Book Review Dec 17
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> January brought three very different novels, a play, an unauthorized biography, an illustrative interpretation and more.
Book Review Dec 14
 The Cabaret
Maya Khankhoje | The cabaret, as a &#226;eoesmall room&#226;e where members of the counter-culture can freely express their dissatisfaction with the establishment, was born in France at the end of the nineteenth cen
Book Review Dec 7
 The Book of Emma
Carlyn Zwarenstein | In <I>The Book of Emma,</I> a new novel by Haitian-born Montreal storyteller, poet and novelist Marie-C&#195;&#169;lie Agnant, Flore, an interpreter by trade, has been brought into a Montreal psychia
Book Review Nov 24
 The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the Human Spirit
Betsy Warland | The scope of ethical questions we now face is unprecedented. With the diminishment of organized religion, the authority for determining ethics has been taken up by science and the law. As Margaret S
Book Review Nov 23
 Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine
Jennifer O'Connor | <i>Bitch Magazine</I>, that sassier than sassy "feminist response to pop culture" is celebrating a decade of bitching with a new anthology <I>Bitchfest.</i> With an introduction by Margaret Cho and n
Book Review Nov 22
Adrienne Weiss | The twelve stories of Laurie Petrou&#226;e(TM)s first book, <I>Between,</I> skillfully explore complicated inner terrain. Each reads like a private, interior scene that finds characters existing betw
Book Review Nov 9
 Types of Canadian Women and of Women Who Are or Have Been Connected With Canada, Volume II
Maggie Helwig | In K.I. Press's <I>Types of Canadian Women, Volume II,</I> women may turn into men, or bears, or crows which eat livers; they may be followed by a "white chain of lunatics," may "learn to mourn with
Book Review Nov 8
 Adventures in Debt Collection
Charles Demers | Those who&#226;e(TM)ve been following the career of Vancouver poet Wayde Compton have long awaited the first publication from Commodore Books, the &#226;eoefirst and only black literary press in West
Book Review Nov 7
rabble staff | PEN Canada's annual fall gala benefit, hosted by Ann-Marie McDonald late in October, featured some of the best and brightest writers working today. Listen in to readings by Nigerian Nobel laureate Wo
Book Review Oct 26
 Bottom Bracket: A Sumach Mystery
Vivian Meyer | <i>When I heard the squeal of tires, I looked up disbelievingly as the car barrelled toward me. How could anyone drive so fast in the confines of the Market? With a lurch of the heart, I realized the
Book Review Oct 26
 Strange Times at Western High: A Natalie Fuentes Mystery
Emily Pohl-Weary | Sixteen years old and the new kid at school, Natalie Fuentes would like nothing better than to avoid attention. But before making it to even her first class, Natalie witnesses a brutal attack by a ma
Book Review Oct 19
 art on black/she in transishun
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha | The publication of d'bi.young's <I>art on black</I> is one of those community milestones you wait for. And young is one of those artists you see around over the years and want to watch where she's
Book Review Oct 12
 Rich Britain: The Rise and Rise of the New Super-wealthy
Mat Little | There is no invisible hand at work helping the rich get richer explains Stewart Lansley in <I>Rich Britain: The Rise and Rise of the New Super-wealthy</I>. It is simply a system of cronyism in which
Book Review Oct 4
 Social Acupuncture: A guide to suicide, performance and utopia
Peter McCamus | In <I>Social Acupuncture: A guide to suicide, performance and utopia</I>, Darren O'Donnell takes aim at the na&#195;&#175;vet&#195;&#169; of &#226;eoefun&#226;e and &#226;eoefeel good&#226;e artist
Book Review Sep 28
 Bow Grip
Meagan Perry | <I>Bow Grip</I> is Ivan E. Coyote&#226;e(TM)s first novel and it marks a bit of a departure for the popular storyteller. The autobiographical tales of life in the Yukon are gone. Nonetheless, it pres