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Blog - Brent Patterson September 9
Sri Lankan Parliament. Image: Nigel Swales/Flickr
Brent Patterson | The well-known Quaker peace activist has an extraordinary story to tell about protecting human rights lawyers from state repression.
Blog - On The Other Hand September 8
Image: Peter Blanchard/Flickr
Penney Kome | Two jarring incidents occurred at the end of August that could indicate more complications than usual in the upcoming federal election.
Blog - Taking Sides September 6
Image: Peter Hershey/Unsplash
Lorenzo Vargas | Linguistic issues do not make headlines every day, but the struggles of communities working together to bring greater attention to the concerns of ethno-cultural minorities are very real.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog September 6
$100 U.S. Federal Reserve note. Image: United States Government/Wikimedia Commons
Nima Maleki | There's declining support for the global U.S. financial system because of growing structural problems and changing balance of forces.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 6
Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange. Image: Adriana LaGrange/Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | We don't know what the government of Alberta has in mind with this change, only that it doesn't seem to be inclined to volunteer the information.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog September 6
Workers at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton striking in 2014. Image: M.o.B 68/Wikimedia Commons
Maya Bhullar | This Labour Day, unions across Canada are facing new attacks as the majority of provinces now have conservative governments which are rolling back social services and workers' rights.
Blog -'s staff blog September 5
Matthew Adams, Nicole Johnson | Our approach shows what can be done when people come together, to support social justice journalism and media democracy.
Blog - Policyfix September 5
 Apartments on Winnipeg's Broadway Ave. Image: Loozrboy/Flickr
Kirsten Bernas, Sarah Cooper | The Manitoba election is an opportunity to hold the province to account, and to demand that low-cost housing be given the support it needs.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 5
Doreen Nicoll | When Suzanne Carte joined the Art Gallery of Burlington, it was clear she was passionate about inclusion. This year, catch four groundbreaking shows featuring radical contemporary artists.
Blog - KAIROS Witness September 4
KAIROS Climate Action Month
Amelia Berot-Burns, Chrystal Désilets | To galvanize awareness and action on the climate emergency, KAIROS is promoting September as Climate Action Month.
Blog - The Views Expressed September 4
Satellite image of fires burning the Amazon rainforest on August 11 and August 13, 2019. Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr
Ed Finn | The outbreak of thousands of fires in the Brazilian rainforest starkly exposes the refusal of the world's business and political leaders to take the threat of climate change seriously.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 4
"Blue-ribbon" panel chair Janice MacKinnon during yesterday's Calgary news conference (Image: Screenshot of Government of Alberta video).
David J. Climenhaga | It is quite clear this is not a legitimate study, but a political document intended to justify what the government has already decided to do.
Blog - David Suzuki September 4
Image: SFU/Flickr
David Suzuki | To profit as much as possible from fossil fuels before markets fall under the weight of climate chaos and better alternatives, industry and its allies say fracked gas is a climate solution. It's not.
Blog - Cathy Crowe's blog September 4
Photo: Cathy Crowe
Cathy Crowe | Following her mom's lessons on advocacy, Cathy Crowe complained to the Toronto Sun when she was repeatedly called a "poverty pimp."
Blog - A change is gonna come September 4
Image: National Film Board
Doreen Nicoll | This film takes a fresh, often moving look at a variety of LGBTQ athletes who are working to overcome the stereotypes and prejudices in order to improve life for all athletes.
Blog - Brent Patterson September 3
Public entrance of the Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau. Image: Wladyslaw/Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | The leaders' debate on October 7 and 10 provides an opportunity for the climate justice movement to shake things up this election.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 3
Image: Road to the Lemon Grove/Facebook
Doreen Nicoll | Writer, storyteller, actor and musician Charly Chiarelli has captured the immigrant experience in this romantic comedy that has depth and layers.
Blog - Raluca Bejan September 3
Image: Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | A Greek neighbourhood home to refugees and asylum seekers was raided by police about a week ago. Raluca Bejan speaks with academic and essayist George Souvlis about the political context.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics September 3
David Koch speaking at the 2015 Defending the American Dream Summit. Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons
Dennis Gruending | Through Koch Industries, U.S billionaire David and his brother Charles were major investors in Alberta's tar sands and long-standing backers of right-wing Canadian think-tanks.
Blog - Independent Jewish Voices Canada September 3
Image: Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Tyler Levitan | A description of the anti-Palestinian character of the Jewish National Fund, and a call to Canadians to challenge its immunity from criticism in Canadian society.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 2
The UCP government's "blue ribbon" panel. From left to right: Mike Percy, Dave Mowat, Finance Minister Travis Toews, Janice MacKinnon, Premier Jason Kenney, Kim Henderson, Jay Ramotar and Bev Dahlby. Image: Government of Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | If Jason Kenney is serious about achieving a destiny as prime minister of Canada, he's going to have to stop giving the impression he's a separatist, isn't he?
Blog - The Views Expressed September 1
Image: Ewe Neon/Flickr
Fred Wilson | This Labour Day it is a time for reflection and an urgently needed jump start towards a new kind of union movement.
Blog - Alberta Diary September 1
Tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators protested Brexit throughout the United Kingdom yesterday (Photo: Twitter).
David J. Climenhaga | Questions to ponder as we observe the unravelling of representative democracy in Britain.
Blog - Taking Sides August 30
Image: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance. Used with permission.
Philip Lee | As migration and displacement of people worldwide have increased, so has media coverage, not all positive.
Blog - Alberta Diary August 30
Canadian soldiers look out over Afghan landscape. Image: Robert Hyatt/U.S. Army/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | What were Canadians fighting for in Afghanistan? Perhaps our former defence minister can emerge from obscurity to cast some illumination on this question.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 30
Diana Yoon, Ian Borsuk | The Canadian government should show leadership and halt trade negotiations with the Mercosur Bloc (which includes Brazil) to stop an unprecedented acceleration in deforestation of the Amazon.
Blog - Alberta Diary August 29
Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews at Tuesday's first-quarter update news conference. Photo: Screenshot of Government of Alberta video
David J. Climenhaga | The UCP's voodoo tax-cut economics will have to be paid for with severe cuts to public services. Promised revenue increases will never appear. There's no reason Alberta will be different.
Blog -'s staff blog August 29
Pamela Palmater | rabble continues to push the issues and debates from the perspective of frontline communities, and help Canadians to hold federal leaders to account.
Blog - David Suzuki August 28
Image: Roy/Flickr
David Suzuki | I'm not seeing much evidence that adults are any better at making political decisions than young people. So many grown-ups are electing politicians who don't even accept climate science.
Blog - Alberta Diary August 27
B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | The leader of B.C.'s Green Party has no problem with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's "outrageous, completely ridiculous" claims. "It brings people to us. So keep it up!"