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Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 26
James Laxer | North of the border, Stephen Harper progresses toward election day, inside a protective bubble that keeps out the general public, protestors and media who want to talk to his candidates while he is on
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 26
Pierre Beaudet | The Fédération des femmes du Québec, our biggest coalition of women's organizations, is calling to defeat Stephen Harper.
Blog - Ariel Troster's Blog September 26
Ariel Troster | Yesterday, representatives from women’s organizations, social justice groups and labour unions held a press conference to denounce the Harper government’s record on women’s rights
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 25
James Laxer | Three women I know had dinner in Toronto a couple of nights ago and they talked about the election campaign.
Blog - Dionne Brand's blog September 25
Dionne Brand | It’s odious the way political parties talk about art and culture. Like the Conservatives, they think it’s a waste of money (unlike, of course, the waste of money on subsidies for big business).
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog September 24
Scott Piatkowski | Back when I read MAD magazine on a semi-regular basis, one of my favourite features was "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions."
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 24
James Laxer | While members of the cultural community are fighting to reverse cuts to budgets that are crucial to their ability to function, Stephen Harper is involved in his own cultural crusade, the fight against
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 24
Pierre Beaudet | Next weekend, the national political commission of Quebec is coming together after months of hard work by over 150 who actually were mandated to write a platform. One could ask, why did it take so lon
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 24
Pierre Beaudet | The contradiction is this. Quebec is of the most ‘liberal' societies in Canada and North America. There is no spin here about gay MPs, Ministers or even priests.
Blog - Ariel Troster's Blog September 24
Ariel Troster | Supporting the ABC camp in the federal election
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 23
James Laxer | There was a time when being named leader of the federal Liberal Party was a virtual guarantee that a politician was going to become Prime Minister of Canada. Edward Blake was the only Liberal leader w
Blog - Mai Nguyen September 22
Mai Nguyen | Federal Industry Minister Jim Prentice introduced Bill C-61, a copyright law that would have given students a tougher time researching for that 10-page essay.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 22
James Laxer | On both sides of the border, the political right is telling bald-faced lies to obliterate their opponents.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 22
Pierre Beaudet | Back in the 1950s, it was not nice to be on the left in Quebec.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 21
James Laxer | Stephen Harper's party is grotesquely mislabeled. If conservatism connotes a desire to conserve then his is no conservative party.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 21
Pierre Beaudet | Quebec artists have started their own campaign against the Harper revolution. Michel Rivard and a host of other stars have launched a clip called ‘Culture en péril', which is a hilarious parody of the
Blog - Robert Chernomas' blog September 20
Robert Chernomas | Deregulating the food industry might help corporate profits, but not our cancer rates.
Blog - Blair Redlin September 20
Blair Redlin | The so far secret total cost of the Afghan war has the potential to become a major mid-campaign issue.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 20
James Laxer | The politicians have largely abandoned issues in favour of assaulting opponents with buckets of fear and loathing.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 20
Pierre Beaudet | It is starting, slowly but surely. Quebec social movements are waking up. They've realized that Harper can win.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 19
James Laxer | Last night, the top Democrats and Republicans in both Houses of Congress, the Treasury Secretary, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission met in Was
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 19
Pierre Beaudet | Throughout the week, Harper was campaigning in central Quebec courting the "soft" nationalist vote. He hopes to gain substantially at the expense of the Bloc Québécois, weakened by the internal divisi
Blog - Blair Redlin September 18
Blair Redlin | On Tuesday, Metro Vancouver - the regional government for B.C.'s Lower Mainland - released the results of its 2008 Homelessness Count. The news is dreadful.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 18
James Laxer | Everyone who has thought about the issue knows that a complete ban on hand guns will not end gang violence in Toronto and in other large Canadian cities.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 18
Pierre Beaudet | Last night I was watching Jack facing a lot of hard questions on the National. He was very good, not only eloquent, but convincing. This guy is good at that. According to lots of public and private po
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 17
James Laxer | Shock, surprise and the unanticipated have been facts of life during this election campaign, leaving the supposed geniuses in the campaign war rooms looking all too mortal.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 17
Pierre Beaudet | These days, the rumor in Ottawa is growing that the government has consciously lied about the costs of the war in Afghanistan. All together it would be much higher than the official $15 billion dollar
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 16
James Laxer | Irrational exuberance and the terrible hangover. Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch both bit the dust yesterday, the worst day for the U.S. financial sector since the Great Depression
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 16
Pierre Beaudet | Today our friend Thomas Mulcair is in trouble.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog September 16
Corvin Russell | The so-called left is missing big ideas