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Blog - Brent Patterson October 8
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | Twenty-seven years after her death, Kelly's vision holds lessons for the Extinction Rebellion movement.
Blog - Raluca Bejan October 8
Image: Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | The underlying assumption is that the East Coast is perpetually subsidized by Ontario and the West. Yet I wonder how many Ontarians would put up with a pulp mill in downtown Elora or Picton.
Blog - Alberta Diary October 7
Environmental Defence Canada's executive director Tim Gray at a recent panel in Edmonton. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Environmental group's report asserts the fossil fuel industry's well-funded lobby is the single biggest barrier to effective climate action being taken by Canada.
Blog - A change is gonna come October 4
Dauphin, Manitoba, in 1971. Dauphin was the site of Canada's first UBI pilot. Image: Marty Bernard/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Feedback from participants in UBI pilot projects in Manitoba and Ontario demonstrates that this program lifts people out of poverty and enables them to change their lives.
Blog -'s staff blog October 4
Image: Olivia Robinson
Kim Elliott | This year, members of our reporting team are being recognized for their work at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.
Blog - Taking Sides October 4
Person with cell phone. Image: Angelo Moleele/Unsplash
Philip Lee | Who will protect us from a collective vulnerability to misinformation, manipulation and cyber violence?
Blog - Alberta Diary October 4
Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer, when he was a starship captain … really! Image: Andrew Scheer/Flickr.
David J. Climenhaga | Who knew that the Conservative leader would turn out to have a trunkful of dirty little secrets, with the emphasis on little?
Blog -'s staff blog October 4
Image: Olivia Robinson
Kim Elliott | Check out our series, The Future of the Public Library.
Blog - Alberta Diary October 3
Alberta's historic Legislature Building in Edmonton as climate protesters gathered last Friday. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Anyone can stick up anything they like in the windows of the stately and historic Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton and they won't be breaking any rules.
Blog - Independent Jewish Voices Canada October 2
Elections Canada poll sign. Image: Dennis Sylvester Hurd/Flickr
Larry Haiven | A critique of the submissiveness of Canada's major parties to the Israel lobby, and review of recent welcome changes in the period leading up to the October 21 federal election.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog October 2
Michael Hurley. Image: CUPE. Used with permission.
Maya Bhullar | Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, explains how Ford government cuts threaten Ontario's beleaguered health-care system.
Blog - Alberta Diary October 2
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | If you have nothing better to do this afternoon, why not contact the ministry of red tape reduction and let them know about the duplication over at the ministry of labour?
Blog - David Suzuki October 2
David Suzuki | Three of the most serious impacts of climate breakdown on the ocean -- acidification, heating, and deoxygenation -- have been present in every mass extinction in Earth's history. Why aren't we acting?
Blog - The Journalism Doctor October 2
Image: POMED/Flickr
John Miller | One year since journalist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Canada still sells arms to Saudi Arabia and world leaders have failed to seek real justice.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog October 1
Image Credit: from flickr by
Maya Bhullar | People say online activism makes no difference or that the left can't meme. But the right has weaponized trolling to radicalize users. Can we stop feeding the trolls -- and actually organize online?
Blog - Alberta Diary October 1
Prime minister Pierre Trudeau and Alberta premier Peter Lougheed in 1977. Image: Government of Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | Punching unpopular pipeline corridors from Fort McMurray to Prince Rupert and Saint John seems an unlikely recipe for national unity. Why is Andrew Scheer pushing a failed policy from the 1970s?
Blog - The Journalism Doctor September 30
An anti-LGBTQ march in Toronto. Image: Mary Crandall/Flickr
John Miller | How should the news media identify and report on hate and extremist groups in Canada? Should they report on them at all?
Blog - Alberta Diary September 28
Climate strike in Edmonton. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | The young protesters who gathered on the frigid doorstep of the Alberta legislature yesterday may not frighten Premier Jason Kenney, but they ought to.
Blog - The Journalism Doctor September 28
Image: Absolutvision/Unsplash
John Miller | The reaction from columnist Shree Paradkar and other journalists to Bernier's invitation suggests a deeper problem in the Star's newsroom.
Blog - Greening the News September 27
Image: Angelika Hackett
Robert Hackett | Across New Zealand, a reported 170,000 people took part in the climate strike. That's about 3.4 per cent of the population -- one of the largest protests in the country's history.
Blog - Taking Sides September 27
Image: Sean Hawkey/ACT Alliance. Used with permission.
Philip Lee | While climate change is already affecting Canada, its mainstream media are failing to provide citizens with adequate information about the issue and how it affects them at a global and local level.
Blog - The Views Expressed September 27
Global Climate Strike in London, March 2019. Image: Garry Knight/Flickr
Ed Finn | We are directing our wrath against the wrong perpetrators of climate change. It's not the world's governments; it's the world's multinational corporations, to whom governments have become subservient.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 26
Stephen Mandel, at right, when he was health minister in 2014, with premier Jim Prentice, who appointed him before he was elected. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | After his successful three-term run as Edmonton's mayor ended in 2013, Stephen Mandel seems to have left a trail of devastation in his attempts to return to public life.
Blog -'s staff blog September 26
Kim Elliott | Readers responded and gave us a final push so we could swing right over the top and raise just over $65,000!
Blog - A change is gonna come September 26
Film still from "Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance." Image: Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance/NFB
Doreen Nicoll | Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin filmed the 1990 Kanesatake stand off from behind Mohawk lines. Her documentary, "Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance" is still relevant 29 years later.
Blog - The Views Expressed September 25
Parliament of Canada. Image: QUOI Media Group/Flickr
Manfred Bienefeld | Canada's election comes at a time when democracies around the world are being eroded and destabilized -- all ultimately linked to an explosive growth in inequality, economic insecurity and debt.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 25
Former Alberta premier Rachel Notley, whose NDP government brought in the so-called turn-off-the-taps law. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Jason Kenney, ironically, seems determined to stand by what is arguably Rachel Notley's worst law while tearing up the good legislation her government passed.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 25
Anne Bokma. Image: My Year of Living Spiritually/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | Eager to find the meaning of life yet relying on her reporter's skepticism to remain objective, Anne Bokma invites readers to vicariously experience her 12-month sampling of spirituality.
Blog - David Suzuki September 25
Image: Global Climate Strike
David Suzuki | Unequal privilege keeps the door open to those with influence -- from the Koch brothers to Big Oil -- who continue to manufacture distrust of climate science and meaningful solutions.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 24
Edmonton public school Trustee Michael Janz. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Michael Janz is an energetic and articulate advocate for public education, and in possession of an unerring instinct for what makes journalists pay attention.