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Blog - Bound but not gagged November 13
Samantha Power | Today Malalai Joya starts the Canadian portion of her tour promoting her new book, A Woman Among Warlords:The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 12
John Bonnar | Gaetan Heroux now faces forced relocation after he and fellow ID workers wrote a letter of support for the unionized staff at Street Health.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 12
Nezua | After 30 years, commentator Lou Dobbs -- infamous for his tirades against undocumented immigrants -- has left CNN, as TPM reports.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog November 12
Murray Dobbin | The Harper government is determined to take the country in the direction of a security state as evidenced by numerous moves in the past few months and over the past year.
Blog - Fred Wilson’s blog November 11
Fred Wilson | Results in two Quebec by-elections raise strategic issues.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 11
Lindsay Beyerstein | A clique of anti-choice Democrats in Congress joined forces with Republicans to write abortion access out of the House's health care reform bill last Saturday.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog November 11
Pierre Beaudet | There have been many critiques of the World Social Forum, from the right but often from the left. All in all, these critiques are often valid but miss the point.
Blog - StopWar Blog November 10
Dave Markland | Noam Chomsky comments on Afghan MP Malalai Joya's incredible bravery.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 10
Zach Carter | On Friday, we learned that the U.S. unemployment rate officially broke 10% for the first time since the early Reagan years.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 10
John Bonnar | Last year, more than 1,500 families were approved in Ontario as potential adoptive parents, 822 adoptions finalized. Yet the need for adoptive parents for children and youth still remains high.
Blog - StopWar Blog November 9
Dave Markland | Afghan journalists interview locals in Helmand and find no love for British occupation forces.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog November 9
James Laxer | Berlin is a phoenix. A city of ruins at the end of history's greatest war, its destruction was brought on itself by a regime that planned conquests, concentration camps and the Final Solution.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog November 9
Murray Dobbin | Surprise, surprise. People around the world are expressing their doubts that cowboy capitalism is good for them.
Blog - StopWar Blog November 8
Dave Markland | Several recent incidents have resulted in foreign troops killing Afghan civilians.
Blog - Peggy Nash's blog November 7
Peggy Nash | Canada ought to be a world leader in energy efficient transportation. The twin crises of climate change and the economy are an opportunity for us to get our act together.
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! November 6
Matthew Adams | The royal visit should remind us how our democracy suffers through the unelected power of the Royal family and the Governor General.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 6
Raquel Brown | Senate Democrats in the Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) finally squelched Republican boycotts and passed a version of the climate bill yesterday morning.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 6
John Bonnar | See photos from the Canadian Federation of Students Day of Action in Toronto
Blog - Word of the Rings November 6
Pina Belperio | With less than 99 days to go before the Five Ring Circus begins, here's a list I compiled of 99 positive and negative things that residents of Vancouver and Whistler can look forward to.
Blog - Uzma Shakir's blog November 6
Uzma Shakir | Why do newspapers like National Post feel compelled to undermine and deny any attempts to highlight or discuss issues of marginality and race in Canada?
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 5
Nezua | While many pundits and political analysts are musing about what Tuesday’s mixed bag election results mean for Obama administration, New America Media reports that “there’s another trend to watch."
Blog - Andrew Brett November 5
Andrew Brett | A Christian student group at a Toronto university campus is in damage control after word of an anti-gay event they had planned this week spread across campus.
Blog - John Bonnar's November 5
John Bonnar | Over the last few years, an academic and social movement of students, teachers and friends has emerged, recognizing the need for a permanent disability studies program at the U of T.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 4
Lindsay Beyerstein | The House released a final version of the health reform bill. It has a public option all right, but not the robust version progressives were hoping for.
Blog - Trish Hennessy's Blog November 4
Trish Hennessy | What happens when we elect self-loathing governments? A lingering economic crisis. H1N1 virus vaccine fiascos. The list goes on.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog November 4
Murray Dobbin | The recently announced sale of New Brunswick Power to Hydro Quebec is another alarm bell for the Canadian economy.
Blog - She who holds the pen... November 3
Jenny Ellison | Self-esteem was one of the keywords of Canadian feminist organizing in the 1980s. The concept is now so taken for granted that it is a staple of women's magazines, cosmetic campaigns and even sports.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog November 3
Zach Carter | Last week, President Barack Obama released key legislation designed to fight the banking industry’s too-big-to-fail problem.
Blog - StopWar Blog November 3
Dave Markland | Dissident UK soldier feels support from fellow troops.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog November 2
Derrick O'Keefe | To date over 130 Canadian soldiers have died in Afghanistan; one can only conclude that their lives have been sacrificed to the cause of protecting nepotism, opium trafficking and graft.