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Blog - John Bonnar's June 8
John Bonnar | Non-profit regulation and legislation are so complex that even senior third sector leaders –- apart from a handful of charity law lawyers –- don't understand it well, according to a new report.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog June 8
Nima Maleki | The US has consistently enunciated its support for Turkish membership within the EU, and views Turkey as a key pivot in regional geostrategy.
Blog - Christine Saulnier's blog June 8
Christine Saulnier | By all accounts, tomorrow's election in Nova Scotia will be a historic moment. Nova Scotia is poised to elect the first NDP provincial government east of Ontario. But, will it be much different?
Blog - Word of the Rings June 7
Pina Belperio | Whistler and West Vancouver have been hit with a rash of ATM card skimming schemes in the past few weeks.
Blog - Ben Powless June 6
Ben Powless | I've just arrived at the head offices of AIDESEP, the Interethnic Association of Peruvian Rainforest Development, the representative body of Amazonian peoples of Peru.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 6
John Bonnar | No Canadian jurisdiction has established a prison-based needle and syringe program (PNSP), despite significant evidence that PNSPs reduce risk behaviours associated with HIV and HCV transmission.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 6
John Bonnar | David Chen and two of his staff were charged with assaulting and kidnapping a suspected shoplifter who had allegedly stolen a tray of potted plants from Chen's store.
Blog - Ben Powless June 6
Ben Powless | After 50 days, the situation took a turn for the worst. The government sent in police to violently remove Indigenous protesters, who were resisting free trade agreements that threatened the Amazon.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog June 5
Corvin Russell | Canada's national gay rights organization loses its direction.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 5
John Bonnar | To commemorate this horrific event, the Toronto Association for Democracy in China re-enacted the Beijing massacre.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 4
John Bonnar | “We hope that we don’t have to keep coming here,” said Peter Page, president of the ONIWG. “We hope that things would change. But it looks like we may be coming here for another twenty six years.”
Blog - Trish Hennessy's Blog June 4
Trish Hennessy | 2007 was a good year for Canadian incomes, but as the nation plunges into a hard and deep recession, we ask the question: Is 2007 as good as it gets?
Blog - Code Pink Canadian Delegations to Gaza June 4
Medea Benjamin | The Hamas government in Gaza reached out to President Obama on the occasion of his visit to the Middle East, announcing that Hamas was willing to talk to all parties.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog June 4
The Media Consortium | We must reshape the entire conversation on immigration and recognize the great value in accepting those who work to make their dreams come true and keep their families safe.
Blog - She who holds the pen... June 3
J. Liew | Questions for the feminist community about what we can do to move forward together.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog June 3
The Media Consortium | Dr. George Tiller, one of few physicians who performed second and third trimester abortions, was fatally shot on Sunday. It seems that Tiller was marked for death because of his work.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 2
John Bonnar | By 1:00 p.m. the barricades were up, streets were swept clean of cars, replaced with pedestrians, cyclists, buskers and street vendors.
Blog -'s staff blog June 2
rabble staff | joins with the Open Internet Coalition for Town Hall discussions on the Future of the Internet: Access, Openness and Inclusion
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog June 2
The Media Consortium | This week's Audit looks at a few issues that were top priorities for progressives in 2007 that are yet to be addressed, from the faltering U.S. financial system to the Employee Free Choice Act
Blog - She who holds the pen... June 2
Eisa Kelly | What struck me about the 40 Days protests in Ottawa is that there was little-to-no visible, vocal counter-protest by us pro-choice folks in Ottawa.
Blog - Christine Saulnier's blog June 1
Christine Saulnier | As the countdown begins, there are concerns an NDP government would raise taxes, engage in freewheeling spending and worst of all, it would be in the pocket of unions.
Blog - Andrew Brett May 31
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid
Andrew Brett | Toronto's gay pride festival refuses to ban pro-Palestinian contingent despite threats to funding.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog May 30
Government structure of Iran
Nima Maleki | The Iranian political system can be confusing to those observing it from the outside. For this reason, this article briefly outlines Iran's formal structure of goverment.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 30
John Bonnar | Creating a 5 foot bike lane - with a 3 foot buffer - in between a 9 foot parking lane and an 11 foot moving lane keeps cyclists from getting “doored” by drivers getting out of their parked cars.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 28
John Bonnar | “Now look what’s happened,” said Ryan. “We have a broken economy and thousands of job losses. And now the public sector is under attack in communities across this province.”
Blog - Code Pink Canadian Delegations to Gaza May 28
Monia Mazigh | To be allowed to enter into Gaza or not to be allowed? This is the question swirling in my mind these days as I am getting ready to travel with a Codepink delegation to Egypt and then to Gaza.
Blog -'s staff blog May 28
rabble staff | Veteran freelance journalist, author, broadcaster and community activist Murray Dobbin has joined as a guest Senior Contributing Editor.
Blog - Christine Saulnier's blog May 28
Christine Saulnier | If we look beyond the labels of the political parties running in the Nova Scotia election and consider their platforms, we might be confused by what is revealed.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog May 28
Nima Maleki | War trauma is an often unnoticed factor in art, and how contemporary art can inspire political emancipation. From Paul Virilio to Alain Badiou.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog May 28
The Media Consortium | Sonia Sotomayor would be an excellent choice for the Supreme Court, signaling to Latino/as that the White House is aware of the need for more representation in government.