Blog - Alberta Diary January 2
David Climenhaga | Albertans learned last week the grim toll from COVID-19 in the province has now passed 1,000 deaths.
Blog - The Journalism Doctor December 31
The New York Times Building. Photo by Adam Jones CC 2.0
John Gordon Miller | Heads should roll at the New York Times at the highest level.
Blog -'s staff blog December 21
Kim Elliott | 2021 will be a year of rebuilding, reconnecting, and restructuring systems that have undeniably failed us. Much remains unknown - but we know that we need independent media more than ever.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 21
Panitch in 2019 (Image: Photo by David J. Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Panitch, one of the intellectual pillars of the Canadian left and a leading scholar of the global depredations of neoliberalism, died Saturday from COVID-19.
Blog - A change is gonna come December 20
Doreen Nicoll | Residents are feeling left out of the process after the province invoked a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) in July.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 18
Left to right in background: Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard, Premier Jason Kenney and Justice Minister Kayvee Madu; In the foreground, Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw. (Image: Kaycee Madu/Twitter)
David J. Climenhaga | Justice Minister Kaycee Madu posted a photo of himself with Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Premier Jason Kenney and Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard. Only Hinshaw wore a mask.
Blog - Cathy Crowe's blog December 18
Protesters hold signs about homelessness in front of the Toronto sign at Toronto City Hall (Image: Photo by Cathy Crowe)
Cathy Crowe | As 2020 comes to an end, homeless people remain severely vulnerable. However, this year has seen some heroes step up.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 17
Image: CHUTTERSNAP​/Unsplash
David J. Climenhaga | The electric vehicle technology breakthrough could have a huge impact on the demand for Alberta's number one non-agricultural product: oil.
Blog - On The Other Hand December 16
Image: The White House/Flickr
Penney Kome | Claiming to have won the 2020 presidential election may be among Trump's most startling denials of reality, but as with most of his words and deeds, he has an agenda.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 16
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney at Edmonton International Airport. Image: Jason Kenney/Twitter
David J. Climenhaga | Days ago, Conservative leaders were calling Canada's COVID-19 vaccine rollout "a debacle." Now they're trying to jump aboard and take credit.
Blog - David Suzuki December 15
Image: NASA/Unsplash
David Suzuki | It bears repeating that getting back to "normal" isn't good enough. "Normal" means a global economy fuelled by overconsumption.
Blog -'s staff blog December 15
Maya Bhullar, Kim Elliott | We want to hear from you. What are the organizations that inspire you? Who are the activists leading progressive change? Who are the rabble rousers to watch in 2021?
Blog - Alberta Diary December 15
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Ten months ago, Conservatives everywhere were howling at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his response to Wet'suwet'en solidarity actions. Now, some are defending anti-mask protesters.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 14
Image: Jason Kenney/Twitter
David J. Climenhaga | The Canadian Energy Centre stumbled out of the starting gate on December 11, 2019, and has been little more than an embarrassment since.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 14
Premier Jason Kenney with his "letter from Santa." Image: Screenshot of Facebook video
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's bizarre holiday message might have been cute if almost 700 people hadn't died from COVID-19.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 11
Image: Macau Photo Agency/Unsplash
David J. Climenhaga | Soon after Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested by the RCMP two years ago, Chinese state security officers arrested two Canadian men, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 10
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | With focus on Kenney's hesitant response to COVID-19, some observers have overlooked the fact that his management of the economy and energy sector hasn't been much better.
Blog - Taking Sides December 9
Image: Chris Yang/Unsplash
Philip Lee | Canada should not introduce so-called "immunity passports," because they would create "a novel kind of biological divide between the haves and have-nots."
Blog - Alberta Diary December 9
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announces tougher COVID-19 measures at yesterday's news conference. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The Kenney government sharply changed course yesterday and announced much tougher lockdown measures that have the potential to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Blog - David Suzuki December 8
Image: Mike Marrah/Unsplash
David Suzuki | The absence of a legislative mandate or governance structures to address environmental racism in Canada is a blind spot that must be remedied.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 8
Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw at yesterday's daily COVID-19 briefing. Image: Screenshot of Alberta government video
David J. Climenhaga | "If the goal is to bring our numbers down, we will need additional measures to be able to do that," said Dr. Deena Hinshaw at the daily pandemic briefing.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 7
Dr. Stephen Duckett. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | As the Victorian state government was accepting the recommendations of a former AHS CEO, the United Conservative Party government of Premier Jason Kenney was doing the opposite on every count.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 4
Image: Kārlis Dambrāns​/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | It was evident as soon as Meng was arrested in Vancouver two years ago that participating in this charade was not in Canada's interest.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 3
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | "Star Trek" actor William Shatner called the Jason Kenney government's refusal to activate the federal government's COVID Alert app "bizarre and dangerous."
Blog - Alberta Diary December 2
Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley. Image: Screenshot of Alberta Legislature video/YouTube
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's NDP Opposition revealed yesterday Alberta Health Services case modelling projects about 775 Albertans will be in hospital with COVID-19 in just two weeks.
Blog - KAIROS Witness December 2
Participant of Wi'am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre. Image: KAIROS Canada
Jane Thirikwa | The pandemic has been particularly cruel to women, disproportionately impacting their wellbeing and safety, not only in Canada but also abroad.
Blog - David Suzuki December 1
Image: Samuel Ferrara/Unsplash
David Suzuki | This next decade will be critical if we're to rediscover balance with the natural world. By 2030, we'll have a good sense of whether we're on track.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 1
Protesters outside of Parliament. Image: Koozma J. Tarasoff
Brent Patterson | Massive increase in military spending and purchase of new warplanes to continue despite Canada's record-high deficit.
Blog - Alberta Diary December 1
Calgary's Rockyview General Hospital, one of the sites where doctors are being asked to ration oxygen. Image: Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Health Services is rationing the use of medical oxygen supplies in three major Calgary hospitals -- Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre and Rockyview General Hospital.
Blog - Alberta Diary November 30
Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu seems to have become the Kenney government's main spokesperson responsible for attacking the NDP.