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Blog - She who holds the pen... August 11
Erin Simpson | The Larry O'Brien influence peddling trial has implications for women in politics.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog August 11
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Zach Carter | The U.S. job market may be showing signs of life, according to a report issued by the Labor Department on Friday.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog August 10
Judy Rebick | The only thing we are hearing so far about the NDP convention is the proposal for a name change. That's the least of their problems.
Blog - Code Pink Canadian Delegations to Gaza August 10
Charihen Hannoun, 20, was hit by police with a rifle, leaving her arm in a sling. She is studying Psychology at Abu Dis University.. She is pictured here with one of the internationals who have been sleeping on the streets in solidarity with the family.
Libby Davies | As you enter Jerusalem from the Allenby bridge the vista of illegal settlements on just about every hill top is surreal.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 9
John Bonnar | The Latin American Solidarity Network rallied in Toronto on Saturday, condemning the military coup d’etat in Honduras and what they called U.S. involvement and support for a military dictatorship.
Blog - Code Pink Canadian Delegations to Gaza August 8
Kim Elliott | A delegation of Members of Parliament from three of Canada's political parties depart this week for the Middle East: Jordan and Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza) to assess the humanitarian situation.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog August 7
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Raquel Brown | The government-sponsored Car Allowance Rebate System, commonly known as “Cash for Clunkers,” burned through $1 billion of funding within a week.
Blog -'s staff blog August 7
rabble staff | Today is the last day of our summer membership drive where you can still get our bonus gifts -- signed copies of great books by some of the most exciting authors around!
Blog - StopWar Blog August 7
Dave Markland | Professor Marc Herold's findings regarding civilian deaths in Afghanistan are put under a microscope.
Blog - StopWar Blog August 6
Dave Markland | U.S. forces threaten to target civilians in eastern Afghanistan.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog August 6
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Nezua | The number of undocumented immigrants coming into the U.S. is plunging, as The Washington Independent’s Daphne Eviatar reports.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 6
John Bonnar | This case has been dragging on so long that the accused can’t even remember the last time they appeared in court.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog August 5
Pierre Beaudet | The sun is slowly coming down in this northern West Bank village. We are really a few kilometers from Galilee just outside the green line.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog August 5
Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC MediaWire Blogger | An update on health care reform in the U.S.: By now it’s clear that the Senate Finance Committe won’t cough up a heathcare bill before the summer recess.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog August 4
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Sara Luckow | It’s abundantly clear that we can’t rely on the economic elite to represent the people’s interests. Tomorrow’s economic structure must be drastically different if the United States is going to thrive.
Blog - John Bonnar's August 3
John Bonnar | "Juggling was in my living room," said Kyle, pausing for a photo. "Unfortunately I was a theatre student and couldn’t afford cable. So this was the better option."
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog August 1
Derrick O'Keefe | Malalai Joya has just completed a one-week visit to London, to launch the UK edition of her memoir and to speak out about the plight of occupied Afghanistan.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 31
Raquel Brown | International climate negotiations are currently bogged down in smog. Many countries are in disagreement about the best way to go about reducing emissions and curbing climate change.
Blog - Word of the Rings July 31
Pina Belperio | An agressive forest fire broke out on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler on July 30, adding to the woes of Olympic organizers.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 31
John Bonnar | In April, the Wood family was told that they were being cut off the provincial benefits program, without any discussion of their extraordinary expenses or their daughter's condition.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 30
Nezua | Nobody said becoming a post-racial nation would be easy. The U.S. has its first black president, but the White House is advancing programs linked to racial profiling and civil rights violations.
Blog -'s staff blog July 30
rabble staff | "rabble is one of the few media outlets based in Canada that is actively encouraging citizen journalism and is the largest alternative media community in Canada."
Blog -'s staff blog July 30
rabble staff | is proud to sponsor politically charged and electronically driven indie band LAL's summer 2009 tour!
Blog -'s staff blog July 29
rabble staff | Submit your questions for "You Ask" -- the rabbletv show where you get to ask the questions of today's newsmakers.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 29
Lindsay Beyerstein | Anticipation is quickly turning to dejection in progressive healthcare circles about the SFC's healthcare bill.
Blog - Trish Hennessy's Blog July 29
Trish Hennessy | The streets of my community may be lined with fresh sheets of pavement gold, but for those hit by Canada's recession, the road is still very bumpy.
Blog -'s staff blog July 29
rabble staff | The World Out Games opened this week in Copenhagen, integrating sports, culture and human rights.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 28
John Bonnar | They could have backed down. They could have refused to fight. But they didn’t. Instead, they stood their ground and now are on the edge of a collective agreement.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 28
Zach Carter | If we want our economy to be strong and stable, we have to start thinking about it as a product of community -- not a get rich quick scheme.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 26
John Bonnar | A recent video contest in Los Angeles challenged students to capture the impact of budget cuts in their school – in one minute or less. The results were stunning.