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Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog November 30
Pierre Beaudet | The current crisis is an ‘opportunity' for Stephen, so he can further demolish what remains of the welfare state
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! November 28
Matt Adams | A foul wind blows - Margaret Wente's slamming of wind turbines would be funny if it weren't so sad.
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! November 24
Matt Adams | New report: Obama's percentage of small donors to his campaign almost the same as Bush's.
Blog - The Regina Mom November 23
Bernadette Wagner | Report card shows one in five SK children lived in poverty in 2006.
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! November 22
Matthew Adams | Democrat with a spine Henry Waxman gains important environmental chairmanship
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog November 20
Pierre Beaudet | As the non-election election goes, the PQ is sliding to a dangerous level. There is nothing new there, as the curve has been going down for quite some time.
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! November 20
Keith Gottschalk, Matt Adams | Keith and Matt have a brief chat on Obama's cabinet choices - how is the Clinton Administration change we can believe in?
Blog - Mai Nguyen November 16
Photo: Anastasia Mandziuk
Mai Nguyen | Part-time workers at York University have called a strike, leaving thousands and thousands of students in a state of flux and anxiety.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog November 14
Pierre Beaudet | When Jean Charest launched the next election for December 2008, he obviously knew what he was doing. The popular mood is largely indifferent.
Blog - Mai Nguyen November 7
Mai Nguyen | Remember, remember the fifth of November. That was the catchy phrase the Ryerson Students’ Union used in their campaign to get students to come out for the drop fees rally. Without a doubt, it worked.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog November 5
Corvin Russell | In which I rant about Marxist "analysis" that shows Obama is not a socialist
Blog - Ariel Troster's Blog October 29
Ariel Troster | On October 2, 2008, Yasir Naqvi, Liberal MPP for Ottawa Centre introduced Bill 106, the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, as a private member's bill. This Bill will have serious impacts on the
Blog - The Regina Mom October 22
Winkin' Blinkin' (& Todd)
Bernadette Wagner | Image manipulation fun
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 19
Scott Piatkowski | Here is my take on the highlights and lowlights of the 2008 Federal Election results.
Blog - Mai Nguyen October 16
Mai Nguyen | So here we are again…living in yet another Canada under the leadership of the Conservative government. It’s a hard blow for students. But it’s not so much for the corporations.
Blog - Blair Redlin October 15
Blair Redlin | Turns out low voter turnout helps tell the tale of the 2008 federal. At 59%, the turnout yesterday was the lowest yet.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 15
Pierre Beaudet | Stephen Harper has registered an important tactical victory yesterday. While maintaining his positions in most regions, he has made important headways into the urban bastions of the Liberals, notably
Blog - Dionne Brand's blog October 15
Dionne Brand | There should have been not one single pseudo victory/concession speech last night. Stephen Harper should have slunk away in embarrassment. The whole election exercise was redundant.
Blog - Beisan Zubi's Blog October 15
Beisan Zubi | As a member of the oft-ignored youth vote, I see some stirrings on my university campus to get out there and have our voices heard.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 13
Pierre Beaudet | Some times you wake up in the morning and think, ‘why I have put myself in such a lousy situation'!
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 12
Pierre Beaudet | Jeffrey Simpson is an intelligent guy, not one of these cowboys. Yesterday in La Presse, he came out with his usual twist.
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 12
Sharon Fraser | VoteforEnvironment and other know-it-alls across the country helped Peter Mackay win easy re-election, by boosting Elizabeth May although the NDP had the best opportunity to defeat him.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 11
Pierre Beaudet | The specter returns, especially in Ontario and BC it seems, where Dion, Jean Chrétien (he dared to) and the other luminaries of the Liberal Party have ‘celebrated' the legacy.
Blog - Dionne Brand's blog October 11
Dionne Brand | In recent days I am struck by how many pictures of distraught stockbrokers, stock analysts, bankers, traders, buyers, sellers, I’ve seen in the news.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 10
Pierre Beaudet | In the Québec City area where Stephen was hoping to consolidate his 2006 gains (he got most of his 11 Quebec MPs from there), it does not look good for the Conservatives.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 9
Pierre Beaudet | As days go by, the Harper revolution is floundering. With the setbacks it suffered earlier on, it is now the target of ordinary people who think that the PM is not responding to the financial meltdown
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 9
Sharon Fraser | Stephen Harper was pretending to be something he is not, during the 2008 federal election.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 8
Pierre Beaudet | For sure now, not considering the results next Monday, the anti Harper camp has established its ‘hegemony'. It is not only (and perhaps mainly) quantitative, in relation to the number of people who wi
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 8
Sharon Fraser | Elizabeth May was running third in Central Nova, but groups from outside the riding endorsed her as the best choice to defeat Harper - and split the anti-Tory vote.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog October 8
Corvin Russell | Harper's mishandling of the economy, and Judy Rebick's modest proposal