Book Review Jun 7
 Sacred Games
Manmohan Panesar | <i>Sacred Games</i> is anything but a straightforward crime story. The tale of the dead crime boss is revealed slowly in a confessional that tracks his rise to power, his triumphs and his failures.
Book Review May 31
 The Mole Chronicles
Rebecca Silver Slayter | Genetically predisposed toward malignant moles, <i>The Mole Chronicles</i>'s unnamed narrator and his sister, Lesley, are warned by their dermatologist to be cautious &#226;e" of the sun, of changin
Book Review May 25
 Ghost Plane: the inside story of the CIA&#226;e(TM)s secret rendition programme
Matt Carr | <I>Ghost Plane</I> exposes Kafkaesque world of kidnapping, torture and official lies and deceit, in which terrorist suspects are snatched off the streets by the representatives of the world&#226;e(TM
Book Review May 15
Ron Nurwisah | Take a detour this summer from the Canadian literary giants and try someone new. Three first-time novelists Get in the head of a small town slacker, in Joanne Proulx's <I>Anthem of a Reluctant Proph
Book Review May 10
 Nobody&#226;e(TM)s Mother: Life Without Kids
Zo&#195;&#171; Druick | <I>Nobody&#226;e(TM)s Mother: Life Without Kids</I> &#226;e" This collection of essays and one poem, edited by Lynne Van Luven and prefaced by CBC personality Shelagh Rogers, presents the personal st
Book Review May 9
rabble staff | On Monday, May 14th at 6:00 p.m. PT (9:00 p.m. ET) author Kyo Maclear will discuss her critically acclaimed new novel <I>The Letter Opener</I> (HarperCollins Canada) in &#226;eoeavatar&#226;e form a
Book Review May 2
 The Deserter&#226;e(TM)s Tale: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War In Iraq
Derrick O'Keefe | <I>The Deserter&#226;e(TM)s Tale</I> is the first memoir of a combatant in the U.S. war on Iraq; it&#226;e(TM)s the story of Oklahoma-born war-resister Joshua Key as told to the acclaimed Canadian wr
Book Review Apr 26
Lisa Rundle | Spoken-word artist, writer and professor emeritus of No-Knowledge College, Naila Keleta Mae is a woman to watch. Or, rather, to listen to. For national poetry month, Mae has squared off against her p
Book Review Apr 25
 So Long Been Dreaming: Post-colonial science fiction and fantasy
Ghislaine Alleyne | &#226;eoeOne of the most familiar memes ofscience fiction," writes sci-fi author and co-editor of <I>So Long Been Dreaming</I> Nalo Hopkinson, "is that of going to foreigncountries and colonizing the
Book Review Apr 19
rabble staff | Here's to author Yann Martel who told Stephen Harper this week that he needs more stillness in his life, for reflection, you see. And that he needs <i>to read</i>: "For as long as Stephen Harper is P
Book Review Apr 18
 Something to pet the cat about
Lisa Foad | This debut graphic novel from Montreal-based artist andwriter Elisabeth Belliveau compiles the artzines that generated much buzz when shebegan circulating them in Montreal.Divided into five segments
Book Review Apr 12
 The Leopard and the Fox: A Pakistani Tragedy
Charles Demers | Tariq Ali's new book, The Leopard and the Fox: A Pakistani Tragedy, tells the story of what would likely have been the writer's most popular contribution to Western understanding.
Book Review Apr 11
Robin Browne | At the virtual and interactive launch for <i>Wikinomics</i>, author Don Tapscott talked (or, rather, typed) about his belief that the contemporary explosion in social media is not just another bubble
Book Review Apr 5
rabble staff | Don Tapscott is in the house &#226;e" the rabble Second Life tree house that is. On Tuesday April 10th at 6:00 PT (9:00 ET) Tapscott will appear, in avatar form, at the <I></I> home in the v
Book Review Apr 4
Matt Shaw | Poet, academic and runner Suzanne Zelazo reads from her collection <I>Parlance</I> and tells radio book lounge contributor Matt Shaw about her work, her readership, her influences and the way breath