Book Review May 21
Image: Boden Deplaedt/Unsplash
Malcolm Araos | In his new book, James Wilt makes a convincing case for why public transit options better serve the most marginalized members of our society at a lower cost.
Book Review May 14
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Rachel Bondra | A new book explores the problems with the planning profession, but also looks at the solutions available when planners and grassroots activists work together to combat the neoliberalization of cities.
Book Review May 7
Author image: Amrei-Marie/Wikimedia Commons
Raluca Bejan | In his new collection of essays on the coronavirus pandemic, Slavoj Žižek is simply regurgitating many of his overused ideas in a shiny new COVID-19 packaging.
Book Review Apr 16
Author image: Vanessa Heins
Margeaux Feldman | Shraya's second novel explores how, while social media amplifies our jealousy and longing, it is not the root cause of these feelings.
Book Review Apr 2
Author image: Sarah Race
Alexandra Valahu | In her new book, "My Art Is Killing Me and Other Poems," Amber Dawn names abuses of power in certain spaces and communities.
Book Review Mar 12
Vincent Ternida | "Polar Vortex" is a psychological drama that tests a vulnerable relationship where two lovers who seemingly know each other are challenged by secrets omitted to keep the relationship working.
Book Review Feb 27
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Daniel Aureliano Newman | Laura Trethewey's lively book pitches human-scale stories as portals into world-sized issues, but the stories don't cohere.
Book Review Jan 30
San Francisco youth climate strike, March 2019. Image: Marti Johnson/Wikimedia Commons
Sophia Reuss | "A Planet to Win" argues that the activist left must popularize a new moral and political calculus, one aimed at building a world where all people can live a good life.
Book Review Jan 16
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Cristina D'Amico | Platforms like Facebook and Twitter extract their users' labour for profit. The solution, says author Richard Seymour in his new book, is a social industry strike.
Book Review Jan 9
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Robert Hackett | That's the task that Catriona Sandilands and the 45 other contributors to "Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times" have set for themselves. And it's no small challenge.
Book Review Dec 6
Allison Smith | Leslie Kern's latest book, "Feminist City: A Field Guide," is an introductory text on the female urban experience.
Book Review Nov 28
Margeaux Feldman | Carmen Maria Machado's new memoir, "In The Dream House," mirrors the way that trauma fragments our existence and depicts its afterlife in our bodies.
Book Review Nov 21
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Raluca Bejan | New book promises bold new vision for leftist politics but fails to deliver.
Book Review Nov 7
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Bill Blaikie | Segal has woven the history of the Canadian debate about a basic income policy into a book that is part personal memoir, part political memoir, and part political history.
Book Review Oct 24
Ontario Power Generation's Sir Adam Beck Generating Complex. Image: Ontario Power Generation/Adam Beck Complex/Wikimedia Commons
Yutaka Dirks | McQuaig's new book "The Sport and Prey of Capitalists" tells the story of how politicians have gradually ceded our country's public goods to private capital.