidate Mable Elmore was forced to denounce herself over a five-year old interview we did together in which she used the word "Zionist" in its correct context to describe a reality she faced.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog March 26
The Media Consortium | "In the modern world, borders do not separate families, nor commerce, nor soldiers, nor bank accounts and their owners."
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog March 25
Nima Maleki | A growing network of energy pipelines are criss-crossing Eurasia, giving form to the political instability, military tension, and wars erupting in the large expanse of territory from Europe to Asia.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog March 25
The Media Consortium | Can the Democrats pass a healthcare reform in the Senate without a filibuster-proof majority? There is a way to pass health care with a simple majority in the Senate...
Blog - 2010 Homelessness Hunger Strike Relay March 24
Robert O'Dea | My week in the 2010 Hunger Strike Relay is over. What have I learned? What has the Prime Minister learned?
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog March 24
The Media Consortium | This week there were a lot of reactions to Tim Geithner's new bailout plan. The Weekly Audit also highlights a couple of pieces on much-needed structural reforms to the U.S. corporate landscape.
Blog - Mai Nguyen March 23
Drop Fees, Not Bombs Campaign
Mai Nguyen | The Student Assembly Against War and Racism took place this past weekend and boy, did it ever come at the right time.