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Blog - Ickaprick & Ironpussy November 2
Estimating drug harms
Nico Little | The chairman of the UK government's Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs has called for an evidence-based debate about whether the drug laws are effective. In response, the government fired him.
Blog - Word of the Rings November 2
Pina Belperio | Starting November 2 to 6, Exercise Gold, the third and final Olympic security exercise, will be held across Vancouver and Whistler in preparation for the 2010 Olympics.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog November 1
Judy Rebick | I am asking that everyone reading contact Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff to discipline their caucuses to vote against the PMB that will gut the gun registry.
Blog - Ickaprick & Ironpussy October 30
Migrant Workers in the UK Sex Industry
Nico Little | New evidence released by the London Metropolitan University shows that, contrary to popular perceptions, only a minority of interviewees felt they had been trafficked into the UK sex industry.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 30
Raquel Brown | This week the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held three hearings on the Kerry-Boxer clean energy bill."
Blog - John Bonnar's October 30
John Bonnar | College and university students held a mock coroner’s inquest Thursday outside provincial government offices in Toronto to bring attention to the “death” of social services by the McGuinty government.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 29
Nezua | Anti-immigration groups and pundits cling to phrases like “Illegal Alien” because they only focus on foreignness and danger.
Blog - John Bonnar's October 29
John Bonnar | An unlikely pair of political foes came together Wednesday, vowing to fight the McGuinty government’s Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) set to take effect next July.
Blog - Fred Wilson’s blog October 29
Fred Wilson | If a week can produce movement like this, much more is possible.
Blog - Ben Powless October 28
Ben Powless | Protesters were kicked out of Parliament on Monday in an action demanding climate justice and Indigenous rights. What followed was a media explosion and obfuscation.
Blog - Word of the Rings October 28
Pina Belperio | Cases of H1N1 were reported at one of Whistler's elementary schools this week, adding to the growing cases of H1N1 cases in B.C.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 28
Lindsay Beyerstein | Progressives rejoiced when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced this week that the final Senate health care bill would include a public option.
Blog - Josée Madéia October 27
International Day of Climate Action in Ottawa
Josée Madéia | Youth have been on the forefront of the environmental news this week: Powershift, Fill the Hill, the International Day of Climate Action..
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 27
Zach Carter | Bailout pay czar Ken Feinberg raised a ruckus last week when he announced plans to slash cash payouts to executives at seven companies that have received massive levels of taxpayer support.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 27
Dave Markland | A UK soldier facing court martial leads a large antiwar rally in London.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog October 26
Murray Dobbin | The more I read the newspapers in the U.S. the more despairing I am about Americans ever being able to sort out the terrible dilemmas their corporate government has gotten them into.
Blog - John Bonnar's October 26
John Bonnar | As a few hundred advocates rallied in Toronto Saturday against climate change, over 4000 actions took place in more than 170 countries around the world.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 25
Dave Markland | Rumours persist that Karzai and his rival will cut a deal to avert a run-off election.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog October 24
Judy Rebick | The Waffle was a youthful, radical, left nationalist and socialist formation within the New Democratic Party. Wonder when the last time someone in our around the NDP used the world socialist?
Blog - James Laxer's Blog October 23
James Laxer | When Torontonians contemplate the course their city could take in the 21st century, they quickly come up against the hard fact that the city's business class is tight-fisted and unimaginative.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 23
Raquel Brown | The Chamber of Commerce appeared to do an about-face on its climate stance during a press conference on Monday. Sound too good to be true? It was.
Blog - AHRC Dignitas October 23
Marc Gionet | The narrow scope in which the issue of Afghan detainees is being examined tends to mitigate the original circumstances that laid the foundation for these abuses to take place.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 22
Nezua | For the most part, it's been a good week for immigration reform.
Blog -'s staff blog October 22
rabble staff | The Council of Canadians are holding their AGM this weekend in New Brunswick, and rabble will be there, live broadcasting keynote addresses by Maude Barlow, John Cavanagh and Gary Leach.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 21
Lindsay Beyerstein | A plan to reform health care that includes a robust public option would actually cut the deficit, according to preliminary estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
Blog - John Bonnar's October 21
John Bonnar | The number of migrants in all sectors of the local sex industry in the Greater Toronto Area has dramatically increased in the last ten years, according to a recent study.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog October 20
Murray Dobbin | There is an alarming trend in Canada in the past few months of governments demonstrating contempt for the law and for people's civil liberties.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 20
Zach Carter | The U.S. economy has diverged: Wall Street is living high on the hog while everyone else is struggling.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 20
Dave Markland | Officials are ready to announce that Karzai won less than half the vote in the Aug. 20 elections. The Obama administration supports a deal to avert a run-off vote.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 18
Dave Markland | A pair of dispatches show low morale among Canadian troops and conflict with their Afghan counterparts.