Book Review Jan 16
Image: Alicia Steels/Unsplash
Cristina D'Amico | Platforms like Facebook and Twitter extract their users' labour for profit. The solution, says author Richard Seymour in his new book, is a social industry strike.
Book Review Jan 9
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Robert Hackett | That's the task that Catriona Sandilands and the 45 other contributors to "Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times" have set for themselves. And it's no small challenge.
Book Review Dec 6
Allison Smith | Leslie Kern's latest book, "Feminist City: A Field Guide," is an introductory text on the female urban experience.
Book Review Nov 28
Margeaux Feldman | Carmen Maria Machado's new memoir, "In The Dream House," mirrors the way that trauma fragments our existence and depicts its afterlife in our bodies.
Book Review Nov 21
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Raluca Bejan | New book promises bold new vision for leftist politics but fails to deliver.
Book Review Nov 7
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Bill Blaikie | Segal has woven the history of the Canadian debate about a basic income policy into a book that is part personal memoir, part political memoir, and part political history.
Book Review Oct 24
Ontario Power Generation's Sir Adam Beck Generating Complex. Image: Ontario Power Generation/Adam Beck Complex/Wikimedia Commons
Yutaka Dirks | McQuaig's new book "The Sport and Prey of Capitalists" tells the story of how politicians have gradually ceded our country's public goods to private capital.
Book Review Aug 22
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Mary Rowles | Margaret O'Mara's "The Code"shows that the technological revolution in America didn't emerge from the free market, but floated on a multi-billion dollar sea of postwar defence funding.
Book Review Aug 8
Rohan Ghatage | Whitehead's new novel was spurred by a desire to understand the new American reality inaugurated in the era of Donald Trump.
Book Review Jul 25
The Anglo-Boer war memorial in the grounds of the City Hall, Belfast. Photo: Albert Bridge
Deena Dinat | How do human beings respond to profoundly inhuman events? This questions is at the heart of British author Damian Barr's debut, "You Will Be Safe Here."
Book Review Jul 18
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Christina Turner | Alexandra Kimball's book shows how successive waves of the feminist movement have either ignored or been openly hostile to infertile women.
Book Review Jul 11
Cerrejón mine in Colombia. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | "Organized Violence" is rigorous in its research, scholarly while still being accessible, hard-hitting, and emotionally powerful.
Book Review Jul 4
Marisa Grizenko | Awad's first novel satirizes creative writing programs, but offers little in the way of a redemptive vision.
Book Review Jun 27
Margeaux Feldman | "Pleasure activism" encourages those working for social justice to embrace pleasure -- in all its forms -- as a revolutionary act.
Book Review Jun 13
Jenn Cole | The Ktunaxa poet's debut collection offers detailed impressions about what makes up a home, trans/2S sexuality and consent, and overcoming alcoholism.