Blog - A change is gonna come March 26
Image: Campaign 2000/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | Campaign 2000 believes it's time to think beyond standard fiscal fixes and bank bailouts. Instead, they are calling for social solidarity, government leadership, and non-partisan co-operation.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 26
Image: Tristan Collicott‎/Caremongering-TO/Facebook
Khadijah Kanji | COVID-era communal care offers an example of how charitable giving and political organizing can come together for a common purpose: to redistribute the world's assets based on need.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 26
Image: kris krüg/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | By the time we get around to addressing the problem of global warming seriously, we may well be at the end of our rope.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 25
Image: Jason Kenney/Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | "You are wasting precious N95 masks that are not necessary for the activities depicted in these photos," read a comment on the premier's Facebook page.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 25
Image: Defence Images/Flickr
Brent Patterson | Despite the pandemic, the production of F-35 fighter jets continues in Italy and the U.S., while Quebec deems "defence manufacturing" an essential service.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 24
Image: NIAID/Flickr
Ed Finn | The main question that the COVID-19 crisis raises is whether such a severe reprimand by Mother Earth -- when it eventually runs its course -- will be heeded and appropriately acted upon.
Blog - David Suzuki March 24
​Image: Photo by Alex Cosh
David Suzuki | Forests are beneficial for our physical and mental health. Numerous studies illustrate how much forest walks can do for heart and respiratory health, immune system function and lowering stress levels.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 24
Image: diego romero/Pinterest
David J. Climenhaga | The Babylon "virtual care" app has created significant disruption to public health care in the United Kingdom.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 23
Image: Jeff Wallace/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The last time anything was heard from the war room was March 11. Since then, there's been radio silence.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 23
Image: KMR Photography/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | The only way any recognizable form of basic income could be mobilized to respond to a virus comes if a government had already developed a workable version of BI.
Blog - KAIROS Witness March 23
Image: Felton Davis/Flickr
Alfredo Barahona | Oscar Romero was assassinated 40 years ago because of his unequivocal opposition to the violation of human rights in El Salvador, military repression and extreme poverty.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 22
Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The Alberta Medical Association has weighed in on Babylon, and it's not impressed.
Blog - KAIROS Witness March 22
Image: KAIROS Canada
Beth Lorimer | The theme of this year's World Water Day explores how climate change and water are inextricably linked.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 21
A protester holds a sign at a 2017 anti-pipeline rally in Vancouver. Image: William Chen/Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | Given the twin crises of the coronavirus pandemic and climate breakdown, it is all the more essential for Canada to uphold its human rights obligations.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 21
A Telus store in Edmonton. Image: Mack Male/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Could a new app being promoted as a COVID-19 health-care solution replace primary physician care down the line?
Blog - The Views Expressed March 20
Image: NIAID/Flickr
Sunera Thobani | The COVID-19 crisis reveals how unreliable and unprepared key institutions remain in the face of potentially unmitigated -- but foreseeable -- disaster.
Blog - Taking Sides March 20
Image: Marcus Spiske/Unsplash
Philip Lee | Trustworthy public service media are always needed, but never more so than in times of strife, disaster and emergency.
Blog - A change is gonna come March 20
Image: NIAID/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | The federal government's New Emergency Care Benefit sounds promising, but will be a disaster if workers only get 55 per cent of minimum wage.
Blog - On The Other Hand March 20
Image: The White House/Flickr
Penney Kome | So many other motives blur U.S. policies on COVID-19 that the U.S. has fallen dangerously far behind other nations in trying to flatten the curve.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 20
Image: New York National Guard/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Vladimir Lenin famously observed: "There are weeks when decades happen." Could the next few weeks see the United States and old Imperial powers like Britain diminished as if decades had passed?
Blog - Independent Jewish Voices Canada March 19
Image: David Kattenburg
David Kattenburg | The Liberal government demonstrates its hypocrisy in proclaiming support for the rule of law while supporting Israel in its illegal occupation policies.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog March 19
Image: Tumisu/Pixabay
Maya Bhullar | COVID-19: Five ways to help others from your home.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 19
Image: Bill Morneau/Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | Countries that come out of this worldwide phenomenon fastest and in the best condition will be the ones willing to spend more and spend fast.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 19
Image: Koozma J. Tarasoff
Brent Patterson | Even after the pandemic was declared, CADSI stated its arms show would continue, but now they say they will make an updated announcement on April 1.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 18
Image: Government of Alberta/YouTube
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta cancels change to physician billing rules. Call it status quo ante bellum, which is Latin for "you can fight the doctors, but you can't win."
Blog - David Suzuki March 17
Image: Wikimedia Commons
David Suzuki | Illnesses force idleness on people. So, too, the climate situation demands idleness from society. We must listen to the body in sickness; we must listen to the planet in crisis.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 17
Image: Government of Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Health Services revealed yesterday it will soon pull the plug on contracts with three of the province's largest diagnostic image providers.
Blog - Raluca Bejan March 16
Image: Governor Tom Wolf/Flickr
Raluca Bejan | Lack of tests kits is a structural problem and one that Canada could have avoided if it had been taking things more seriously beginning in December. After all, it had three full months to prepare.
Blog - Alberta Diary March 16
Image: Government of Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | With oil prices low and COVID-19 bearing down on Alberta, Jason Kenney and the UCP have found themselves on the horns of a dilemma.
Blog - Brent Patterson March 15
A migrant detention centre in Texas, June 2019. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | Will Canada suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement during the coronavirus pandemic to uphold human rights and global public health?