Book Review Jul 8
A historical image featuring Muslim pioneers in Canada. Image: Minarets on the horizon: Muslim pioneers in Canada book cover
Monia Mazigh | In these tragic times when being a visible Muslim in Canada may kill you, Murray Hogben's book about stories of early Muslim settlers in Canada is relevant and timely.
Book Review May 3
Alexa McDonough. Image: Book cover
Monia Mazigh | Stephen Kimber's new book is a wonderful and detailed account of Alexa McDonough's rich life and political career.
Book Review Apr 1
Author image: Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society/Wikimedia Commons
Am Johal | "Remake the World" reads like a greatest hits package exposing the baked-in structural injustices that perpetuate political harm and give it its particularly hard-edged American form.
Book Review Mar 4
Image: "Beep Beep Bubbie" and "The Mysterious Stones" book covers
Penney Kome | Two new children's books from Tradewind Books are perfect for these uncertain COVID times.
Book Review Feb 25
Image: "Dead Epidemiologists" front cover
Raluca Bejan | "Dead Epidemiologists" argues that we need to be less concerned with whether Wuhan's wet market was the origin of COVID-19 and instead focus our attention on the structural causes of disease.
Book Review Jan 7
Image credit: Alex Guibord/Flickr
Monia Mazigh | In her book, Natasha Bakht delves into the lived experiences of Muslim women who wear the niqab and documents the discrimination they face in Canada's legal and political systems.
Book Review Dec 21
Michael Kooiman/Flickr
Karen Burson | Paul Weinberg's collection of essays features writing by some of Hamilton's most engaged, passionate, and articulate citizens.
Book Review Nov 23
Image: Nick Fewings/Unsplash
Daniel Aureliano Newman | A new book captures the wonders of concrete but equivocates on the damage it does to the environment.
Book Review Nov 16
Author image: Samson Learn
Rayne Fisher-Quann | "Take Back the Fight" is a manifesto, a scathing criticism of the status quo, and a call to action for the next generation of feminists all in one.
Book Review Oct 19
The Ukrainian cemetery at Kapuskasing Internment Camp. Image: P199/Wikimedia Commons
Navjeet Sidhu | An absorbing and revealing look at the brutal conditions inside one of Canada's wartime internment camps, where thousands were imprisoned during the First World War.
Book Review Oct 5
Image: Taylor Vick/Unsplash
Cristina D'Amico | Ronald Deibert's "Reset" presents a chilling portrait of our current communications infrastructure, but his solution misses the mark.
Book Review Sep 28
Author image: Nadya Kwandibens/Red Works Photography
Shanese Steele | Simpson's new novel "Noopiming" is a healing journey of Indigenous futurism through poetry, song and storytelling.
Book Review Sep 21
Image: Marcus Kauffman/Unsplash
Robert Hackett | Seth Klein's "A Good War" is the book every climate-concerned Canadian has been waiting for.
Book Review Sep 10
Image: Tenille Campbell
Sheila Laroque | Billy-Ray Belcourt's new memoir will have a lasting impact on contemporary Indigenous writing.
Book Review Jun 25
Drummers at a Black Lives Matter sit-in in Toronto, June 2020. Image: Jason Hargrove/Flickr
Graeme Pente | In a new collection of wide-ranging essays, Between the Lines offers a timely portrait of the world COVID-19 is still in the process of revealing and, perhaps, unmaking.